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Hospital Walls to contain doctors Name, Photograph,Mobile Number in UP

Hospital Walls to contain doctors Name, Photograph,Mobile Number in UP

UP: Public Healthcare in UP seems to have undergone a sea change since CM Yogi Adityanath took over the helm of affairs. Soon after announcing no private practice for government doctors, setting the clothing conduct for staff at government hospitals, placing volunteers to keep a hawk’s eye on the attendance at primary healthcare centres, the UP government has come up with a new policy  for patient convenience at government hospitals.

New direction from the health authorities calls for filling up the display boards on the walls with information about the medical practitioners working at the said hospitals. The authorities have directed to put the details of doctors including their names, mobile numbers along with photographs on hospital display boards for the convenience of patients.

This policy shall be followed for all district hospitals as well as community centres. TOI reports that the process has already started in various places and is being taken on war footing with doctors being asked to provide the relevant information at the earliest.

Dr Alok Verma, Chief Medical Officer, Allahabad, told TOI ” The details of doctors including their names ( with post) , mobile number and photographs would be displayed on hospital display boards for the convenience of patients arriving primary community health centres and government hospitals from far flung areas to get them examined and treated by doctors.

” Kaurihar CHC and TB Sapru\Beli hospital have put the details of doctors on their respective hospital display boards and remaining PHCs/CHCs and government hospitals would complete exercise within next 24 hours,” he added.

He further informed that the displaying the name of doctor, his/her mobile number along with photograph has been made mandatory .

Doctors while welcoming the concept, showed some concern about displaying their personal mobile numbers in public, stating that the constant ringing would hamper both their professional and personal lives.

” We have been carrying out our regular duties at hospital sincerely and as to why such step is being taken to create nuisance for doctors ” a senior doctor preferring anonymity told TOI.  ” When doctors are busy in examining patients at their OPDs, the continuous ringing of mobile could hamper the working as we could not be able to switch it off”

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  1. When Jokers at the top, this happens. Doctors should be proud of carrying their identity, but in a civilised society. Not in a country full of scroundrels from Cattle Class, looking for opportunities to heckle their healers. It\’s an unpleasant joke.

  2. user
    Dr Deepayan Paul April 26, 2017, 6:00 pm

    Personal Mobile nos. & photos should not be displayed specially those of Lady doctors. Doctors may be contacted through the hospital in which they are working. Further Doctors should have a second phone number to be displayed on the board with mentioning that phone will be switched off after his/her duty hours.

  3. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan April 26, 2017, 10:24 am

    The Details of the Doctors on a Display Board is nothing new, it is a must and is been PRACTICED all-over the world. It is the Right of patients to know by whom they are getting treatment. Similarly the Doctors should be proud to give their professional details to the patients whom they are treating. ( Unless someone wants to Hide the identity for reasons known to them, which is questionable about the integrity). As rightly mentioned by/ commented by Dr Mahapathro , it should be imposed all over the country in Bold letters in prominent parts , including over the respective Departments/ specialities.Those who are violating the rules should be penalized . Mainly the Head of the Institution/ Hospitals. With out his blessings I don\’t think Doctors can runaway to their private practice soon after the signature/ biometrics. I even suggest to Ban private practice by the Government Doctors , AS WELL AS the FACULTY MEMBERS from All the Medical colleges across the country . This is only way one can do justice to the Profession. And allow the private Practitioners to make a Decent earning to run their ESTABLISHMENTS and the Family with out any salary or support from the Government. Their survival totally depends on their Dedicated private practice. Therefore the salaried employees should not be allowed to be in private practice.The IMA and other Health related Agencies / organizations should come forward to oppose private practice by the Government DOCTORS.

  4. Apart from name and mobile number their educational degree, registration number and respective medical council also must be written so that patient can easily cross check doctors degree is fake or genuine. Also in cases of negligence patient can easily file complaint in that medical council also. Moreover a free copy of medical ethics regulations must be provided to all patients to educate and spread awareness among general public to control medical mishaps and negligent doctors throughout the country.

  5. what about female doctors they will be victimized by local sadak chhap goonda via call, offensive text on mobile. why not improving working condition in chc/phc like, fixed duty hour , security measure, supply of medicine & equipment, potable drinking water .electricity, make accountable paramedical staff. at last what about corruption at cmo office where babu ask for money every task like release of salary , sanction of leave, forwarding any application & many more.