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Doctors Accountable for Strike Deaths, Will pay Compensation: Rajasthan High Court

Doctors Accountable for Strike Deaths, Will pay Compensation: Rajasthan High Court

Jaipur: Holding the government medical practitioners who recently went on strike in the state of Rajasthan accountable for the deaths that took place in their absence from work, the Rajasthan High court has directed the state government to provide necessary compensation holding them accountable.

The single bench of  Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma issued a notice the Advocate General directing the AG to submit an affidavit on behalf of the State as to how they propose to grant compensation to unattended patients who suffered during the strike period by putting accountability on the surviving doctors.

The direction comes in response to a petition filed by one Dr Kusum Sanghi who was working as an Additional Director Medical and Health Department and sought voluntarily retirement during the strike period. The application was rejected on the ground that general public requires medical care and the voluntarily retirement of the petitioner can not be accepted.

The court while issuing the order observed that the Medical Officers of the State have proceeded on State vide strike which resulted in causing death of 30 patients on account of not been given medical attendance as per statement recorded of the Health Minister. The strike was called off after certain demands relating to pay etc. were accepted by the State.

The court however, went on to hold doctors accountable for the deaths that took place during the strike

However, this does not in any manner redress the grievance of the general public as death of 30 persons needs to be compensated and compensation must be granted by the State by putting accountability on the doctors.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that Doctors in Rajasthan finally called off their 7 day strike on 13th november 2017, after a successful meeting with the Health minister saw the government agreeing to the doctors 33 demands.

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  1. Judges are biased against doctors .They are passing wrong judgments only to become heroes.

  2. user
    Dr Surendra Kumar saxena November 21, 2017, 8:35 pm

    Why judiciary should have a separate Shetty or Reddy commission to get enormous hike in pay like parliamentarians
    Why they need Deepawali Holi or Christmas or summer vacation.
    Why they cry for short of judges in the court
    Why do they need protection in and out side court
    Why do they need priority every where
    Why they don’t work like doctors when there is huge pendency of cases in the court for years.
    Why these services are not underCPA
    Doctors are also living in the society and working round the clock they also need better services conditions.
    Why judiciary don’t think about it and provide remedy to Medical profession by pulling government rather than punishing them all the time. They do have family and duty towards them.
    Junior court decisions are many a time turned down by higher court without penalising junior court why not such things should be applied in medical fields by them.


  4. user
    Dr. Anand Hardikar. Dombivli. November 21, 2017, 4:47 pm

    Ethics needs Change..parallel with ETHICS OF SOCIETY! Who is following Ethics at National…State. .Corporation. .Gram panchayat. .- The Most Honored Deitiyou Places of DEMOCRACY ! IF some one CURSES ME OVER MY UNSUCCESSFUL TREATMENT and goes Cursing me…Why should I treat him again if he/she comes in EMERGENCY? To get DRAGGED IN MORE COMPLICATION?THERE IS NO LEGAL INDEMNITY TO DOCTOR LIKE JUDGES.A judge can order HANG TILL DEATH….HIGHER JUDGE CAN AQUIT HIM! But no one can Sue The Lower court Judge ! And Once Doctor Pulled in Judiciary. …that\’s BEGINNING OF HIS END. TRY AND RECOLLECT. DR. Prafull DESAI CASE! He came out at SC after Many Many years.! This is our JUDICIARY!

  5. The father of our nation has taught to protest by resorting to strike when the government, which increases MLAs\’ pay and perks every now and then, is completely inattentive to legitimate needs and demands of other sections of society. How has the court compensated doctors who have been at the receiving end of violence of patients\’ relatives? The logic that the judge has applied in this case can be extended to cases delayed in courts and the litigants in such cases should be compensated by the judges of the courts.

  6. user
    Dr. Anand V Hardikar November 21, 2017, 4:53 pm

    Recently every Retiring CJI is criticising CORRUPTION IN JUDICIARY … and we observe it at many levels in Court while attending court for Justice..soon WE UNDERSTAND. .IT\’S NOT JUSTICE ..EASILY AVAILABLE TO COMMAND NAN ! Nothing more than additional FRUSTRATION !

  7. Basically doctprs can not go on strike, if they do so, it is doctors responsibility for losses. Hence court is right.

  8. Get a life Mitali. You anger the Gods, he will send you to the doctor. You anger the doctor, he will send you to God. He is the first person you see when you are born and the last one before you die. So choose your words properly.

  9. Are doctors not human , Madam ? Why should they treat a human being if he beats her ?