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Brutal Assault: Mob beats Urologist, attempt to Kidnap him; Private hospitals SHUT in protest

Brutal Assault: Mob beats Urologist, attempt to Kidnap him; Private hospitals SHUT in protest

Bhilwara: Violence against medical professionals rose to a brutal level recently when a mob of at least 12 persons assaulted a Urologist and allegedly tried to kidnap him.

The group of miscreants reportedly created ruckus at the hospital, misbehaved with the staff and threatened the doctor to burn the hospital down if he refuses to pay protection money to them. A video of the appalling incident immediately went viral.

The incident took place on March 11 at around 3.30 PM. According to recent media reports, the miscreants entered Bhansali Hospital, which is a well known medical facility in the area. They created ruckus at the hospital and misbehaved with all the staff and hurled abuses. Later when Dr Bhansali, a Urologist at the hospital; entered his chamber, they forcefully entered the room and misbehaved with the doctor. They threatened him saying that they will burn down the hospital if he doesn’t pay Rs 1 lakh as protection money to them every month.

The viral video footage of the incident shows that the doctor was dragged out of his chamber and beaten badly. The nurse who tried to pacify the situation was pushed harshly and was abused by a man associated with the group. It is not certain if the accused persons were goons or attendants of a patient.

This incident has triggered resentment. The private hospitals, in protest against the assault, were kept closed on March 13 from 9 am to 7 pm, reports Bhaskar.

Earlier, the doctors of the private hospital’s Indian Medical Association (IMA) demanded immediate arrest of the culprits by giving a memorandum to the ASP. The association warned that if the authorities fail to meet their demands, private hospitals will be closed. Following the warning of the IMA, the police took the case seriously and started looking for the accused and its associates, adds India News.

Indian Medical Association branch president Dr KK Bhandari condemned the incident and demanded the arrest of the accused. It has been alleged that the accused tried to abduct the urologist from the hospital.

On Thursday, in all private hospitals, doctors performed their duties wearing black bands in protest, as per a report by bhaskar. A few accused have been arrested. The police has reportedly identified the main accused and is on the hunt, reports Patrika.

Recently Medical Dialogues had reported about a similar incident in another Rajasthan based hospital where infuriated attendants of a patient brutally attacked a female resident doctor.  The female doctor hid in the bathroom dreaded by the attack. Following the incident, over 2,500 resident doctors attached with SMS Medical College observed a strike demanding security at the medical college and hospital premises.

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  1. Such things are unheard of in Civilised Nations esp West.
    How different are we from Pakistan & Afghanistan ?
    It\’s a Shame if Intelligensia in country is threatened by Underworld and Politicians. Tomorrow they would beat up Judges in courts. Blaming any Political party has no meaning as who so ever is in power, the Fence sitters / Opportunists cross over. It is same old wine in new bottle.

  2. user
    Dr puja acharya March 17, 2019, 5:53 pm

    There has to be stoppage for these inhuman torture in the form of mental and physical harassment to any doctor.
    Why a dr has to go through with I\’ll mannered citizens ?

  3. user
    Dr Shobha Srivastava March 16, 2019, 9:29 pm

    attacks on Doctors should stop. They are doing their jobs

  4. Are the people of this country deserve to be treated free
    How the country protects the medical profession
    If this continues god only should save the public
    Politicians who make law
    Judiciary works on bias
    Why this hate towards doctors
    One day they will pay heavy price
    Before it goes out of control
    Public should realise the reality

  5. It only shows the state of law and order in that state. Already there is feeling among many educated and professionals that law and order should be under central government and then only police can act without any political pressure against atleast local goons.