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NEET SS on 10-11 June 2017, to be conducted by NBE : Dr Bipin Batra

NEET SS on 10-11 June 2017, to be conducted by NBE : Dr Bipin Batra

Good news for Superspeciality Aspirants.

National Board of Examinations has announced that NEET SS  shall be held on 10-11th June, 2017 and shall be conducted by NBE. The website for the same shall be live from 13th April,2017

With NEET-SS bring announced as  an entrance point to the super-specialty courses of medical education in the country, a number of questions have arisen in the mind of aspirants . In December 2016, Medical Dialogues Team interviewed Prof Bipin Batra, Executive Director, National Board of Examinations, the body which is entrusted with responsibility of conducting NEET for postgraduate courses and super speciality courses in the country, asking him questions in relation to the exam.

Dr Bipin Batra, through the interview, solved a number of issues which were being raised in the mind of aspirants. Yet, Large number of questions were asked and have now been answered by Prof Dr Bipin Batra for the benefit of the students.

(If you have not read the previous interview , Please READ by clicking on the following link

NEET SS 2017 decoded with Dr Bipin Batra, NBE

Here are the excerpts from the follow-up interview

Q) Sir, Who are eligible to appear for the said exam?

Any candidate who possesses a Post Graduate Degree qualification in the concerned specialty which forms the entry qualification to the DM /MCh programme is eligible. Check table for eligible qualifications for NEET SS. The entry exam shall be conducted in all the eligible qualification disciplines.

Q)Is there any lower and upper age limit for NEET-SS 2017?

No- there is no age bar for appearing in NEET SS examination

Q)What are the respective eligibility criteria’s for the respective courses? MS(E.N.T.) is eligible for which SS course? ( Similarly for all subjects)

The eligible qualification for a particular DM /MCh programme as per the applicable rules and regulations is enclosed herewith ( check below).

Q) How does one prepare for the exam? Does one prepare for the super-speciality she/he wants to apply for or according to the qualification that she/he possesses?

A candidate has to prepare for only the PG qualification he /she possesses.  The curriculum for the exam shall be the curriculum at the PG degree level in the same discipline.  The difficulty level of questions shall be that of PG exit level.  For example, for candidate possessing MD (Pediatrics) he/she shall prepare as per the curriculum of MD Pediatrics and shall be given percentile rank in the discipline subject to minimum qualifying performance.

For admission purpose wherever the qualification is eligible qualification whether it is Cardiology /Neurology etc, the candidate shall be eligible subject to qualifying the NEET-SS.

Q)Is there any type of reservation in NEET SS 2017?

There is no reservation in NEET SS

Q) Entry into institute will be purely based on neet marks or will there be interview according to institute. Will the candidates have to appear for interview in state govt colleges ?

As per the spirit of the amendments made to the Indian Medical Council Act the admission has to be governed on the basis of performance of NEET-SS exam only. There is no regulation which has been notified or approved to justify or give legitimate status to interview or skills test to supplement the NEET SS as on date.

Q)What is the reason for excluding AIIMS, PGI Chandigarh, JIPMER, NIMANHS, and Chitra?

These institutions are governed by their own statute/Act governed by Parliament. The qualifications awarded by these institutions do not fall within purview of section 10 of the Indian Medical Council Act and hence are exempted from NEET-SS.

Q) A candidate has to choose the desired Subspecialty beforehand (like cardiology, nephrology etc for MD students) or will he eligible to take admission in any Subspecialty according to his/her rank.

For admission purposes, wherever the student’s qualification is the eligible qualification,  the candidate shall be eligible subject to qualifying the NEET-SS , according to the percentile rank.

Q)Will paper would be single or separate for each discipline and if separate then can we apply for 2/3 discipline

There shall be a single paper comprising of 200 MCQ in each entry level discipline.

Q) Whether cutoff for MD/MS passing will be June or July?

The cut off date for possessing the eligible qualification is 15th July 2017.

Q)Whether the existing rules and regulations of the respective states with respect to admission into the super specialty courses will remain as it is or will be universalized?

