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CPS PG Diploma not Specialist Degree: HC slams govt, asks MCI to take corrective steps

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CPS PG Diploma not Specialist Degree: HC slams govt, asks MCI to take corrective steps

If we go on permitting this, a day will come when a course of this nature and type will be conducted on a roadside or on the pavement without any infrastructure.” Bombay HC

Mumbai: In the case pertaining to the recognition of CPS courses, the Bombay High Court recently pulled up the central and the state government for allowing such courses to flourish despite opposition from the MCI adding that If a CPS diploma holder cannot teach any student nor can be termed as an expert in any branch of medicine or surgery, then, there is no warrant in allowing him to retain this degree in his bio-data or nameplate.

The controversial two years diploma courses by College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mumbai have indeed become a matter of debate with regards to their recognition by the Medical Council of India. The matter has finally reached the doors of the Bombay High Court, with all eyes upon the court for deciding the fate of these courses

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that last year, through a gazetted notification,  dated 17th October, 2017, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare gave recognition to various CPS diploma courses by including them in the 1st schedule of the MCI act.

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Soon in February 2018, the Ministry did a u-turn through another gazette notification by de-recognising majority of the CPS diploma courses

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Hearing the matter on a writ filed by one Dr Priya ,the court observed the stand of the counsel of the Medical Council of India (MCI) as well as the National Board of Examinations (NBE) who stated that neither of the bodies were in favour of inclusion of the College of Physicians and Surgeons and its courses in the First Schedule to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. The counsel also supplemented documents that showed that MCI was opposing inclusion of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS for short) and its diploma course in this first schedule. The court then noted

we would highly appreciate if we are enlightened as to how the Government of India continuously ignores the opinion of the Medical Council of India and includes this Course in the First Schedule to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956. It has indicted the medical college of Physicians and Surgeons in very strong terms. It has stated in one of its communication to the Government of India and particularly, dated 2nd November 2017, that the Secretary of the concerned department must note that this so called College is nothing but a society. It is not a recognized University or a Deemed University and therefore, not covered by the UGC Act, 1956. It does not have a full time teaching faculty, proper building, hospital and other infrastructural facilities for imparting teaching and training to the students.

” CPS being a Society without any proper infrastructure, teaching faculty, hospital, etc. required for imparting medical education is not legally entitled to conduct any medical course as well as confer any degrees whatsoever. In any event, the degree granted by the CPS cannot be treated as a recognized medical qualification.” the communication had added

The court taking cognizance of the letter stated that the Ministry of Health still granting recognition to CPS depicts sorry state of affairs

 the Ministry while issuing notification dated 23.10.2017 lost sight of the fact that the said notification would result in completely bypassing the statutory scheme incorporated under the Act and the Regulations framed thereunder since the degrees awarded by CPS has been recognized by the Ministry without there being any formal application, scrutinizing and processing of application, verification of availability of Minimum Standard Requirements etc.

There was neither any consultation nor any consideration with the MCI with respect to the above mentioned courses and the same will be contrary to scheme of IMC Act, 1956 and the Regulations framed thereunder. The notification dated 23.10.2017 sets a very dangerous precedent as other colleges will come forward citing the said notification and claim that the degrees awarded by the University or affiliating University should be recognized in the same manner as is done in the case of CPS.”

The court then pulled up the government on the issue of medical education

This is not some Kindergarten or primary education. This is Medicinal and a professional degree. It is a professional course where a person is trained to be not only just a graduate in the field of study, but enables him to obtain higher and better qualifications. This two years diploma course being conducted by an institute of the above repute really brings throws entire medical education in total disarray. The history of medical education in India reveals that the Union of India hardly cares for the opinion of the expert body and rather brushes it aside  conveniently so as to accommodate some courses / some institutions/some colleges. If we go on permitting this, a day will come when a course of this nature and type will be conducted on a road side or on the pavement without any infrastructure. We do not want any MBBS doctor with such qualifications attached to his name viz. DCH (CPS), etc. It is ultimately a patient who will be misled and he would consider such doctors to be experts.

