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Expert Committee of Medical Faculty to assist MCI Board of Governors on Medical College Inspections, Renewals

Expert Committee of Medical Faculty to assist MCI Board of Governors on Medical College Inspections, Renewals

New Delhi: After handing over the entire functioning of the apex medical regulator, the Medical Council of India (MCI) to a 7 member Board of Governors, the government is now aiming to provide the BOG with more assistance to enable them function in a smooth manner.

The assistance comes in the form of the Union Health Ministry creating a group of expert faculty that is going to assist the MCI BOG in the assessment of Medical Colleges for fresh registration as well as renewal of licences. A confirmation to this effect was made by a senior health ministry official to Hindustan Times, who added that the Ministry is inviting deans of government medical colleges across the country,  to shortlist at least a couple of senior faculty members, who are well-versed with the functioning of the medical regulator.

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“To maintain complete transparency, there will be a corpus of experienced faculty that will help not only in assessing the applications from colleges but also with day-to-day technical operations to replace the now defunct undergraduate and post graduate committees,” said a senior health ministry official, requesting anonymity as the person is not authorized to speak to media.

Stressing that these faculty members will be those having good track record in terms of honesty and integrity, the official also informed that besides medical college inspections, the committee will also assist  in the day-to-day technical operations to replace the now defunct undergraduate and post graduate committees.

Medical dialogues had recently reported that there are many important decisions pending before the MCI BOG, that were earlier to be taken up by the Medcial Council of India. These include finalisation of the New MBBS Syllabus, Decision of MD-DNB equivalence, CPS courses.

“We are open to receiving suggestions from experts, and these committees can be chaired by members of the board. It is not a bad idea as there have been advisory committees earlier also. We will soon plan the structure and number of committees,” Dr VK Paul, member, Niti Aayog, who heads the BoG informed Hindustan Times.


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  1. user
    Dr Maya Shankar Thakur October 24, 2018, 3:35 am

    In each inspection most of the time of inspection is wasted in verifying the certificates of doctors, these certifictes have been certified by so many times. Especially by do many inspectors, I would like to suggest that pnes a certificate is verified by a competent authority, it should be electronically tagged with the biometrics of the teacher and on each visit the moment the teacher gives his/her finger print the certificate can be viewed and if any new certificate is produced by the teacher then only it should be ertified and added to the debate formate, it will save a lot of time and paper work.

  2. user
    Rajkamal Choudhry October 23, 2018, 2:46 pm

    What was happening before All Leaves were cancelled 2or 3 months before the inspection and we could not move any where in emergencies.We would request the NMC that a time limit of Of 15 days or 1 month should be given so that every one can settle their issues within that time frame. I will be very thankful to the NMC that they take due consideration of our problems.
    Thank you
    Dr RajKamal Choudhry
    Associate Professor Medicine
    JLNMC Bhagalpur

  3. Few days back I had argument with my colleague on how to find out that a particular teaching faculty is a guest teaching faculty or not. The answer lies in checking the income tax returns during years of service certificate given by the principal of the medical college or the salary remitted on the name of the faculty every month during those years mentioned in the service certificate.The MCI can invite applications for appointment of inspectors based upon pre-set criteria and not whether he is a government employee or not.Unless those responsible for showing cooked up patient documents and fake teaching faculty in private medical colleges are not punished, there is no room for any further suggestions.

  4. user
    kuldip singh sodhi October 18, 2018, 11:12 pm

    Csn any body explain me difference between private and govt medical college teachers.

  5. user
    Dr. C.S. Kantharaj October 18, 2018, 11:54 am

    I totally agree with the view of the government, the inspection should be conducted by both government and private medical college faculties who are non corrective and sincere. Not only by the government teaching faculties which is more partial and harassment towards the private medical colleges. There are many sincere non corruptive faculties are also available in private medical colleges. This will bring justice to the medical teaching faculties since there are more private medical colleges than government medical colleges.