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AIIMS doctors invite Nadda for OPEN debate on National Medical Commission Bill

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AIIMS doctors invite Nadda for OPEN debate on National Medical Commission Bill

New Delhi: Claiming that the National Medical Commission Bill was “anti-people”, the Resident Doctors Association of AIIMS has invited Health Minister J P Nadda for an open debate on the proposed legislation, which seeks to replace the existing medical education regulator with a new body.

The doctors of the premier All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) said the bill carried several provisions that were “serious enough to distort the future of medical education in the country”.

The association claimed that the proposed legislation “puts medical education into the hands of the rich and the powerful”.

The bill, which seeks to replace the Medical Council of India (MCI) with a National Medical Commission (NMC), has been referred to a parliamentary standing committee.

In a letter to Nadda, association president Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti said that the doctor’s fraternity was “frightened” from the day the bill was introduced in Parliament.

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“Issues such as nomination of majority of members of NMC by bureaucrats and politicians, full control of corporate sector to decide fees of more than 60 percent of seats, national licentiate exam, no provision of grievances redressal for student, and bridge course…are serious enough to distort the future of medical education in this country,” Bhatti said.

The association has also sought an appointment from the minister on the matter, its president said.

The proposed legislation triggered nationwide protests by the medical fraternity including the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

The IMA had also called for a 12-hour shutdown of private hospitals across the country last year in protest against the bill.

The bill also has provisions for granting permission to the doctors under Indian systems of medicine, including Ayurveda, to be allowed to practice modern medicine after clearing a bridge course.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that in a recently held meeting at AIIMS Delhi, the medical fraternity and AIIMS Resident Doctors Association presents their view and describe the 11 reasons that why doctors not accepted National Medical Commission Bill 2017.

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8 comment(s) on AIIMS doctors invite Nadda for OPEN debate on National Medical Commission Bill

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  1. MCI sees every other medical stream as bogus. bams ,bhms and unanni and naturopath everybody is bogus for them. dmlt people who are conducting all test right from collection to processing and report typing is allowed but he cant sign , it is ridiculous ……govt should close down mci and should encourage other streams

  2. user
    Dr K Narasimha Rao January 18, 2018, 7:44 am

    I guess the way forward would be to call the doctors who have helped in drafting this bill and those who are against the bill and facilitate a healthy debate, so that, we could take the best of both worlds. It is a fact that the present system needs a revamp and also that the NMC does have some plus points. This could be refined.

  3. There should be a balance in d formation of d council..neither by all doctors nor in majority by burocrats and politicians..those who r simply layman for d medical profession. If still planning for d same…then for choosing d chief judiciary posts or d post of d presidents too not only d judiciary members or d elected members should vote but significant personalities from different fields should b involved in d selection.
    So far d bridge course is concerned, the basic training and knowledge of d other systems of medicine is ll b difficult for them to acquire d basic kNowledge of modern medicine. If still want to practice…can all d parliamentarians can promise that they ll trust and will b treated by these doctors including there family and ll not seek d hrlp of other practitioners of modern meficine?
    If not then why making a firce and posing d life of millions of people at risk…because 6 months is not at all adequate to acquire modern meficine.

  4. Modi govt will not be scared of any doctors community such as IMA. please implement NMC bill soon.

  5. Did u read those objection by ima by any chance ? Those r complete valid i hope u dont want to get stuck with a short 6 month bridge course doctor prescribing u some serious med with life threatning side effects . N man the 15 %seat not in control of mci have 80000$ plus extra fee n this bill give private clg right to choose fees as much they want so u should first hear both side before praising nmc

  6. So that bunkam fellows can enter modern medical practice with out medical degree. What a SHAME

  7. Issue of inclusion of certain provisions like provisions to include a mechanism for specialist registration to foreign postgraduate degree holders especially in deficient specialisation where need is urgent should be addressed.Many Indians now go abroad to do postgraduation or many FMGs have passed screening test (and got MCI registration)and continued their postgraduation in countries where they completed their basic undergraduate degrees. Now at present face a challenging situation that MCI act 1955 does not have any provisions to register them as specialists .

    This lacuna in the previous act has to be filled by inclusion of various appropriate provisions to register Indian citizens with foreign postgraduate medical qualifications as specialists.

