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MCI has failed Indian Healthcare- Niti Ayog calls for Enactment for National Medical Commission

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New Delhi:  Observing that regulatory bodies including the Medical Council of India and the Nursing Council of India have “failed” to ensure adequate availability and quality of health professionals, the government think tank- NITI Aayog has pitched for enactment of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2017,

In its ‘Strategy for New India @75’ document released on Wednesday, the Aayog has recommended revamp of the regulatory system of medical and nursing education pointing out the currently -“There is inadequate capacity to train doctors, especially specialists and super-specialists.”

“Private practice by medial faculty in teachinginstitutions is rampant in several states,compromising on the commitment to teaching and institutional clinical work. Many state and private medical/nursing/dentalcolleges have poor infrastructure. There is no comprehensive and consistent HRH policy,” the document categorically stated

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Pointing out that the quality of health professional training and adherence to standards is sub-optimal,including in the private sector, the Aayog stated Workforce shortages and uneven distribution of doctors, nurses, specialists and allied health professionals plague the sector.

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The Aayog also alluded to the poor remuneration of government medical practitioners. “Health professionals in the public sector areinadequately compensated and motivation levels are extremely poor. Fair compensation in the private sector, e.g., for nurses, is also a challenge.”

Observing these major issues that currently plague the medical sector, the Niti Aayog called for complete reform the governance of medical, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy education in the country with its very first recommendation being the Enactment the NMC Bill, 2017.

It also called for Revamping the AYUSH, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy councils along the lines of the NMCBill, 2017. Some of the other policy level reforms put forward by the Niti Aayog include

  • Establish a Council for Allied Health Professionals to ensure standardization of education and putting in place quality control mechanisms for educational institutions, teaching methods, clinical protocols andworkforce management.
  • Put in place an updated curriculum for medical and allied professions that keeps pace with thechanging dynamics of public health, policy anddemographics.
  • Establish a nursing school in every large district or cluster of districts with a population of20-30 lakhs as per the National Health Policy, 2017.
  • Take steps to revamp the regulatory system ofnursing education, ensure quality training in nursing schools, develop specialties in nursing,develop centres of excellence in nursing and enhance the stature of government nurses.
  • Take steps to stop private practice by faculty of government teaching institutions by providing attractive salaries and incentives.

Medical Dialogues team had recently reported that to address the shortage of doctors in the country, the Aayog has suggested creating conditions to facilitate import of doctors, especially those of Indian origin working abroad, and also deploying teachers from universities abroad as visiting professors at AIIMS or NIEs while linking at least 40 per cent of district hospitals with medical colleges.

It also suggested developing framework for deployment of doctors and specialists from the private sector to government hospitals on a visiting or honorary basis and expanding the system of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) and Diplomas from College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS).

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  1. MCI failed to improve the quality of medical education and failed to monitor whether the norms with regard to infrastructure and staff whether medical or nursing is properly followed in the medical colleges or not. But the central ministry is also responsible as it never acted severely against any medical college management for showing cooked up case records,filling wards with hired people posing as patients, showing private medical practitioners as their regular teaching medical faculty and running the wards with mostly with ANMs instead of qualified nurses. The medical education will deteriorate further unless central health ministry slams punishment for each misconduct. Otherwise the current state of engineering students passing out of private engineering colleges will happen to MBBS degree holders in near future. In medical field, it is more dangerous for any patient to consult any doctor having MCI recognised degree but without required competence than not having any treatment at all.

  2. I appreciate the intention of introducing NMC bill. My personal opinion is that in different states different problems are there like fee fixation reimbursement of Tution fees etc. The councils are not alone responsible for quality of education. The examining authorities and state government S are also inspecting college .if the government whats to improve the quality of education first disclose ur action plans and reform going to take place in this sector. It\’s very clear that all councils are salutary bodies and runs under supervision of central health ministry

  3. user
    Dr Uday Shankar Singh December 25, 2018, 6:46 pm

    MCI is not responsible for the failure of our health system, it\’s the infrastructure, investment, commitment etc of government which failed the system.
    In my opinion if we\’re in India needs more of primary care then why not to build a robust system of primary care itself. Primary care has not been given importance in a country which is highly populated made everything worse.
    I still believe if our Primary care and primary education improves, no one in the world can stop us.

  4. user
    Dr Kanjaksha Ghosh December 25, 2018, 12:30 pm

    Why blame only MCI. MCI does not look after health services in the country. It is the state and central Govt that has messed up the health care in India. When a govt spends around 1 percent of GDP on health care and expects it will deliver marvels of modern medicine to all its citizens then it is living in fools paradise and not only that through notice ayog it is trying to find a scape goat in MCI. MCIInspite of all it\’s wrong doing is not even remotely responsible for the pathetic health care delivery of Indian masses. This blot squarely rests on central and state government.

  5. give the opportunitis to the fmg \’s also.