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Dr Harshvardhan to introduce NMC Bill in Lok Sabha on Monday, IMA set to oppose

Dr Harshvardhan to introduce NMC Bill in Lok Sabha on Monday, IMA set to oppose

New Delhi: With the Union Cabinet giving its nod for MCI Replacement with the proposed National Medical Commission, the government is all set to introduce NMC Bill in Lok Sabha on Monday.

Confirmation to this effect was made by the Union Health Minister, Shri Harsh Vardhan to media persons on Saturday. The National Medical Commission Bill, which seeks to replace the Medical Council of India and usher in major changes in the country’s medical education sector, will introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 22, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said.

“I can only say right now day after tomorrow (July 22), I will be introducing the National Medical Commission Bill which will replace the Medical Council of India.

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“Right now, as you know the Medical Council of India has already been superseded and replaced by a board of governors,” he told reporters on the sidelines of a programme at the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology.

“The National Medical Commission Bill has been approved by the cabinet… I was thinking of getting it introduced yesterday, but there were technical formalities, so on Monday morning I’ll be introducing the Bill in parliament,” Vardhan said, expressing hope that it will be passed and becomes a law.

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As the Union Health Minister showed positivity towards passing the Bill, Indian Medical Association is gearing to once again oppose the same, reports the WEEK. Up till now, everytime the bill has been introduced in the parliament, IMA has shown strong opposition to the passing of the bill

Representatives of the association pointed out to the limited number of elected representatives in proposed commission as well as the clause on bridge course. Earlier the bill proposed a clause for separate licentiate exam, which a thoroughly opposed by the medical fraternity. However, as per the recent amendments, the same will be merged with final year MBBS exam.

The said exam, which will also serve as a licentiate-cum-PG medical entrance exam, will be called National Exit Test (NEXT) will replace NEET PG exam, effectively doing away with the need for a separate exam for PG medical entrances. Besides, in a move which will also bring relief to thousands of foreign medical graduates who face a low passing rate allegedly due to a tough FMGE examination, the same NEXT exam will also replace FMGE exam bringing a sense of uniformity to those MBBS pass outs who have pursued their graduation abroad and now wish to come to practice in India.

The Bill provides that the National Entrance Test, that is NEET, common counselling, and National Exit Test (NEXT) shall also be applicable to Institute of National Importance (INI) like AIIMS to have common standards in the country

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  1. The proposal of BOG, MCI should be implemented to consider DNB examinations for postgraduates who have completed their specialisations in foreign countries. Presently there are lot of well qualified postgraduates working in say European Union countries , where the postgraduate syllabus is governed by high European Union standards . But are unable to practice because at present as specialists in India as there are no provisions at present in age old MCI, act 1956 with it\’s further ammendments to get such candidates registered.

  2. What shall be the pattern of NEXT. Just theory MCQ/ ESSAY Type only or practicals also. Will it be on the pattern of DNBE with different centres for students or their own college and only external examiners detailed by the council.

  3. We are saying strongly welcoming to this bill. But it should work for 2020 admissions. Without looking back entire educated peoples supporting this bill. Some peoples who taken in management quota may fear for next exam. Otherwise merit students will not fear. Time saves, exam nos saves.

  4. user
    Medical Corruption of India July 23, 2019, 2:45 am

    Strongly support NMC BILL, also all the former MCI babus who worked under Ketan Desai et al , all his associates from IMA should be banned from entering NMC. All the IMA Ketan Desai followers should be banned and never allowed to come in NMC.Degradation of medical education, harassment of young doctors , bribery , discrimination against DNB , licence quota raj style working, purposefully limiting the number of medical graduates and postgraduates in our country so that our countrymen – are some of the evils that this corrupt elected MCI (now cleaned by BOG, MCI) that we the medical faculty are fed up off.Hell to MCI, Welcome NMC!

  5. India: The National Judicial Appointment Commission – A Critique Last Updated: 20 November 2017
    Article by Shambhu Sharan and Gunjan Chhabra. In the words of Mr. Soli Sorabjee13:-

    \”Please remember no system can be perfect. You cannot ensure independence, you cannot legislate independence. A judge must be independent even of himself, of his biases, prejudices, predilections, preconceptions. But the thing is, on the whol, it is a human system, it is not a perfect system. I think I would rather go with the collegium system, make it broad based, it to be taken into consideration in appointment of judges rather than scrap it altogether. I WOULD RATHER TRUST THE JUDGES THAN THE EXECUTIVE..

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