The court then passed the following interim order

  •  We therefore want both the Central Government, the State of Maharashtra through the Department of Medical Education and Research to file their affidavits and disclose to the Court as to when they will curb such tendencies on the part of some professionals who are bent upon taking credit of imparting medical education.
  • If a CPS diploma holder cannot teach any student nor can be termed as a expert in any branch of medicine or surgery,then, there is no warrant in allowing him to retain this degree in his bio-data or name plate.
  • The Medical Council of India shall must also set out the corrective steps at its end.
  • If any authority has recognized the CPS, then it should give an explanation to this Court as to how and under what circumstances despite the strong indictment by the Medical Council of India has this CPS been allowed to continue its courses in the State of Maharashtra.

The court also directed that DMER, MMC, CPS are also made a party to the case . Meanwhile, in another interim order, the court combined all the matters pertaining before the court where the common issue is about recognition and de-recognition of the courses of the College of Physicians and Surgeons. The matter is now posted for 9th August


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  1. user
    Hanish shashidhar September 28, 2018, 9:46 am

    Let the hospitals run by qualified doctors .its only care that matters . In the name of trust non mbbs people are minting millions of rupees by confidently practicing allopathy . We genuine allopathy doctors , let it be from any board like cps , dnb or md should be made always comfortable for the better care of those people who look with ray of hope to get treatment for them or there beloved ones . Atlast it is the patient we treat and medicine we practice and mainly to say … We are all MBBS doctors officially given right to practice allopathy after our intense struggle to be a genuine doctor. My heartly thanks to cps for giving a chance to learn a subject and practice it for betterment of society .
    Rogi devo bhava
    Vaidyo narayano hari .
    Service to mankind is serving god .

  2. Here is my anguish , I got MD PATHOLOGY, in my state but I left it out and joined in CPS dch as I desirous of pediatrics branch .it is MCI recognition that brought me this course otherwise I would have joined long back in CPS if I wanted plan was going to preparation again but MCI recognition stopped me.even I don\’t want this high court meddling with recognition fiasco.if they want to scrap CPS , first address this year students as we are neet based entry or give my money back As earliest .so I would prepare for neet.bring cautious and speedy decision not only about recognition but also about students who came to this mess because of government through MCI recognition.i can\’t speak for others .my solution take over INSTITUTION by govt conduct. Final exam by dnb or md board give max of 4 attempts(6×4 month).and recognise on par with diploma .or stop nonsense by politicians by doing whatever they want, proper procedure so once it gave recognition there shouldn\’t be ambiguity.

  3. I m planning to CPS DGO this year
    Should i or i shouldn\’t?
    Plz help me with the reply!

  4. user
    Abhilasha kumari June 10, 2019, 8:11 pm

    Same me

  5. user
    Hanish shashidhar August 14, 2018, 9:10 pm

    Our doctors should support co-doctors. So much hard work we put for enlightenment in subject and so much we work for the client for their better health. It\’s only the satisfaction that gives us sleep and appetite more than the fee they offer. We live medicine, think medicine and can even fight for medicine as doctors for needy client. Cps is standard exam testing the candidate in all ways and they will be writing it after working for 2 yrs in their respective departments.

  6. Oh!! And i thought that only law degrees are available on the roadside or pavement. Thanks for letting us know.

  7. this is ridiculous…
    Everyone was sleepin till date i guess…
    Wht everyone has against doctors!!!
    Anyways the doctor patient ratio in india is degradin, and it will degrade further. No one will want to become a doctor, n the lucky few will fly away to other countries for better prospects.
    CPS is not wht the Bombay HC is claimim to b. First u started with Renewals, Credit points, Allowin prctice allopathy to other branches, no laws for protection of medical personnel…
    Nw CPS… Enough

  8. Completely agree with u mam…. Those people who are in politics will never come to know what struggle a person have to survive to earn these tags…

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