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AYUSH Council Proposes Govt to allow Ayurveda Practitioners Perform Sonography; Radiologists see RED

AYUSH Council Proposes Govt to allow Ayurveda Practitioners Perform Sonography; Radiologists see RED

Mumbai: The AYUSH Council’s recent proposal of an amendment to the PC-PNDT Act allowing its Ayurveda Practitioners to perform sonography and imaging tests, has drawn a lot of uproar from the radiologists.

According to recent media reports, that the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) under the ambit of AYUSH Ministry proposed proposed this amendment to the Preconception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act, 1994 in order to allow Ayurveda practitioners perform sonography and imaging tests which was sent to the Health and Family Welfare Ministry on September 19 for perusal.

Confirmation to this effect was made by Dr Vanitha R, CCIM national president to Hindustan Times

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“The 11 executive committee members had a detailed discussion in this regard on August 27 and we have chalked out our proposal.” said Dr Vanitha. “The amendment would be most beneficial to rural patients where there is a dearth of doctors and where Ayurvedic doctors practice in large numbers,” she added

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Dr Kuldeep Kohli, Director, AYUSH, Maharashtra chapter justified the proposal adding that it would benefit patients in rural areas,, “Given the dearth of radiologists and sonologists in India, more than 50% machines are being shut down in the country due to misuse. It is important that doctors from other branches of medicine forms are given permission to practice radiology and sonology. Allowing Ayush doctors to perform sonography under amended PCPNDT Act would be a revolutionary step,” he said.

While the AYUSH practitioners have lent full support to the clause, radiologists are seeing red with the proposal The Maharashtra State Branch of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (MSBIRIA) have decided to move to the Bombay High Court while condemning the proposal.

Dr Sandeep Kawthale, President, MSBIRIA told HT, “The amendments proposed by the Council are extremely absurd. They are firstly Ayurveda doctors and belong to an altogether different stream of medicine. We fail to understand on what basis they have proposed such amendments.”

Qualified radiologists are allowed to perform or open a radiology or sonography centre only after securing an MBBS  and MD degrees or a two years diploma in radiology, he noted informing that the council has proposed six months training in imaging and radiology after MD in Ayurveda.  “How six months training could be adequate?” he wondered.

Accepting the amendments could prove extremely dangerous to public health, the MSBIRIA’s President added.

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Medical Dialogues had earlier reported that following PMO orders, the draft Draft Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment), Bill 2014, that seeked to allow AYUSH practitioners perform MTP was put on Hold.

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  1. Ultrasonogram is purely a diagnostic equipment and cannot be established as part of allopathic medicine. The qualified doctors from the Ayush sector are very much at par with MBBS doctors since they are trained in all the subjects like anatomy, physiology, practice of medicine etc.. Its only the treatment method that differs. An ultrasound is a noninvasive and safest method of diagnostics that can be handled by the Ayush doctors with equal expertise following a six month or one year training. The AYUSH doctors too are bounded by the ethics and laws since they too need to register with their respective councils to practice.

  2. 123456789 and tuns of nonsense reporting.???;?

  3. Let\’s ask these committee members and supporting politicians to give a commitment through an affidavit that henceforth they and their immediate family members shall avail US diagnosis as well as full treatment only from such Ayurvedic Doctors

  4. This permission is to those MD ayurvedic doctors who have completed there post graduate degree in radiology or chaya vikiran and it has nothing to do with allopathy it\’s just physics ,,anatomy and medicine or surgery together so good decision

  5. Idiocy to the maximum . These pples attitude is nauseating.just translation does not make sense . They R bluffing masters to the maximum no shame . There is nothing in Ayuash except ash .

  6. Illiterate idiot bjp ministers creating quacks to overcome shortage. All politicians should be the first patients to be treated by quacks.

  7. The AYUSH doctors are not quacks.. They are well trained with a well established syllabus having completed the same 5 and a half years of course duration as per MBBS including one year of internship.

  8. If you practice any other system other than in what you are trained you are a quack and it is quackery only .

  9. It should be allowed if it is in ayurveda

  10. If Ayurvedic Doctors are so confident of their system of medicine, why do they want to get into allopathy.

  11. Imaging n technology r not the system of ur medicine it is the technology discovered by engineers.. So we all can use that N we r all using it for diagnostic purpose… n the main thing is that if u have done allopathy it doesnt mean just u r the doctors ..we have been trained in all the subjects studied it equally ..

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