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Low Pay: Kerala Private doctors demand Rs 1 lakh for MBBS, Rs 2 lakh for specialist

Low Pay: Kerala Private doctors demand Rs 1 lakh for MBBS, Rs 2 lakh for specialist

Thiruvananthapuram: Given the low pay given to healthcare professionals, be it doctors nor nurses in the southern states of the country, compared to their northern counterparts, a slow boiling revolt is brewing amoungst the medical professionals in these areas.

Noting the sheer disparity in government and private healthcare centres, private doctors in Kerala have come out demanding a structured pay and a hike in their salaries.

The doctors across private hospitals in the state have formed a committee named Private Employed Doctors of Kerala to put forward their demands regarding remunerations. The committee will organize district-level meetings will be held by the general body after which listed demands will be prepared to be handed over to the hospital managements.

The demands put forward by the doctors primarily include many pay related issues as well as other issues such as leaves, allowances and overtime. Some of the demands put forward include

-The salary of Rs 1 lakh for the MBBS doctors,

-Rs 1.75 lakh for doctors with a diploma,

-Rs 2 lakh for PG doctors and,

-Rs 3 lakh for super specialists,

-Pay classification according to nature of work and fixation of pay,

-Remuneration for overtime, excess work and, extra call duty, DA, rural and city allowances,

-Annual paid holiday leave of 15 days, annual full paid holiday leave of 20 days,

-Compensatory leave for working on holidays and or extra remuneration,

-Duty time of six hours and six days a week, a termination notice period of 60 days from both sides,

-Paternity and maternity leaves as per government norms.

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The Chairman of the Committee Dr Jose Kuriyan Kattukaran told the TOI, “The aim of this new move is to organize doctors employed in private hospitals, medical colleges and other health institutions in the state and fight for their causes and defend their rights.”

“Salary is not our main concern. Our objectives are to ensure job security, provide support to the doctors who are facing vengeful action from the management, put an end to the over-exploitation of the doctors with the heavy work load, protect our rights, etc.,” said Dr Jose Kuriyan added.

The doctors claimed that doctors remain underpaid in even corporate hospitals. There are many senior doctors in the professions are still not paid for the last six months.

IMA state secretary Dr N Sulphi told the TOI, “There is definitely a disparity in the payment and in some hospitals they are underpaid. There is also inordinate delay in the payment of salaries to the doctors. This was the reason why such a committee was formed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), in which there are members and non-members of IMA.”

The doctors also pointed out the job crisis with the shutting down of smaller clinic and hospitals.

“These doctors are forced to become an employee under the corporate hospitals. But the situation is very bad in several big hospitals. Even though the managements take care of their employees well, the pay structure for the doctors compared to their work load is very poor,” said Dr Sulphi further added.

“Fresh graduates who are put on casualty or ICU duty are paid only between Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000, which is nothing much more than what they receive as stipend during their house-surgency,” he informed.

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  1. Generally toppers from science stream come into Doctor profession. For graduation degree (MBBS) they study for Five and half year. Arts/Commerce graduates study for three years and engineers study for four years. In Government employment Doctors get salary at per with others. We people ready to pay Rs.50000.00 as advocate fees. Never we ask about that. But if medical expense arises to Rs.50000.00 . We ask so many question. Actually it is the mentality of underdeveloped country. If you find it in developed county, you will see DOCTOR is the highest paid profession. They know the the importance of health care. We want it free.

  2. Job security for so called educated \’Butchers\’ !!
    Market demand and supply should be allowed to control the pay structure and nothing else in Private sector.
    Otherwise just allow them to join Govt service and work honestly…Period .

  3. user
    Dr Sourav Chowdhury February 17, 2019, 6:57 pm

    Some of the Big pvt healthcare players have formed a nexus not pay doctors their due remuneration and earn more. It was time that our southern bros come up in arms

  4. In era of subsidized health care has anyone thought abt hospitals per second, if u get pea nuts you pay pea nuts, that\’s rule.

  5. why do the hospitals accept peanuts.It is obvious that they are not at a loss which is why they accept these peanuts and pay much less than peanuts to Doctors and exploit them.

  6. Many of the big Hospitals are fronts for money laundering by big players as everybody knows … They make big bills but accept small amounts also ..Just like many film theaters with empty Halls showing \”House Full\” Boards and even paying Entertainment Tax to Govt … The remaining amount(after paying taxes) becomes White money which is shown as income against the Black money/corruption money earned by many politicians ..That is why a nexus with Hospitals/medical colleges -Politicians(many MPs and MLAs are owners of Medical Colleges and Hospitals)…It is a well oiled machinery working and poor doctors working are only Pawns in teh hands of Criminal minded politicians.

  7. To become a doctor itself is is not easy for them..and after completing degree if they r not paid what they deserve then its not fair..
    Good move by all the doctors in kerala..
    Make union n fight 4 ur right to deserve good salary..