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Hansraj Ahir did not say bad about doctors: IMA

Hansraj Ahir did not say bad about doctors: IMA

Chandrapur: The Chandrapur unit of Indian Medical Association (IMA) came out in defence of Minster of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir and said that he did not say anything ill about the doctor community in general.

“We, the IMA members, having great respect for Mr Hansraj Ahir, condemn the media for misinterpretation of his words. He has not mentioned anything bad about the doctor community in general. He was specific about a civil surgeon,” said the IMA’s Chandrapur unit.

Ahir on Monday got furious over the absence of a civil surgeon during the inauguration of a hospital in Chandrapur.

When Ahir got to know that the civil surgeon was on leave, he lost his temper.

“I am a minister chosen by democracy. Why did they go on leave despite knowing about my arrival?” asked Ahir.

An angry Ahir also advised the absent doctor to join the Naxals.

“If there is no faith in democracy, then join the Naxalite movement; we will shoot you. There is no need to distribute tablets here. Naxalism does not like democracy,” Ahir said.

Earlier in the day, Ahir also clarified that he respects doctors and did not say anything against their profession.

“The organiser was himself absent. I have not spoken against the profession but a particular doctor. Whatever I said was for the civil surgeon and no one else. I respect doctors from the bottom of my heart. I just showed my anger on absence of some doctors from the event,” he told ANI.

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Source: ANI
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  1. Disappointed with IMA

  2. user
    Dr Subhash Chander December 31, 2017, 5:00 pm

    For whatever reason civil surgeon took leave , it is still below dignity of minister to utter such nonsensical and uncivil words. And any professional or organisation ( including ima or its any branch) should have the courage of conviction to keep their spine straight and condemn such utterances.

  3. Pride and arrogance. He just felt belittled because he wanted the Top man to come and welcome him personally which didn\’t happen. It just hurt his bloated ego .

  4. What lame excuses (both the Neta\’s and the IMA\’s !

  5. IMA Chandrapur. Everyone has a right to take leave, including the CS. The CS does not have to be present everytime some elected representative come. I thought the Hon.Prime Minister has very strongly articulated that they are Sevaks, and the PM has labelled himself as Pradhan Sevak. I think Chandrapur done this because of fear the minister. We will forgive you Chandrapur.