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Bringing Checks n Balances: MCI appoints its representative to Governing Board of CPS

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New Delhi: In order to bring checks and balances to the functioning of the College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS), which has been mired in controversies of late, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has now appointed its representative to the Governing Board of  CPS

Dr S Ramji, Sr Advisor, MCI Board of Governors (BOG) has been chosen as the BoG/MCI nominee and decision has been communicated to CPS

Having a structure of a society CPS Mumbai is a government recognised body that runs various PG Diploma Courses, certificate and fellowship courses on similar lines as NBE runs DNB degree courses. The body has been mired in controversies in the past few years whether it was functioning of the organisation or the recognition of its degrees. Erstwhile MCI in October 2017, through a gazette MCI recognised many CPS diplomas, while just 4 months later, through another notification de-recognised many other CPS degrees.

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In a letter to the Union Government, MCI was seen questioning the functioning of the CPS, a matter which was also observed by the Bombay High court

It has stated in one of its communication to the Government of India and particularly, dated 2nd November 2017, that the Secretary of the concerned department must note that this so called College is nothing but a society. It is not a recognized University or a Deemed University and therefore, not covered by the UGC Act, 1956. It does not have a full time teaching faculty, proper building, hospital and other infrastructural facilities for imparting teaching and training to the students.

“CPS being a Society without any proper infrastructure, teaching faculty, hospital, etc. required for imparting medical education is not legally entitled to conduct any medical course as well as confer any degrees whatsoever. In any event, the degree granted by the CPS cannot be treated as a recognized medical qualification.” the communication had added

Bombay High Court made a strong observation against these courses, asking the MCI and the Ministry of Health to take corrective steps in the matter.

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The matter concerning CPS was again brought up in the recent meeting of MCI Board of Governors, where the BoG considered letter No.V.11.025/14/2015-MEP, dated 22.07.2019 received from the Under Secretary to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi.

The BoG was apprised of a letter that had been received from College of Physicians & Surgeons (CPS), Mumbai informing about the changes in the Memorandum of Articles incorporating the checks & balances relating to the functioning of the society and had requested that MCI may nominate a representative on their Governing Board. The Secretary-General informed the BoGs that the name of Dr S. Ramji, Sr. Advisor, BoG as the BoG/MCI nominee has been communicated to CPS

Dr Ramji, Director-Professor Pediatrics, Maulana Azad Medical College and former Dean MAMC, is one of the senior advisors to the Board of Governors, MCI

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  1. I am a worried doctor, because of the detorioting standard of students in medical desciplenes. I have worked in five medical colleges. Baring one , other colleges the standard of students are very poor. There is only one reply to all questions. the relpy is \” dont know. Still the results are cent percent. It is not once, repeatedly for many and many years in almost all subjects. what will be repercutions, poor quqlity doctors, leading to only symptomatic therapy, no evaluation to the cause. delay in diagnosis . dangerous for cancer. Even cancer stomach patients gets PPI for a longer period.
    Oneway it may be correct in this sense that the population can be controlled.
    Increase in number of medical colleges, medical seats to correct the doctors population ratio correct. The view are that, the need of quality teachers and student. Better students do well any way. But with poor teaching staff, their knowledge deficit widens. And the aim of the Indian Govt will remain unfullfilled. Only adding new terms or appointment will be just an addition of vocabularirs.
    One more point i must add, the patients and seat ration. What ever ration the MCI gives, it will be fulfilled by false patients. This creates un-necessary paper works. If ADHAR is added to each patient and calculate the total number of patients across medical college all over the countries it will exceed the Indian population.
    Our aim should be to improve the standard of the teachers and students for better medical facilities to the common men. The cost of therapy needs a good regulation by a bodies. Must keep out statistics to formulate preventive measures. The Redressal systems need to have approach for all by voice mail, e mail and letters.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh vardhan November 19, 2019, 3:25 pm

    India is country any thing & every thing can sold whether it\’s C P S OR ONE OR THE FELLOWSHIP . WE CAN ALL TYPES FUNNY TITLES ON THE LETTER

  3. CPS is a scam. Why work so hard to obtain MD or MS degree. Just somehow clear NEET with 15- 20 ℅ mark and become a specialist.

  4. Without any idea about something and commenting is shameful act. Try to clear fcps much difficult than DNB
    Actually CPS is the parent body of MCI

    Clear your knowledge from net available in public domain
    MD/Ms can be obtained with capitation
    Know a lot of them

  5. Your are absolutely right in current scenario, but give it a thought now MCI recognition, and one member of MCI representative over CPS, it is just matter of time it could be seen as potential pg prospect and hence as it is now under Meet, merit list will be based on neet, if once it reaches that level where people believe it is ok for career prospects then obviously only merit students will be filled up.after MD,DNB and then cps would be order .for my opinion people are not trusting cps regards of recognition.thats why low merit students getting cps if students trust this then merit students obviously take it depends on Thier branch .I will give one example I got MD pathology in my state but cps dch is available for my rank.i left MD pathology as I don\’t want to waste one more year .

  6. Good step for medical reformation