Ghaziabad: 2 doctors beat up lab technician, inquiry marked

Published On 2021-11-03 04:00 GMT   |   Update On 2021-11-03 04:00 GMT

Ghaziabad: Two doctors working in an Urban Primary Health Centre (UPHC) in Muradnagar has been accused by a Lab Technician (LT) of beating him up after he refused to pay money in lieu of daily attendance.

A video of the scuffle between the doctors and the lab technician went viral on social media. Meanwhile, the health department has marked an enquiry into the matter.

The Lab Technician (LT) has alleged that doctors have been putting pressure on him to pay monthly, and when he refused to do so he was beaten up.

According to a recent media report in Times of India, the incident took place on October 30. The lab technician alleged that the doctors were pressurizing him not to come to the hospital and keep taking the salary, however, when he refused to do so, he was beaten up.

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In a letter to the Chief Medical Officer, the technician stated, "Doctors are putting pressure on me to not come to the hospital and keep taking the salary. When I refused, I was beaten up." In addition to the CMO, he also sent a copy of the letter to the district magistrate.

However, the doctors working at the health centre denied the allegations of the lab technician claiming that the lab technician was the one who misbehaved when he was marked absent taking leave.

A health officer said, "The LT had taken leave without informing and he later misbehaved with the medical officer-in-charge (the doctor) when he was marked absent. As the MOIC could not control the LT's misbehavior he called his relative, who is also a doctor, posted at another centre. The video shows that they are trying to contain the LT who was misbehaving with them."


Adding that a probe is being conducted into the incident, District surveillance officer Dr RK Gupta, who is also the nodal officer for the national urban health mission told TOI, "It is a matter of indiscipline. There are several complaints against the LT of misbehavior. We are getting the matter investigated. Action will be taken against the guilty after investigation".

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