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MD-DNB equivalence: Setback to DNB candidates as Supreme court dismisses petition

MD-DNB equivalence: Setback to DNB candidates as Supreme court dismisses petition

New Delhi: DNB candidates across the country have faced a major setback as the Supreme Court has dismissed the petition filed by Sankalp Association of DNB Doctors, Delhi that demanded equivalence of MD-DNB candidates for the purpose of teaching posts across medical colleges in the country.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported DNB candidates had faced a major disadvantage after the MCI notification of June 5, 2017 whereby the Medical Council amended Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, 1998. The amended rules implied that a DNB degree holder from a non-MCI recognized institute shall require 3 years of junior residency and 2 years of Senior residency, to be eligible for a teaching post of assistant professor, implying a clear 5 years of additional service if they dream to have a career in Medical Academia.

Objections were raised to the high degree of discrimination, with DNB candidates under the aegis of Sankalp Association of DNB Doctors filing a writ petition with the Supreme court on the matter. However, as a setback, through a recent decision, the apex court has disposed off the petition stating

We find no ground to entertain this petition filed under Article 32 of the Constitution. The writ petition is dismissed accordingly.

Article 32 of the constitution provides the right to Constitutional remedies which means that a person has right to move to Supreme Court (and high courts also) for getting his fundamental rights protected.

To check out the judgement click on the following link

Way Forward?

With the setback received from the court on the writ, a review petition can be filed asking the court to reconsider the matter. On the executive front, Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that taking Cognisance of the issue of equivalence of the MD- DNB degrees for the purpose of medical academia,  the Health ministry had directed the MCI to amend its TEQ regulations, deleting 3 year junior residency and specifically mentioning DNB along with MD/MS in the academic qualifications for various faculty posts.

Following the same, the MCI referred the matter to its PG committee which recommended the deletion of the 3 year JR ship clause but required DNB candidates to undergo three years residency for faculty posts. The matter is to be placed before the General Body of the Council of the Medical Council of India for finalisation.Having said that, the final call on the issue lies with the Government of India

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DNB doctors are now looking forward to the impending National Medical Commission Bill, whereby, DNB qualification has been made completely equivalent to MD/MS in the NMC Act in order to enhance the availability of faculty for medical education

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  1. very unfair.
    DNB is as good as MD/MS and must be treated as such.
    (if at all they can work in a teaching assignment for one year as lecturer or similar post before becoming an assistant professor)

  2. user
    Dr. Divya sivaraman February 13, 2018, 8:31 am

    DNB is an equal skill and knowledge deciding exam in fact a little bit tougher than MS and the candidates are examined at the national level than just their state level .

  3. Supreme Court has made the decision that the petition is not acceptable under the clause it has been filed

  4. I had an opportunity to write the DNB thoery followed by practicals. I did this after 3 years of completing MS. I did it because I wanted to see how it was. I must say the DNB practicals was specially difficult as one will never be posted in their own training institution and also in another state. It was much more challenging to me even after working for 3 years post MS in a teaching institution. I rate my DNB more than my MS. So I will always consider a DNB colleague an equal if not more..

  5. Dr. J sarker , a humble request. At least before claiming such statement you should update yourself with current scenario. I say you that there is no such hospital/institute is presently being accredited by NBE which is only 60 bedded hospital (except those hospitals which are single specialty hospital and that specialty is daycare which does not require enough beds such as ophthalmic hospitals, DVD hospitals etc. e.g. Dr. LV prasad eye hospital is such a reputed hospital however having less than 100 beds because of its daycare clinical works). As far as the inspection of DNB hospital is concerned, I would like to bring a very new thing before all the readers perhaps you all were not be aware with this. After assessment of a department, NBE doesn\’t simply take the decision on the basis or recommendations of assessment report rather it starts a post assessment process indepth wherein the applicant departments has to prove that the teaching and training facilities which includes infrastructures, necessary equipments, full time faculty status, case load, Hands on experience etc. as mentioned in assessment report is whether having authentic documentary evidence in support of its claim or not. If it is not proven by the hospitals through the authentic documents, the department is surely not considered for starting DNB programme. The assessment report is off course a very important and crucial part in decision taking but decision is not barely taken on the basis of this rather an indepth strong internal assessment is also taken by NBE considering the information in assessment report submitted by NBE appointed inspector as well as documents / application provided by the hospital. You may please first be aware with the process of any organization before putting your comment. It is true that a hospital has enough case load and equipped with advance equipments and machines in comparison of most of the medical colleges. If it is not then why the medical colleges have an attachment with a hospital of its own. Because all facilities are not available in the medical college itself.