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IGNOU PGDCC not recognised by MCI Board of Governors: Health Minister tells parliament

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IGNOU PGDCC not recognised by MCI Board of Governors: Health Minister tells parliament

New Delhi: Board of Governors – MCI has not recognized Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology of Indira Gandhi National Open University as permission for the said course was not granted by the Central Government / MCI under section 10A of the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956.

This was the clear cut reply given by the Minister of State, Health and Welfare, Shri Ashwini Kumar Choubey was given in the Rajya Sabha as he replied to a question raised by MP Shri NK Premachandran.

The MP had asked the minister whether the request from Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologist is pending with MCI Board of Governors for the recognition of Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology (PGDCC) from Indira Gandhi National Open University and if so to provide details thereof.

Further responding to the question whether the Government proposes to promote the institution and Universities conducting/willing to conduct Post Graduate Diploma, certificate course in clinical cardiology, the minister replied with a NO enunciating that Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology has not been prescribed in Medical Council of India’s Post Graduate Medical Education Regulation, 2000.

The minister was also asked whether there are sufficient number of doctors are available in our country to meet the requirement of cardiac patients.

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Choubey answered that while the data regarding number of Cardiologist in the country is not maintained centrally, he did provide  the statistics on the SS seats that are available in the country in the field of Cardiology

As per Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 of Medical Council of India (MCI), DM Cardiology and DM Pediatric Cardiology are available in the country with an intake capacity of 397 post graduate seats. Further, National Board of Examination (NBE) is running Diplomate of National Board (DNB) seats in Cardiology and Fellowship (FNB) in Interventional Cardiology. Presently, there are 211 DNB seats in Cardiology and 34 seats in Fellowship (FNB) in Interventional Cardiology.

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  1. What about PGDMCH from IGNOU is it
    recognized? Who is MCI ? we all know how many decades it took to recognize DNB and MAMS

  2. user
    Dr Ghanshyam Kumar July 3, 2019, 11:04 pm

    Vote bank ko badhane ke liye jo Quacks villages mein bitha rakhe hain,unki baat bhi uthao kabhi parliament mein…. Vo MCi recognised to nahi hain…lekin NETA recognised zuroor hain…

  3. Doctors seem to have really deep pockets or very enthusiastic about taking 18%loans 4m banks2start hospitals &pay commercial rate light bills &property charges &buy machines of crores of rupees! gud for politicians who killed merit! thus with existing demographies of high kidyouth muslim &reserve population ovr70yrs constitutional misuse decimating taxpayers bill-liability takers f votebank politics! now the patients mostly belong2segments who dont wan2pay cant pay viz votebanks enjoying freeships & conditioned so for 70 yrs! & here drs r fighting ovr the fact that my fellow dr shd not succeed n life or not allowed 2do smthing bt cn do if i am in position2exploit & hz doing my job! &using MCI like panchatantra snake brought by frog in the well! when the nonreserv nonmuslim category that was paying 4 70yrs r in minority population today! will govts print extra banknotes? to give salaries? & will india b new turkey or indonesia?

  4. user
    Komaralingam Balakrishnan July 3, 2019, 10:14 am

    PGDCC is a hotchpotch course,purely a course started by IGNOU without the approval of MCI. Corporate hospitals vied for accreditation from \”god knows who\” and started \”training\” which was actually a low paid work force forntheir patient care. The unfortunate thing is the students who completed the program claimed to be a fully trained cardiologists ! Ultimately,IGNOU had to scarap the program as the truth about it became public!

  5. Totally agreed. Corporate and private hospital used people in the name of training them and brought out a big force of people who do not know cardiology but claim to do so, and they do not know because they were never taught. they were just exploited and left to their fate. and this is true for all big named hospitals and cardiologists too.

  6. only discussions & courtcases for wiping competitors with social injustice & supreme court verdicts favouring political interests! wont treat india ! micro organisms r mutating & getting resistant bcz f negligence (when cozy life salaries r on without accountability & no work!) & few drs allowed education admission or govt job! under votebank excuses took away research education & serving patients & learning opportunities from deserving passionate meritorious learners! nepotism awards glorification marks & admission job awarding is not performance or national or community contribution! Drs. still advocating reservations & prevailing less PG admissions since 70yrs tho population increased 4m 4cr 1947 to 135cr 2019 will hv2repent mebbe smday when they dont have answers or gud reasonable trusted care for their loved precious ones! or a really gud humanitarian or super genius not related to them! but a victim of few doctors !MCI rules! lack of opprtunity or opportunity denied due to dirty indian politics & caste politics! unless the ground is fair & many deserving Indian mbbs youth r allowed 2learn! therz no fun! in 4g8ng dat after8to10hrs evrybdy needs life & rest! but 135cr need treatment ! they cant b postponed ! ki zinda rahe toh kal aana ab dr nahi hai! dr kamm hai! dr pichle darwaze se bhag gaye! qki ab weh khade nai ho sakte! achha hu mai par nai chahiye pesa apka ! mai bhuka hu mujhe sona b hai! bv bachhe toh bhool gya mai! jaanedo yeh desh nahi sudhrega mai ab practice hi bandh /kam krunga koun itna risk lega maar b khayega!! there shd b more drs so that work is shared n drs remain alive! so PG 4 all else b prepared2 convert caste religion 4 survival in indian politics of future which opportunistic MCI nitiayog Health ministry IAS &politicians cud abuse to make existing few PGs &all MBBS a victim of!!!

  7. user
    Dr Rajan Vashisht July 3, 2019, 9:01 am

    What is scope of field of MBBS and MD as per MCI?
    Who is authorized to investigate with USG,CT,TROPININS, ABG,MRI,ECHO, TMT,ECG,MRI, PET SCAN etc

  8. maar khao branches ki scope ki definition pooch kar!! qki bahana mil jayega kaam nahi karneka! sarkaar toh na nokri de sakti na salary toh kaam nahi karoge patient ki sewa emergency me nahi karoge apne kala kushal se toh kya bheek maangenge! patient degree chaattna chahta hai kya dr ki! dr ki pehle hi shortage hai india me! drs ka ego ki bridgecourse ki stupidity la raha tha! stop plz learn best do all wrk when necessry

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