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Finally: NITI Aayog to study Modicare Rates

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Finally: NITI Aayog to study Modicare Rates

NEW DELHI: Niti Aayog will soon set up a sub-group to look into the complaints of private hospitals regarding pricing of treatment of key ailments proposed by the government under the Prime Minister’s flagship health insurance scheme Ayushman Bharat.

The government has come out with a draft model tender document, which was shared with the states last month. It has proposed prices of knee and hip replacements at Rs 9,000 each, stenting at Rs 40,000, coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) at Rs 1.10 lakh, caesarian delivery at Rs 9,000, vertebral angioplasty with single stent at Rs 50,000 and hysterectomy for cancer at 50,000.

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Responding to the draft tender, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) had said that the package rates were too low and “unacceptable”. Hospitals would have to compromise on quality, exposing patients to danger, it said.

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In order to resolve the impasse between the government and IMA, Niti Aayog has decided to set up a sub-group of experts to go into the pricing of treatment under the Ayushman Bharat.

“We need a comprehensive cost based data for healthcare procedures for which Niti Aayog is parterning with Department of Heath and Family Welfare and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). We will form a sub-group which will undertake comprehensive study with public and private sector representatives,” Niti Aayog member V K Paul said.

The sub-group, Paul said, will undertake a systematic study of costing of treatment and the suggestions will be taken into account while revising the prices in future.

As of now, the government will go ahead with the prices for treatment of ailments under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme on the basis of the draft model tender document, he added.

Paul further said the prices proposed in the model document are based on treatment provided by states like Rajasthan and Telangana under their respective healthcare schemes.

National Health Protection Scheme’s – Ayushman Bharat (NHPM-AB) also dubbed as ‘Modicare’ aims to provide Rs 5 lakh annual insurance cover to more than 10 crore poor families and will be funded with 60 per cent contribution coming from the Central government and the remaining from the states.

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Source: PTI
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  1. Why do you need to give crores of rupees to private sector? In RGY govt is spending min 4 crores per month per district. It would be better if govt upgrade its own hospital with this money so poor patients can get free treatment and paying patients can get cheap but quality treatment. That will increase the employ.ent, govt can get permanent infrastructure , and can use the facilities for PG teaching as well. With less recurring expenditures.
    Win win situation for all.

  2. user
    SALMAN HUSSEIN June 30, 2018, 4:41 pm

    Modicare-a new era but it is important to protect it so that a private nurshing home can not abe to collect the money from Modicare by missuse it.In RSBY case it is seen that in casesarian delivery ,hysterectomy,cholecystectomy,appendesectomy,herniplasty,fissurectomy,haemorrhoidectomy ect operation -mostely done by spinal anaethesia–which one commemly advocated by a non medical person instead of a anaethesist–this is a crime. But this crime mostly done by a private nurshing home because of more profit.Sometimes surgery also done by a quack because of profit. This has to be stopped.A softwire system has to developed so that While booking and blocking a operation case for package–fingerprint of a operating surgeon and a anaesthesist is to be required and must.Adharcard of a doctor can help this,and it is important to feed the adhar to the doctor medical registration number. only tis way govt can protect the poor patients from quack and nurshing homes who missuse it.

  3. Modicare may appear very impressive to common people and may be a good initiative but why is the medical education so expensive.why were the private colleges allowed to charge fees at their whims and fancies, why has the government not taught about bring down the cost of medical education. why is the government not controlling the cost of medicines why is it only speaking about Janaushad. If only generic drugs are sold in all the medical shops there would be no nexuses between Doctors and medical companies why is the government not thinking of such initiative. This process of capping the health care cost is good and the backlash of such move would be seen couple of years down the lane with increase of maternal mortality,Infant mortality and there would be no progress in the field of medicine and probably you should go out to other countries for quality health care and the public should remember that all our politicians can afford such care at the cost of the taxpayers

  4. What a mockery of healthcare system? In this digital age a local holiday for 5 days costs a minimum of 25000 per person and we are talking of a caesarean delivery for 9000 (which includes surgical fee, OT, anaesthesia, drugs, consumables, lab tests, baby resuscitation and 5 days stay in the hospital). I feel this is the beginning of the downfall of healthcare industry in India. Who would want to invest in healthcare to provide the best of treatments available in the world? And on the other hand we are trying to promote medical tourism.

  5. scheme is good theoretically , provided hospital, govt. and pharma company nexus will leave something for the Doctors, who will give their blood and sweat for needy poor patients and these three will enjoy the cream at the cost of tax payers.

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