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MCI Gazette amends feeder qualifications to 2 DM, 4 MCh courses

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MCI Gazette amends feeder qualifications to 2 DM, 4 MCh courses

New Delhi: Through a gazette notification, the Medical Council of India has amended the feeder qualifications of 2 DM (Doctor of Medicine) and 4 Mch courses (Master of Chirurgie) in India.

The move comes with the amendment to the older regulations Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000 and are effective from April 1, 2019

The council has removed, many other redundant qualifications which act as prior requirements to various DM and Mch courses. In particular

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  1. Earlier for DM (Medical Oncology), the prior requirements were MD (Medicine), MS (Radiotherapy), MD (Paediatrics). However, now the feeder qualification has been reduced to MD (General Medicine), MD (Radiation Oncology)
  2.  For DM (Interventional Radiology)- Earlier the feeder qualification was stated as MD(Radiology) and now the name has been changed to MD ( Radiodiagnosis)
  3. For Mch Surgical Oncology- Earlier the prior requirements were MS (Surgery), MS (ENT), MS (Orthopaedics), MD (Obst. & Gynae.). Now the same have been limited to MS (General Surgery)
  4.  For Mch (Head & Neck Surgery)- Earlier the feeder qualifications were M.S.(E.N.T.) or M.S.(General Surgery) or M.Ch.(Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) or M.Ch. (Surgical Oncology) or M.Ch. (Neuro Surgery. The same has now been reduced to  MS (ENT), MS (General Surgery)

AS per the gazette, In Schedule of the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000, in Clause “C” under the heading of D.M. (Doctor of Medicine), under heading prior requirement following shall be substituted as under:

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S.No. Area of Specialisation Prior Requirement
8 Medical Oncology MD (General Medicine), MD (Radiation Oncology)
31 Interventional Radiology MD (Radiodiagnosis)

In Schedule of the Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000, Clause “D” under the heading of M.Ch. (Master of Chirurgie), under heading prior requirement following shall be substituted as under:

S.No. Area of Specialisation Prior Requirement
7 Surgical Oncology MS (General Surgery)
9 Gynaecological Oncology MD/MS (Obst. & Gynae.)
14 Head & Neck Surgery MS (ENT)

MS (General Surgery)

15 Reproductive Medicine & Surgery MD/MS (Obst. & Gynae.)

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  1. user
    Anisur Biswas May 4, 2019, 10:46 pm

    i hope GOVT OF INDIA and MCI will formulae this criteria as soon as possible for the public interest.MD(Radiotherapy) is a only prior requirement for Mch surgical oncology/gynae oncology and for DM medical oncology. MS ent only for the mch head neck surgery.

  2. user
    dr. atin mukherjee May 4, 2019, 10:36 pm

    MD(RADIOTHERAPY)—-is only be a prior requirement criteria for— MCH surgical oncology / gynaecological oncology as well as for DM medical oncology. MS(ent)–is only be a prior criteria for — mch head neck surgery. Same must be the criteria for DNB SS. MS general surgery must be removed from this criteria.

  3. user
    Anisur Biswas May 4, 2019, 9:59 pm

    This very bad, the prior requirement for the DM medical oncology course— should be restricted to the MD radiotherapy only and for MCH Surgical oncology— the MD radiotherapy must be include as a one of the prior requirement because interstitial brachytherapy is one of the treatment modalities for treating cancer patients, which do not familiar to a MS surgery student and a MS surgery student do not know anything about the oncological process and cancer biology ,still how they are eligible to McH surgical oncology course? And for Mch head neck surgery prior requirement must be restricted to a MS ENT only not to the MS surgery student. The eligibility criteria must be challenged in the Supreme court of india

  4. yes this must be followed by mci and govt of india. you are absolutely correct dr anisur

  5. user
    dr anuj pandey May 4, 2019, 10:42 pm

    i agreed with you. yes this must be followed. a MD radiotherapy must be only prior requirement for MCH surgical oncology , MCH gynae oncology amd DM Medical oncology.i hope MCI and Govt will take a step for this

  6. This is unethical and a partiality given to the MD(Medicine) and MS (general surgery) only. For MCH(surgical oncology)–MD(Radiotherapy) must include as a Required qualification.

  7. will it be possible for RT people to do advanced surgery without knowing basics in no where it\’s like that..

  8. user
    Anisur Biswas May 4, 2019, 10:27 pm

    for MCH(surgical oncology)—-prior requirement must be—–only to–MD (radiotherapy).
    MCH(head neck surgery)—prior requirement must be—–only to –MS(ENT).
    DM medical oncology)——only restricted to the————————MD (radiotherapy)
    Mch(Gyne oncology)——–only restricted to the————————MD(radiotherapy) & MS (OBG).
    like wise the DNB SS course eligibility must be as above

  9. user
    Anisur Biswas May 4, 2019, 10:13 pm

    a MS general surgery–means only a general(normal) surgical procedure it does not include the advance surgery.For the advanced surgery post doctoral MCH TRAINING required.A MS general surgery do not know properly about the oncogenesis and the cancer biology and it proper treatment work up & treatment planing like a MD radiotherapy student even they do not know any thing about interstitial brachytherapy but they are eligible for Mch surgical oncology, a MD radiotherapy –is to be a only prior requirement criteria for MCH surgical oncology.At any time and at any day a MD radiotherapy doctor knows much better abou oncogenesis, tumor biology, cancer staging and cancer treatment than their fellow counterpart MS surgery doctor, this it true.

  10. MS surgery degree awarded to candidate without a single stand alone surgery being done or documented !!

    Kindly clarify this

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