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IMA Strike Side-effects: Kerala Govt, Human Rights Commission launch Inquiry against Doctors Strike

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IMA Strike Side-effects: Kerala Govt, Human Rights Commission launch Inquiry against Doctors Strike

Kerala: Participating in the national wide strike of medical practitioners against the proposed National Medical Commission Bill, turned out difficult for doctors in Kerala as Both the State Human Rights Commission as well as the state government have now launched an inquiry against doctors who joined the strike and refused to attend patients during that time.

The State Human Rights Commission termed the medical bandh as “unlawful.”  with the acting chairperson P. Mohandas even calling the boycott a crime.

Denial of treatment to people is a criminal offence and hence the strike called by the doctors is nothing but an unlawful act and is a violation of human rights, said an order issued by the commission.

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Hindu reports that Mr. Mohandas took particular notice of an incident at the General Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. He said he saw television visuals of striking doctors dissuading another doctor from treating patients. They pulled her out of the medical ward where she was attending to a long queue of patients, including women and children. The act was a blatant transgression of the doctors’ oath.

Doctors have the right to strike but they cannot play with the lives of the common man by denying them treatment in the name of the strike, the commission observed.

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TOI reports that the commission said the Constitution of the country has given the right to live for every citizen. Hence no one has the authority to pose a challenge to this right. The fact that over 100 people were denied treatment by the doctors in the name of the strike is unpardonable, said the order.

The Commission has instructed R L Saritha, director, health services, to submit a report on the incident in a month. Even an explanation was also sought from the Director General of Police.

It is reported that taking cognizance of the strike, the Kerala Health Minister has also ordered an inquiry into the strike.

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  1. user
    J.Bala chandrudu January 7, 2018, 2:13 am

    indian meduical council of a.p is bullshit organijation .there is no competent authority. the registarar of andhra pradesh medical council is aged about more than 74 years, that to non medical person. he tries to punish every case recomending members. the chairman himself admited that he donot know much about MCI rules & regulations .every body in the committee nominated by the minister . they do not know various acts. They playing a child game with lives of competent doctors. Some members not qualified in concerned subject or they are only mbbs they do not have knowledge in like venereology subject. this medical council of india mainly used by rivalary doctors to suspending their opponents.doctors or they developed gredge againest theier rivalary collegues. This must be stoped. One Dr. C.L. Venkatarao ex- mci member writes on doctors, news published againest doctor eventhrough he is innocent ,..This Sadistic C.L. Venkataraod not punished by any MCI. He qualified with useless FRCS. and mentaly disabled,&Perverted. I donot when good days comes to good doctors. let belive in god god god

  2. Kerala has become land of strikes and harthals, it is just not medical professional going on strike people shut down the state on many occasions , for political gains, even the High court orders had little effect on stopping the harthals , we do not know when the strikes or hartals are declared, it is just not the medical profession every walk of life is effected in Kerala with frequent harthals and putting great inconvenience to public, I think same culture is spreading to Medical profession, after all in democracy everyone wants equal rights to do good and bad ?

  3. The present IMA is a bunch of Ketan Desai disciples, these venomous snakes should be controlled as soon as possible or else again they will pollute the medical atmosphere of the country.If they harm human lives as per the laws in the essential services act they all should be booked and sent to jail.

    We the medical fraternity of India love our patients , and upon all odds whatever the case may be would never ever risk lives of our patients.These IMA doctors are thugs who live a lavish life, go to foreign visits , an exclusive club of Ketan Desai disciples who distributed to all of them Dr Roy Award when he was in MCI. Today\’s MCI and IMA are Ketan Desai cronies , now engaged in destabilising our country since power is going from their hands.

    Shame Shame IMA!!!!

  4. Good move by the government , these IMA corrupt doctors or those propagating corruption should be sent immediately to jail for playing with the lives of people.

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