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Health Ministry to Reconsider debarment of 82 Medical Colleges, hints MoS Health

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New Delhi: In what might bring a strong sense of relief to medical aspirants across the country, the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Shri Ashwani Kumar Choubey recently hinted during a conference that the Union health ministry may reconsider its decision of de-barring 82 medical colleges from admitting students to the MBBS course in the 2018-19 academic year. He further hinted that certain changes are likely to be made soon.

Medical Dialogues team was the first to report about the loss of more than 11,000 MBBS seats for the coming academic year, on account of the fact 82 existing medical colleges had been denied Renewal permission for the coming academic year.

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Besides this, another 68 new medical colleges have been denied permission of establishment with an opportunity of 9000 additional MBBS seats being lost. Moreover, 9 medical colleges have been denied the permission to increase their seats finally leading to a loss of another 650 MBBS seats.

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Taking up the issue of loss of MBBS seats, the minister hinted that the Health Ministry is again reviewing the decisions. He also took a dig at the Medical Council of India

“The MCI’s recommendation has come in the way of government’s vision of seeing over 10,000 new students take up the MBBS course. We will surely do something about it,” Union minister of state for health Ashwini Kumar Choubey said on the sidelines of an interactive session at the Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Calcutta, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“There are several issues. But I am in the government and can’t say much. But some changes would happen very shortly.”

“We want more doctors for specialty and super specialty hospitals. The MCI is a regulatory body. We are working to find a way out. Hopefully, some good news will be coming soon,” Choubey told the Telegraph.

Disappointed with their existing medical colleges being denied renewal permission, many state governments are in the process of knocking at the doors of the Supreme Court challenging the decision of the government which is based on MCI recommendations.

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  1. Thanks Mantri ji

    Very good news for students and college teams too.
    I would like to Appreciate this initiative of Mantri ji. Because it is a question of 11000 MBBS seats for students and also the employment of the staff who are working in the 82 Medical Colleges.
    Every college is having approximately 1000 Employees who are associated directly or indirectly. 1000×82=82000.
    Every employee is responsible for at least 4 dependents in a family then 82000x 4=328000.
    Every student is also related to at least 4 more members in his family then 11000 x 4=44000.
    If we add both no.s then 44000+328000=372000 people will be affected.
    Each doctor will serve 1000 Patients (as per standard)
    then 11000 doctors will provide services to 11000000.
    If we ll add both no. Again Then 11372000 people will be affected.
    So his one decision will create the reason for smile of 11372000 people’s face. And we don’t know about Dhaka and Tanzania, Ukraine’s Medical Colleges and their facilities and their products. At least we should rely on our system and people. Let Bharat grow.
    Due to your good step in Medical College relief approximately 11372000 people will get relief and you will help to save approximately 500crx82=41000Cr Rs hard earned money of Indian citizens. Because one medical College will have to spend approximately 500cr Rs in five years to fully develop a medical College.
    Hence you have helped to give employment, to provide health care and to save money of our country.


  2. GOOD thinking ji

  3. Why does the state not trust MCI which is an institution meant to regulate the quality of medical education…Do you want to bypass the system to suit your own personal interests… If you don\’t care about quality why even hold an entrance test..

  4. user
    Dr Surendra Mohan Mathur June 13, 2018, 8:39 pm

    You r right sir

  5. Ifgovt don\’t believe in MCI then why it is there.previously when most medical colleges were approved then an impression was given that there is some type of corruption. When it strongly denied many medical colleges trying to take out some order so that it\’s recommendations are not valued.

  6. user
    Dr Gowrinath K June 12, 2018, 10:14 am

    This is where the allegations of corruption begin.Why the MCI recommendations were accepted and now why change of mind.

  7. user
    Dr Sunil Deshpande June 12, 2018, 9:28 am

    Improvement in quality and attitude of inspections as well as quality of education is very important . Need an overhauling of the system. Removing personal interests is also necessary.