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Indian Psychiatric Society sees red with the upcoming movie title Mental hai Kya

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Indian Psychiatric Society sees red with the upcoming movie title Mental hai Kya

Mumbai: Tension has erupted between the Indian Psychiatric Society and the makers of an upcoming movie after the former wrote to the Censor Board objecting to the title of the film ” Mental Hai Kya. Doctors pointed out the film industry must exercise caution and be more sensitive in its messaging, objecting to the title and posters of the upcoming Hindi film

“We take serious objections to the title of the movie, which is discriminative, stigmatising, degrading and inhuman in projecting mental disorders and persons who suffer mental disorders. We strongly demand the title to be removed with immediate effect preventing further damage to the modesty of mental health service users,” read the letter.

Makers of Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer “Mental Hai Kya” on on the other hand denied that the film discriminates against people battling mental health issues and in fact, encourages the audience to “embrace their individuality”.

The response from the production house Balaji Motion Pictures comes a day after the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) wrote a letter to the censor board to object against the film’s recently released posters.

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The production banner countered that the film aims to celebrate distinctiveness.

“The makers of the film, believe that their movie – ‘Mental Hai Kya’ will encourage people to embrace their individuality and distinctiveness.

“‘Mental Hai Kya’ starring Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao marks the coming together of some of the most talented and responsible media personalities, who in no way intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments,” the statement read.

The IPS had also demanded to censor any sequence in the film which violates the rights of persons with a mental disorder.

The makers, however, said it is a “fictional thriller genre feature film meant to entertain audiences”.

“It does not offend, discriminate or disregard any person. In fact, the film is a mainstream entertainer which makes a larger point,” the statement further read.

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  1. user
    Antonio Pacelli April 21, 2019, 8:04 pm

    Pseudoscience should not havea voice in india. The only reason indians can still live a life without terror is just because there are only 0,3 neuroscientist every 10000 people and the number should decrease if they still care for their biological safety. Neuroscience is based on 200 years of legalized torture , posoning and rape. The majority of symptom described in the DSM can be attributed to anticholinergic substances or the effects of the meticulous professional \”therapy\” if revisioned by biochemical studies. The more Indian government will choose to move on with the studies of the \”Mind\” the more they will forget the simplicity of our perfect biology.
    They will loose their millennial culture and identity. And doing that is just another crime against humanity in a world where those crimes are labelled as \”therapeutic drugs\” by the industry that hold the biggest share of the human health involution.

  2. user
    Dr Prabhakar Korada April 21, 2019, 9:44 am

    Psychiatrists should concentrate on their profession and stop interfering with creative endeavours. As a psychiatrist myself, I would say that a humorous film title is a non issue. If everybody wants to object to every little thing, then society would stagnate and there would be no place for humour. I would advise my colleagues to please focus on major issues that are seriously affecting the society. Media glorification of suicides and homicides as well as projecting individual terrorist recruits as heroes is a matter of very serious concern. Young impressionable minds are drawn to copycat suicides and even similar day light rapes and murders as a result of the Media projecting the perpetrators as martyres. They are getting attracted to terror acts because of the media encouragement albeit indirectly. The law against rape is gender biased ruining the future of many an innocent young man. Surely psychiatrists have lot of work to do than seeking media attention for insignificant non issues

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