  8. Topics to be debated:
    1. Corrupt MCI vs eventual corrupt politico-bureaucratic NMC.
    2. Licenciate exam , a level playing exam for all ie FMG and undergraduates from Indian medical colleges. Or whether the system should be continued to be discriminatory ie FMGs should be continued to be screened and Indian private medical college products left( because their daddy had more money to pay in crores!!, poor middle class FMG didn\’t have so much money and had aspirations so went to affordable foreign medical college ,many a times with better infrastructure and faculty!!). In India we hear everyday instances of poor infrastructure medical colleges and stories of ghost faculties).Whether the medical mafia(MCI, NBE under the patronage of IMA) should harass FMG by making papers really tough so that pass percentage is kept very very low. And thus the opinion and message sent to general public that better pay a crore rupee in bad infrastructure private medical college with ghost faculty at least our child would get MCI registration, his career would not be spoiled.

    Is a common licenciate examination to filter all the noncompetent undergraduates necessary? Should there be a bias in screening the noncompetent undergraduates who would tomorrow kill our Indian citizens?To avoid allegations of bias , is the government proposal to conduct a common licenciate exam not a good proposal?

    3. Ayush doctors. How many MBBS go and wok in remote tribal areas . Do we have a doctor in every village ? India has 600000 villages, presently we have in total 700000 doctors in India . WHO remomemded doctor -patient ratio 1:1000, in India 1:1700. What alternative solutions do we have?If yes kindly propose a real and practical alternative.
    Moreover , the situation is grave if see the number of specialists , and even worse with superspeciality. At new AIIMS government is finding it difficult to recruit superspecialists to train further.In this situation we need to even import superspecialists with academic backgrounds from the world over.

    Unfortunately Ketan Desai et al in MCI under the patronage of IMA have thought only of corruption. And the situation is today we lack undergraduates and postgraduates . Health of Indians is in doldrums, hospitals charge fees that middle class cannot afford. Due to lack of specialists and superspecialists people have to travel long distances in our country . Superspeciality hospitals have world class specialists but how many Indians have access to them? Certainly need is evident in oncology , radiotherapy , Hematology . Incidence of cancer is increasing in our country , more people are died early or not given treatments which can cure ( at initial stages) as treatment in small towns is suboptimal or at all not as per the set guidelines.

    4. Representation of doctors: Is the present MCI or the previous MCI really represent us or they represented a group who with their dirty paws made the system so corrupt that we all have to suffer today, more than us masses of India are suffering as they do not access to affordable healthcare. Certainly we should produce more specialists and superspecialists.And until we produce ours in sufficient amounts we should open doors for Indian citizens with foreign specialisation/superspecialisations. If they have a minimum of 3 year programs and have passed board exams , we should let them in the system.

    5. Whether IMA speaks on behalf of and represents the medical fraternity or not . If says it is the collective consciousness of 2,5 lakh doctors of the country ,that too is a minority as we have 7 lakh registered doctors.Do IMA Presidents , office holders represent doctors interest or their own exclusive benefit club\’s interest.Ketan Desai after being jailed and publicly humiliated as a corrupt doctor is endorsed by IMA doctors. They give an award on his name patronising him. All the Ketan Desai lobby persons are in MCI, IMA en masse voted for Ketan Desai making him WMA President. This Ketan Desai rot we see everywhere , in IMA, in NBE, in MCI , at state medical councils. Still an organised net of corruption nexus exists in MCI , to monitor that a Supreme Court appointed committee was set to monitor MCI under honest judge ex CJI Justice Lodha.

    Now question is to continue this rotten electoral system which will always elect not the best , the very honest and not the most respected but the tainted Ketan Desai mafia people , his subordinates , his disciples. Should we change the system for a better India or continue as it is?

    6. Control on Ayush doctors , whether government can control them if they are engaged in malpractice , say prescribe drugs that they are not eligible to.? If their is a mechanism how will the government control this organised quackery . Indian government has decided to introduce this bridge course on the same lines as in China where traditional medicine doctors are everywhere and probably too prescribe some allopathic drugs. Thus Morden medicine penetration is better in remote areas. Only that in communist system , people fear wrong doing as the punishment is real and fast . In India things can go uncontrolled.

    7. Issue of including provisions making DNB equivalent to MD/MS. Provisions to include foreign postgraduate degree registration as a specialist to increase availability of specialist doctors.

    We the doctors of India want no doubt MCI to go , but a honest NMC. Most of us do not have problem with bureaucrats , but then the system has to be efficient, doctor friendly ,patient friendly , merit friendly .

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