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Bridge To Nowhere- IMA up against the idea of BDS-MBBS bridge course

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Bridge To Nowhere- IMA up against the idea of BDS-MBBS bridge course

New Delhi: Coming out openly opposing the BDS-MBBS Bridge court, the Indian Medical Association has condemned the idea of bridge courses and mid-level practitioners.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that a meeting was held at the PM’s office earlier this month, regarding the scaling up of medical education in India. In the said meeting, it was inter-alia decided to explore the option of allowing dentists to practice family medicine/main stream medicine following bridge course.

Following the same  Niti Aayog, together with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare are going now chalk out a road map for creating a cadre of Mid-level providers in India thereby reducing the gaps of current shortfall of doctors in the country.

However condemning the proposal Dr Santanu Sen, National President of IMA declared that there is no shortage of doctors in the country. 63,250 MBBS graduates come out of 494 medical colleges of India.

“India has only 23,729 postgraduate seats. The fact remains that the Government does not have the capacity to absorb the rest of them. Every year the unemployment amongst young medical graduates is a cause for great concern. The frustration of these youngsters with a decent undergraduate degree in medicine has to be addressed,” the release stated

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Dr R V Asokan, Honorary Secretary General of IMA condemning the idea of mid-level practitioners told Medical Dialogues that the Government’s attempts to provide half baked medical care to the citizens through mid-level practitioners was dangerous.

” The Government should give permanent postings to MBBS Graduates in the 1,50,000 wellness centres. Adhoc postings are unacceptable and is nothing but a cruel exploitation of these hapless young graduates. Every allied profession to medicine have a unique identity and serves a specific purpose. Dentists, Nurses, Optometrists and Pharmacists have a role and should contribute their services in the respective fields. To baptise them as mid-level medical practitioners through a six months bridge course is being indifferent to the needs of patient safety and patient care. The Government has to answer the question of why the large number of MBBS graduates who are not absorbed into Post Graduate courses every year are not given employment by the Government. Non-creation of new posts, new PHCs and CHCs due to budget constraints is the sole reason,” Dr Asokan Stated

The IMA also warned of a nation wide agitation if the idea of mid-level practitioners and bridge course are implemented.

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Source: Press Release
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  1. I am paramedical health worker . I agree with this proposal .Bridge course is essential for our country.

  2. Dr Santanu Sen is not only the president of IMA,at the same time he is a member of Rajya Sabha & an active politician.It is good that he is right in preserving the self interest of MBBS doctors,but as an active politician he has to think about the healthcare situation at grassroots levels.He also knows it very well that mid level health workers can be of immense use for the country with adequate training.Again there is career progression for every employee in every organisation.A police constable can become an SP,an ITI can become an engineer,a soldier can become a senior officer in Army,An LDC can become a senior officer – than why can\’t be there career progression for medical staff like nursing,pharmacy or dentist ?A doctor is not a doctor by birth,but he becomes so only through a course of study.Paramedical staff gain enough expertise through experience & they will be of great use for the country if provided a bridge course.Rather the paramedical staff will work with renewed motivation & vigour if their expertise is recognised.If some one claims of qualifying NEET exam,every one knows how some one gets a seat in private medical college.IMA must re look its stand in the national interest.People in rural India are as deprived of many amenities that a city dweller avails.Bu it is the sacrosanct duty of the govt to provide at least basic minimum – food,water, shelter,basic healthcare,basic education & basic entertainment.A wealthy person may send his child to an elite school,dine in five star hotel,live in bunglow,get treatment in foreign countries – but we can\’t deprive a down trodden of the common minimum needs.Le good sense prevail.

  3. user
    Dr Partha Bikash Ghosh May 4, 2019, 2:37 pm

    I totally agree with this proposal. And those who argue with this I just want to ask them that how many of them are willing to work in those area which are still vacent in rural part of india, its like from 1947 till today maximum mbbs graduates don\’t want to work in rural areas(its proven in surveys) and you are talking about pg (thats a dream for us ,15 seates in total state even if you do no visiable increment in revenue)… And please go in rural areas of india you might not find an mbbs but you can find a bds atleast and they are helping people what they can … that is the difference… Still BDS graduates are attempting suicide just for not having job they can\’t feed there families its hard but its the fact(you can search over internet i know one of them from kolkata)… We are willing to go to rural areas … Willing to do public service … And more importantly most of us dont need 1lakh rupee per month sallery , a minimum ammount of sallery will be sufficient if that feds our family.

  4. I chose BDS in counselling, over MBBS seat. I know at least 2 state toppers personally who chose BDS at counselling.

    I dont support the bridge course, bcz this will push dentistry 50 years back. It took so much efforts, and when only a few colleges have Navigation system for implant placement, and exciting things are starting to show, seats increasing a little bit in India level colleges, you just want to end dentistry by attaching a bridge course?

    Show me one MBBS, who can do dental implants, RCT and GTR ! The level of ignorance IMA is showing is really surprising. More than the rural population of India, the IMA needs orientation lecture on Dentistry.

    I totally hate the idea of bridge course, it will completely dilute the focus from growth in dentistry. Rather than making sure that quality of dentists is growing, you are trying to cut off a huge number of dentists and paste them into another course.

    And lets be clear here, MBBS/DNB/MD/MS/Mch all of them go to a dentist for Dental problems, aesthetic or pain related or any other dental problem. So step down from the high horse everyone.

  5. Your version is partially correct.The idea of govt is not to convert dentistry.Through this bridge course demists will remain dentist & will continue to perform their primary role only.Only thing is that their area of activities will be widened to primary general health care.Dentists are as such trained in modern system of medicine & through this bridge course they can treat patients at primary level.Of course,for this a three years bridge course seems to be lengthy & it may be cut short.The bridge course is a good idea & most realistic.Only thing duration of the course may be cut short.

  6. The proposal of NITI AAYOG is good one.Healthcare will improve in rural India only when there is a good balance in demand supply.Dental surgeons can very well perform the dual role of oral surgery as well as general medicine.As such dentists prescribe modern medicines including antibiotics & perform surgery & also administer anesthesia.As on date dentists dentists perform the role specific to their field & through this bridge course their area of activities will widen.The opposition from IMA is squarely uncalled for & IMA will get a bad repute from all fraternities as well as common people if it takes a negative & self centered stand.Let good sense prevail.

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