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DNB to do 3 year SRship for Teaching posts: Medical Council of India

DNB to do 3 year SRship for Teaching posts: Medical Council of India

New Delhi: Diplomate in National Board in broad as well as Super-specialities may have to undergo three years residency to be eligible for teaching posts in the country, as the Medical council of India committee on Post graduate Medical Education has made a recommendation towards this effect.

These new MCI committee recommendations call for removing the clause of 3 year junior residency for such candidates, yet add another year of senior residency for them making the required number as three years rather than earlier proposed two.

Developments till now

Medical Dialogues was the first to report that through a gazette notification dated June 5, 2017, MCI was seen amending Minimum Qualifications for Teachers in Medical Institutions Regulations, that defined the new rules on the eligibility as well as promotion of medical college teachers

The amendments spelt difficulties for the DNB pass outs as with the said amendments,  a DNB degree holder from a non-MCI recognised institute would have to undergo 3 years of junior residency and 2 years of Senior residency, to be eligible for a teaching post of assistant professor, implying a clear 5 years of additional service if they dream to have a career in Medical Academia.

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The developments created hue and cry amoung medical fraternity with the disadvantaged DNB candidates demanding equivalence to MD/MS degrees.

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The National Board of Examinations also wrote to the PMO as well as the health Ministry, which recommended the MCI to amend its TEQ regulations, deleting 3 year junior residency and specifically mentioning DNB along with MD/MS in the academic qualifications for various faculty posts.

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Following the directions from the Health Ministry, the matter with regard to Eligibility of DNB doctors for teaching post in Medical Colleges was discussed in Oversight Committee Meeting in the office of Director AIIMS New Delhi between office bearers/ officials of MCI and Supreme Court mandated oversight committee. held on 27.09.2017. The minutes of the same were considered by the MCI Postgraduate Committee in its last meeting which observed

From the minutes it appears that the oversight committee wants that candidates passing DNB from non- teaching hospitals should have some hands on practical experience to come at par with those trained in teaching institutions but at the same time they may be asked to work at a level higher than junior resident.

The PG committee also discussed the latest amendment dated 05/06/2017 in minimum qualification of teachers in medical institutions regulations 1998  and resolved the following recommendations

1.Those candidates who pass DNB(broad as well as super-speciality courses) from non-teaching institutions be required to work as senior resident for three years in a teaching institution in the department concerned for appointment to the post of Assistant Professor.

2. They may be considered eligible for appointment to the post of senior resident immediately after passing DNB without asking them to do 3 years junior residency before appointing them as senior resident.



The recommendations indeed bring a sense of relief for many candidates as it removes the three year JR ship for DNB students. However, compared to the previous amendments, a DNB passout from a non teaching medical college  will now have to undergo three years of Senior Residency instead of earlier proposed two years in order to enter medical academia with the post of Assistant Professor.

The matter be placed before the General Body of the Council of the Medical Council of India for finalisation. Having said that, the final call on the issue lies with the government of India


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  1. Guys i don’t understand , if dnb are not good at practical then how can they clear a practical exam taken by an unknown examiner from medical college, if they means they know what a medical college guy knows.
    2) even this order of 3 yrs sr ship still ok for us , but its given at the end , the order is still pending and its upto the govt to decide upon it… what a joke… i tried applying to medical colleges for sr ship they told am not eligible as am fresh dnb with so they told me am just eligible for jr ship , wen I applied for jr ship they told they dont have vacancy fir jr.. tired i joined pvt hosp and here everything is unethical…

  2. DNB/diploma are undoubtedly inferior to MD/MS, just see the neet ranking.. These dnb seats are taken by those who are not competent enough to get MD/MS seat. How can these private hospital with zero teaching academics can compete with academic oriented MD/MS.. Apply burnol to burnt area.. ???

  3. Its about branch choices..many frns of mine took DNB of branch of choice, rather than md.. moreover theres hardly any structured academics in medical colleges as well, no standard internals n all..dnb 2nd yr they ve central internal test plus central exam, no push from department all r self effort…m not saying mds r inferior now but dnbs are not inferior as well.

  4. I see md people so dumb who come for observership begging us crntral lines arterial lines even iv lines…i felt soo superior to them..
    Burnt because of injustice not because of ur talent…?

  5. Little child. You read to earn your bread and serve your fellow men by being a doctor. Calling your colleagues inferior based on a flawed system of selection just reflects poorly on your own character.Ive seen md/ms who can only read till the end with no skills and dnbs who have an amazing skill set compensating for the lack of the so called academia. So think before u speak.

    P.S. I\’m a MS ophthalmology by the way

  6. user
    ABID AKBAR SOFI March 25, 2018, 9:28 am

    Although it is easy to enter DNB than MD/MS course but it is difficult to pass out, and it is the standards of DNB exams which makes DNB passouts much better than MD/MS candidates in theoretical and clinical knowledge. It is good that DNB candidates should get atleast one year senior residency in medical colleges to come at par with MD/MS candidates in practical knowledge, but what is the criteria for MD/MS candidates to come at par with DNB candidates in Theoretical as well as clinical knowledge.

  7. There should be no difference at all. Because DNB students are theoretically better and it does not take them more than 2 years of senior residency for getting hands on training.Further more they can teach medical students (UGs as well as PGs)better because of good hold on theory. Whatever better rules, update them early.

  8. Primary DNB requires 2 year Sr residency.
    Secondary DNB need not have Sr residency

  9. user
    Dr Parag Goyal May 26, 2018, 9:44 am

    I agree..there shd b separate guidelines for primary and secondary dnb candidates

  10. user
    Dr Parag Goyal May 26, 2018, 9:42 am

    Yes even infavour this..there shd b different guidelines for primary and secondary dnb during their diploma periods they already hav 2yrs of teaching experience

  11. Sir, any official notification available…? If it is available kindly share ….

  12. Dear dnb board
    If u cant make ms and dnb equivalence in each and every aspect then please stop this dnb programme in this country.
    When you cant take a tough stand for your cadets then you have no right to ruin their life

  13. Then how dnb is equivalent to ms kr md
    And person with a donation of crore in medical college is a ggod teacher and a dnb guy with a good knowledge is not a goot teacher