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DNB Degree NOT Sufficient: CAT sets aside appointment of AIIMS Assistant Professor

DNB Degree NOT Sufficient: CAT sets aside appointment of AIIMS Assistant Professor

According to MCI regulations, a candidate having a DNB certificate on the basis of training in a hospital not recognized by MCI would become equivalent to MD if only an additional year of residency, that too in an MCI recognised hospital, is undergone by the candidate.

New Delhi: The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has set aside the appointment of a doctor as Assistant Professor of Hospital Administration at AIIMS, saying she did not possess the requisite qualification for the post.

A bench of CAT Chairman Justice L Narasimha Reddy and administrative member Aradhana Johri were of the view that the degree of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) held by her was not sufficient and she needed to undergo an additional year of residency in a hospital recognised by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

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The tribunal said that according to the MCI’s regulations on minimum qualifications for teachers in medical institutions, a person holding a DNB degree from a non-MCI recognised institute had to undergo four years of total training.

The CAT said that of the four years of training, one year had to be in an MCI recognised hospital according to the regulations.

“It is not in dispute that respondent 3 (Dr Kanika Jain) did not undergo this type of training or residency. The inescapable conclusion is that the selection and consequential appointment of respondent 3 is vitiated.

“We, therefore, allow this original application and set aside the appointment of respondent 3 as Assistant Professor of Hospital Administration. Respondent 1 (AIIMS) shall fill the vacancy with the next available candidate from the concerned category, in the merit list,” the bench said.

The tribunal’s decision came on the plea by three doctors, who had also applied for the post of Assistant Professor of Hospital Administration in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

They had challenged Jain’s appointment on the ground that she did not have the requisite qualifications.

Jain, in her defence, had claimed that her DNB degree was equivalent to an MD degree and therefore, she was qualified for the post.

She had also argued that AIIMS had selected and appointed her to the post after it was satisfied that she had the requisite qualification.

The tribunal, however, held that according to the MCI regulations, a candidate having a DNB certificate on the basis of training in a hospital not recognized by MCI would become equivalent to MD if only an additional year of residency, that too in an MCI recognised hospital, is undergone by the candidate.

A DNB degree is awarded by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) to candidates who successfully completed their postgraduate or postdoctoral medical education under it.

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Source: PTI
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  1. All indian degrees are fraud

  2. user
    ABHISHEK PARASHAR September 5, 2018, 2:34 am

    I feel u have been mis represented …. Dr kAnika Jain.
    U should argue in the higher court that your degree was & is equivalent to md/ms at the time you entered the course as promised by nbe and mci at the same time.
    MCI regulation have come at a later date and so it\’s rule can\’t be applied retrospectively.
    Simply put u can\’t be held guilty of a crime if the law does not exist by creating a law afterwards.

  3. user
    Maj Gen RP Choubey ( Retd) September 4, 2018, 6:24 pm

    Dear friends,
    DNB & MS/MD are equal qualification if a DNB certificate holder wants to practice his/her speciality. Its only not equivalent if a DNB certificate holder wants to pursue an academic career.
    This problem of de-recognition of equivalence of DNB & MS/MD by the MCI for the academic career has cropped up because of the greed rather than the need. MCI has clarified in its answers to FAQs on the subject and its logic is that a candidate who has undergone DNB training in a non-MCI recognised institution, do not possess adequate research experience, for which they need additional one year of training in a MCI recognised institution.( This was an MCI old regulation, which has now been amended from June, 2017, whereby if a candidate has undergone DNB training in a non MCI recognised institution, has to undergo 03 years of training as junior resident in a MCI recognised institution to become eligible for the post of Senior Resident). Matter has been taken up with the MCI for reconsideration to revert back to the old criteria. As so many nursing homes have been accredited for the award of DNB, MCI has changed its policy because lots of Nursing homes and small hospitals do not have teachers & clinical material for the proper training & teaching.

  4. what about DGO DNB both from govt medical college (MCI recognized)?

  5. It qualifies for AP

  6. user
    Prof. P. Venugopal September 4, 2018, 11:56 am

    This subject is being discussed adlib. What is the sanctity in such discussions in this forum and when nothing further occurs after the post? Do the concerned authorities are in the know of such discussions taking place or even if they are aware, are they really bothered.
    I have been a teacher in Urology for over 50 years now. I have been an examiner for both M Ch and DipNB in Urology since 1974. I have seen many students of my own and many otherwise being trained as Urologists.
    There is considerable disparity among the two groups of trainees. Many who have undergone training have done remarkably well in profession form both groups of training but all trainees cannot be equal. The trainees undergoing DipNB appear to be better at knowledge and practice than many undergoing M Ch Training at present. Why is it so? There are no godfathers at the examination at DipNB level but god fathers (Internals) play a prominent role in the results of M Ch examinations. This is a well known fact that all are aware of. In DipNB exam, the candidates appear at a centre alien to them and without any help (so prevalent in M Ch set up) have to face the exam singlehandedly. Their knowledge of the subject is the only fact that comes into reckoning at the time of exam. This can be noticed by the results of DipNB exam when compared to M Ch exam, in the latter no one fails usually.
    How can one say the standard of DipNB is inferior to M Ch? If the candidate in DipNB does not come up to the expected level, he is failed without other thoughts. But candidates who pass inspite of such heavy ordeals they face, are definitely on par or even better that those who have obtained M Ch, mostly thanks to the Internals. Hence it is fair to mention that DipNB is much more logical exam than M Ch exams.
    Why are the concerned authorities considering that Dip NB is inferior to M Ch when contrary is the fact. Recently many centres with poor infrastructure have been given permission to commence training programmes. Whose fault is this? In what way a candidate desirous of acquiring speciality training of his choice be blamed and considered as second grade in his speciality. The answer is to avoid Recognition to Centres without Adequate Infrastructure for training which includes Teaching Faculties as well. Does this apply to centres where M Ch training takes place? To be honest, the situation of no infrastructure and minimal faculties are more often seen in centres where M Ch training is imparted. At many mushrooming centres of this type, the situation is pathetic to say the least. But do any candidates undergoing training in such centres fail in exams conducted by them as many are deemed (doomed) universities which conduct their own exams. They do not and results are most often than not 100%. Why is there no real check as to what happens in such institutions. Most such institutions have considerable political clouts attached to them that no one dare speak ill of such centres.
    In India, discrimination is the rule at all levels and the same is occurring with Medical training as well. The turf war between MCI and National Board has been going on for long and our crying in wilderness is not going to be any concern to these administrators. If the concerned at MCI feel that DipNB is not upto the mark expected, they should have the courage to stop such trainings forthwith. We need specialists in all fields and the universities cannot fulfill such needs but the MCI will have to put their spanner in the spokes of National Board.
    As a teacher for over 50 years, I have seen both and being examiner for both M Ch (at almost all universities) and for Dip NB (several times), have no hesitation in stating that the candidates undergoing Dip NB training are far better at many institutions where such training is taking place barring a few while the training for M Ch, barring a few institutions, are abysmal by and large.

  7. user
    Ganapathi S kini September 6, 2018, 7:23 pm

    Wonderful sir, good explanation you have given.
    Salute to you