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MCI to draft guidelines on online doctors promotions

MCI to draft guidelines on online doctors promotions

With the growing use of online media for the purpose of information as well as advertisement, Medical council of India has indicated that soon it shall come out with formative guidelines on online promotions by medical practitioners. These would also include defined penalty and punishments in case of violations

Confirming this ,Dr Kishor Taori, MCI’s ethics committee member and president of the Maharashtra Medical Council, told Pune Mirror, “In the past year, we have received at least 10 to 15 complaints against doctors, clinics and those who forward promotional emails and advertise through the social media. This is definitely a violation of the code of medical ethics. As doctors, we are not allowed to advertise in any form. However, when the Act was formed many years ago, the online forum was not considered the most-used tool to reach patients. But now, doctors are doing precisely that. Therefore, we are formulating guidelines for strict action against such medics.”

The penalty and fine are yet to be decided, he said, adding, “There has been an almost 10 per cent rise in complaints against doctors violating the code of medical ethics in the last one year. Also, known names are involved, who can work around the legalities. That’s why we cannot name the websites and the violators.” However, patients are nowadays relying on search engines and the internet to choose a doctor and the names that come on top of the list are preferred. “Patients should avoid such practices as one must look out for authenticity,” Taori stressed.

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Medical Dialogues team recently reported that Tamil Nadu Medical Council sent out notices to 25 doctors across 5 different specialties for listing their services with the online search engine practo . The state council has also indicated that the TNMC decided to launch an online registry of its own in view of helping out patients look for doctors

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  1. What has MCI done to stop mainstream,misleading advertising?And now it talks of curbing online advertising.I hope it succeeds.

  2. If doctors are not permitted to advertise than the same policy is applied on businessman, teachers, engineers, and legal professionals.
    Dear MCI, if you are forcing all such guidelines on to the doctors and hospitals for the betterment of the people then y are you not acting on the RMP in the country?
    The fact is the RMP\’s are practicing as doctors every where in india and no one is bothered about them.
    Sadly many of them don\’t even pass 10th class and they call themselves as doctors.
    MCI has no problems if a RMP wrights Dr on his name plate but the same MCI talks about ethic\’s if a doctor wrights his or her qualification obtained from abroad.
    MCI don\’t you really know about the kind of commission the RMP demands from a hospital / doctor?
    I know handful of RMPS who does OBG and gyn surgery\’s but y do you care about them my dear MCI? All that you know is how to trouble doctors in india.

  3. user
    Jyotishankar Raychaudhuri July 26, 2016, 11:31 am

    The same MCI refuses to stop cash kickbacks being exchanged as in flea market and selling and buying of patients coming up with this ridiculous ethics system… advertisement is absolutely ethical and legal……as the late Dr. BC Roy said \”private practice is my birthright\”…….Correct (not false as many stem cell services are doing) advertisement of my abilities and services is my birthright as a doctor.

  4. What about drs who are listed without their knowledge ? Many search sites list names from membership directories.

  5. I hear this is the practice in developed world

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