As per the amendment to the Indian Medical Council Act any subordinate rules or regulations for admission purpose have to be approved by Government of India and notified by Medical Council of India for all the University affiliated courses.

Q) What about admission MCh/DNB direct 6 year courses?

Since the entry to the Direct 6 years course is at the MBBS level the same shall continue to be governed by NEET-PG.

Q)Will the exam be held once a year

Yes, the exam shall be held once a year.

Q) What would be the requirement for sponsored candidates serving in various govt institutions and will there be a separate merit list for such candidates.What about sponsored seats for in service applicants?

This needs to be further examined with other information as existing policy, service bond and obligations, regulatory scenario etc.

Q) Will there be DNB entrance broad specialty exam in June…or is it included in NEET?

Yes the DNB CET for July 2017 session shall be conducted in June 2017.

Q) Will DNB SS will also be included in NEET SS ?

No, DNB SS will not be included in NEET SS

Q) What about the people who will block the DNB SS seats till the NEET SS? (Concern- It will wastage of fair chance we got. Kindly have the mechanism to stop the blocking of the seats in DNB SS.)

There are enough checks and balances in the system that shall prevent the blocking of seats in various programmes. Candidates who have already taken a seat are automatically debarred for writing next three entrance examinations.

Q) Why after MD/MS candidates are allowed to take DNB direct exam and why not vice versa ie why DNB candidates are not allowed to take direct MD/MS exam?

The DNB exit examinations are bench marks for excellence in PG education at the national level. MD/MS candidates passing out from various state level Institutions /Universities have the option to prove and excel at the national level exit examination.

Q) Who will conduct counselling for NEET SS?

As has been notified by the health ministry, there will be centralized counselling done by the respective state governments.

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  1. Allahabad 1 gastro seat medicine max percentile 97.45,peads maximum percentile 98.34,jaipur endocrine 1 seat peads max percentile 98.45,medicine 98.58 percentile and many these type of cases who will be awarded seat,no one statistical method in this world can determine ,who will get seat because these are not directly comparable different papers percentile. How these moron will decide . Raita phel chuka h,NBE cases ki lino ke liye tiyyar rahe

  2. Any one{ medicine,surgery} in delhi can case in high court and this case can be won easily,how they[ peads,tb chest,ent ,orthopedics] are allowed cannot help us because they are allowed by mci by various amendments and clause,so only solution is to conduct exam in particular superspeciality by giving refrence of aiims,because nbe selection METHODOLOGY is biased how they will devide seats at a university with 2 seats in particular superspecialty by different percentiles in different specialities with different syllablus and different student strength, and these specialites will say why should we read medicine or surgery ,we have minimum qualification{ like md peads,tb chest,ent,ortho etc} the solution will be aiims like METHODOLOGY with zero bias ,delhi high court judge can\’t deny example of aiims and exam can be conducted with zero bias when nbe has this option why to adopt these controversial things ,any one in delhi file case THIS IS A ONLY SOLUTION AND CASE CAN BE EASILY WON .

  3. user
    Dr.Virendra Rastogi April 14, 2017, 6:00 pm

    What about PDCC courses? The press news release by MOH& Family Planning dated 16th Dec., 2016 included PDCC courses along with DM/Mch for NEET Exam. 2017.What is the current status? please respond immediately so that student aspirating for PDCC courses and the Institution running these courses are in state of confusion.
    Prof.Virendra Rastogi,
    Pain and Palliative Care Div.,
    Dept. of Anaesthesia
    Heritage IMS, Varanasi

  4. Anesthesia people have filed petition for appearance in dm cardio and dm pulmonary medicine. medicine, surgery wale kahan h,delhi highcourt gaye ya nahi

  5. Urgent need to go delhi highcourt,other wise injustice will prevail,1.student vs nbe and mci how they allowing peads and pulmonary med in adult superspeciality despite they have their own super speciality .2.student vs nbe how nbe is allowing various speciality in their own speciality without having basic knowledge of that superspeciality and comparing different percentile marks on a single scale,if money problem it can be collected ,otherwise no one can save ud