Mylab Discovery Solutions introduces MyNeoShield for New born Screening

Published On 2023-10-01 05:00 GMT   |   Update On 2023-10-01 05:00 GMT

Pune: Mylab Discovery Solutions has announced a ground-breaking advancement in new-born screening (NBS) with the introduction of its patent-pending Point-of-Care Device named MyNeoShield for New-born Screening. This device is set to transform the landscape of new-born healthcare by making screening faster, more accessible, and more affordable, ultimately saving lives and preventing lifelong illnesses. The device supports all the seven tests done for New-born screening globally.

Traditionally, new-born screening has been a complex process, involving the collection of samples from new-borns, their transportation to centralized testing centres, and a wait time of up to a day or more for results. This time-consuming process posed significant logistical challenges, especially in remote or underserved areas because the doctors only have a window of 48 hours to take any action. Additionally, the high cost of specialized equipment made it difficult for smaller healthcare facilities, like nursing homes, to offer these critical tests.
This innovative device brings the power of new-born screening directly to healthcare providers, allowing for quick and efficient testing at the point of care. With Mylab's device, newborn screening results can be obtained within just 4 hours on the spot compared to traditional techniques that take up to 24 hours post sample receipt which may take additional 48-72 hours. This rapid turnaround time ensures that any potential health issues are identified and addressed promptly.Smaller healthcare facilities, including nursing homes and clinics, can now offer newborn screening without the need for expensive equipment or extensive resources. This means that even in rural or remote areas, babies can receive the care they need right from birth.
Early detection of conditions through newborn screening is crucial. It can prevent mental retardation; mortality and lifelong illnesses that could otherwise be easily prevented with timely intervention. 
Hasmukh Rawal, Co-founder & Managing Director of Mylab, expressed his enthusiasm for this development, saying, "At Mylab, we are deeply committed to advancing healthcare through innovation and accessibility. Our Point-of-Care Device for New-born Screening is a testament to that commitment. By making screening faster and more accessible, we aim to save lives and ensure that every child has the opportunity for a healthy and promising future."

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