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AYUSH doctors allegedly doing night duty at private hospitals: Govt Orders probe in MP

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AYUSH doctors allegedly doing night duty at private hospitals: Govt Orders probe in MP

Madhya Pradesh: Responding to the allegations that many private hospitals are employing the services of non-allopathy practitioners, mainly AYUSH practitioners to do night duties at their institutions, the Madhya Pradesh Government has now ordered a probe into the matter.

In Madhya Pradesh, cross-pathy is not allowed, barring certain conditions. In Particular, practitioners of AYUSH are not allowed to practice allopathy in the state barring prescribing a fixed set of 72 drugs at integrated dispensaries in rural areas, that too after passing a six-month course.

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However, allegations have now surfaced, that in order to save their expenditures, private hospitals are now allegedly using the services of AYUSH doctors in place of allopathic doctors, particularly for night duties. Responding to the allegations the state government has now constituted a special committee to investigate into the matter and submit its report within a month

“The services of AYUSH doctors are being used for night duty at most of the hospitals in the private sector,” the Hindu quotes an order dated September 13 on the constitution of the team. “In reality what is going on, the department has no information regarding this.”

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Officials clarified that while there is no stopping of hospitals employing the services of AYUSH practitioners, the same cannot be used for prescribing allopathic medicines to patients.

The issue of cross-prescription has repeatedly cropped up in the medical sector across the country. Medical dialogues team had earlier reported that in 2017, in Andhra Pradesh, a doctor-hospital-owner had been suspended by the Andhra Pradesh Medical Council as well as a MCI for a period of one year, on account of employing non-allopathic doctors in the hospital.

The said decision was even upheld by the state high court that pulled up the doctor employing a BAMS practitioner as a duty doctor, who could not handle the patient who could not evaluate the patient properly.

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  1. user
    Professor Sajid Husain October 4, 2019, 11:09 am

    This is a common practice all over india as no allopathy graduates are available as JR for whole academic year due the p.g enterence . I hope this will only improve after 5 years when the the final exams will also become the merit for p.g. admissions.

  2. Many hospitals in Chennai are appointing AYUSH DOCTORS ONLY , BECAUSE they can pay less salary, extract more work. There is no appointment for allopathy doctors, ,.I have noticed many hospitals especially in kodambakkam area, concerned officials should take charge

  3. This is the joke. The real hypocrisy is opposing \”cross-pathy\” and employing BAMS and BHMS doctors in all hospitals and ICUs. It is a well known fact in North India. Allopaths must declare once and for all, where they stand on this issue.

  4. user
    Dr mahebub Shaikh September 28, 2019, 3:43 pm

    Without support of Ayush practitioners indoor pts management not possible…Ayush Drs capable and very smart for indoor pt s emergency.All Ayush Drs r well trained by consultant and super consultant…and their selection on their experience….

  5. Private hospitals employing alternative medicine degree holders is seen in some hospitals of semi-urban/urban areas.Some hospitals are employing them in casuality/ICU also. The salary offered to them is less and no MBBS doctor is expected to work for such low salary. The patients face the risk of recieving treatment from unqualified persons.The main reason for this type of situation is lack of proper control of authorities and indifferent attitude of local IMA branches towards this type of misconduct of hospitals. The hospitals should display the names and degrees of doctors at reception and in ICU.The copy of medical degree and registration of the treating doctor should be available and shown to the patient\’s attendant if they ask for it.Unfortunately in some hospitals, the name and degree of doctor displayed is different and the actual doctor working is different and not qualified to give allopathic treatment.Public awareness is very important and it will be very difficult for the hospital management to defend the complaint in such situations. Unless the law enforcement authorities act as per rules and take action swiftly, this practice may not change in our country.

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