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Just as strike called off, another incidence of violence against doctor reported

Just as strike called off, another incidence of violence against doctor reported

Bulandshahr, UP: while the nation wide strike of medical practitioners demanding protection from acts of violence has come to an end, the acts of violence still continue to persist.

This time the report of violence comes from Bulandshehr UP, where a doctor was brutally thrashed by a mob of both men and women who alleged medical negligence in their patients treatment. The CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral over the social media.


The case is that of one Jyoti who was brought to the hospital with complaints of kidney stone. The patient’s relatives roughed up the doctor,Doctor Sanjeev Yadav after the she died in hospital during Kidney Stone Operation allegedly due to overdose of anaesthesia. The entire incident was captured on CCTV which then went viral.

An FIR has been lodged against the doctor in a case of medical negligence. While the police has started investigation in the case, District Magistrate of Bulandshahr, Aunjney Kumar Singh, has ordered for a probe to  chief medical officer . “I have asked the police and the CMO to take appropriate action after investigating the case,  the DM told Statesmen.

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  1. user
    Dr JG Lalmalani March 27, 2017, 12:12 pm

    Create CODE RED. At any sign of such trouble, all residents/PGs/UGs/paramedicstaff/security must immediately leave all their work and come to the spot and smash the bastards. DO NOT FINISH the paperwork of the patient and go en masse to the police station to lodge FIRs.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 26, 2017, 10:34 pm

    Improper, inadequate irrelevant,irresponsible information is more likely cause confusion , inturn it may lead to conflict. I think this web site is meant for Qualified Professionals ie DOCTORS with degrees in Modern MEDICINE. Kidney stone operation, over dose of Anesthesia so on so forth. Which looks it is written by a ward Attender or Nurse or student of first clinical postings. Instead they / one can Post / Display the case sheets/ papers / records/ reports for the experts opinion. This information doesn\’t even mention about the Diagnosis, Indication for the surgery, the procedure to be done, the team of Doctors and their qualifications , whether the Hospital is adequately equipped, the type of Anesthesia ….. The out come ….. cause of Death pre , intra, or post operative. Whether the body sent for Autopsy. Whether kept Discussion for the Mortality committee . What was role of Hospital chief , what are the measures taken by him, why there was security laps? . How much time it took local police to reach to diffuse / control the situation. Why other Staff members not prevented such incidents. What Next ? Is it going to be one more article for the Media. Do you think the CMO or the Medical superintendent or the pricipal has required knowledge to conduct an enquiry? . He / she may a pre or para clinicians or may be with a M B B S DEGREE , with out much knowledge about Urology.
    When Comes to taking decision or To be Judgemental one should have subject knowledge. That\’s why it should be dealt by subject expert committee. As done other knowledgeable part\’s of the world from whom we learnt & still learning / gaining knowledge and Skills. In India starting from a QUACk to the super specialists have an access to deadly DANGEROUS schedule Drugs , unlike in the West , the Praticeners have no access to specialist/ SPECIALITY Drugs. UNFORTUNATELY No one including stalwarts from AIIMS , PGI, JIPMER NIMANHS and many more prestigious INSTITUTIONS never even try to convince the Ministry of HEALTH , LAW , and the Judiciary sitting in the SUPREME COURT next door in Delhi about such unlawful and unethical practices of Dispensing drugs, which are doing more harm to the patients. What I call Buggered up CASES, with Hidden or invisible problems in the patients ( No MRI, PET Scans can find the Facult). Today I watching an interview between NDTV news reader and Resident DOCTOR\’s representative related to assault and security issues, INSTEAD OF questioning Concerned HEALTH Minister, SECRETARY , Director , Dean or the Medical Superintendent if not any one Security agencies and the police WHO\’S main work/ Job is to provde security and prevent damage and destruction of the property. I see total negligence on the part of the Adminstration starting from the College/ Hospital to the Concerned Ministers like Medical Education, Home and law Departments. Neither students / trainy DOCTORS nor the Media can do MUCH to prevent such indents in future. Unless and until the Guys sitting on the top take KEEN interest. OTHER wise it\’s going to be one more news to increase T R P of the news channels.

  3. Those who assault should be immidiately arrested and not released on bail. Every doctor tries best to save the patient.

  4. The assaulters should be arrested first and inquiry can come later. Always the incident remain at inquiry level.