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New MBBS Curriculum: Skills lab Mandatory at every medical college by December 2019, MCI releases Guidelines

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New Delhi: Holding the importance of practical training for MBBS students, right from the starting of their medical teaching, the Medical Council of India (MCI) has mandated that every medical institution must provide students access to a skills laboratory where they can practice and improve skills pre-specified in the curriculum.

The move comes as part of the new competency-based  MBBS curriculum. Setting a deadline on the same, MCI added that a Skills lab that fulfils the need for the implementation of the competency-based UG program must be fully functional prior to December 2019.

With a recent notice, the MCI also set guidelines to be followed for setting up of skilled labs at medical colleges.

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1. Every medical institution must provide students access to a skills laboratory where they can practice and improve skills pre-specified in the curriculum.

2. The purpose of the skills lab is to provide a safe environment for students to learn, practice and be observed performing skills in a simulated environment thus mitigating the risks involved in direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision.

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3. The skills lab attempts to recreate the clinical environment and tasks which future health care workers have to perform with various levels of complexity and fidelity.

4. Skills labs are used to enhance – clinical, motor and communication skills – as well as team work.

5. The skills lab that fulfills the requirements of the outcomes derived UG curriculum should contain, at a minimum, the following:

a. A minimum of 4 patient examination rooms (preferably 8) for examination of patients or standardized/ simulated patients by an individual student.

These should be equipped with a facility for video recording and review,

b. A room for demonstration of skills for small group,

c. A review or debriefing area,

d. Cubicles of appropriate size for practicing skills individually or in groups,

e. Trainers or mannequins required to achieve skills outlined in the competency UG document,

f. Adequate storage space for storage of mannequins and/or other equipment,

g. A room for faculty coordinator, and for support staff.

6. Institutions are encouraged to build capacity over and above these minimum requirements.

7. Institutions within a geographical area or governance can create shared facilities and resources to reduce cost.

8. Timelines – A Skills lab that fulfills the need for the implementation of the competency-based UG program must be fully functional prior to December 2019.

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  1. user
    Dr Rupali Verma Bagga December 2, 2019, 3:03 pm

    can you please provide a link to MCI guidelines for same.

  2. user
    Dr Ramesh vardhan August 27, 2019, 12:28 pm

    A country of 135 +++ population lacking clinical materials , what a shame???. Mannequins good for showcasing. Jockey the undergarments company use doctors photo hanging stethoscope across thier neck & panties and beiefs with bulge ( bulge areas) at the bottom. Bottoms up…. USA 🇺🇸.

  3. why the word MCI is being used though it hz been ended &NMC hz come into force! its more imp2make PG for All &give better futureto those who have completed MBBS rather than increasing more MBBS seats &making tall claims of biting more than one can chew! criteria of setting up such labs shd not become the bone of contention for recognition or derecognising college or seats! all med students buy boneset &anatomy practicals R smtimes manytimes not conducted in the way they shud b! ditto Postmortem opportunities in FMT! wats d point n increasing mannequuns when in highly populous country like india there R so many live patients! in big cities the cost of property is more than 10,000 Rs per square feet & class 4 employees do not work at all whether they R lowly paid contract workers burdened with work or very highly paid govt arrogant staff supported by thr unions &seniors for work escape holidays &paycommission battles! All wards are always full of live patients who need attention bcz interns &residents R bogged down wd too much work! so the MBBS student who was otherwise not allowd 2 visit wards due to seniority politics ragging professionaljealousy about ambition or success should b allowed 2 freely go to wards &PostMortem &OT from first year itself dats sufficient than increasing inventory of plastic fibre mannequins &burdening exchequer polluting environment wd its trash&unnecessarily locking up property space as a dirty dusty store which will nvr b cleaned! Using the Bedside examination book or attending emergencyOT aftr lecs shd b gud enough! cudnt undstand dat wd evry yr subjects &lab practicals exposure normal observation is lectures or practicals itself never conducted properly ! always erratic once or twice a year by sm professor! the intimation communication of which is given prejudiciously erratically by some mafialike self styled leaders of class, brash girls boys alike! suddenly ! about time&location! thruout the day mbbs students R supposed 2 waste their time in anticipation &live under unnecessary such social peer pressure, obliging behaviour &activities &actions like ganpati festival fashion show flirting singing gangwars which have no relevance to professional academic excellence! basically its personally mentally very disturbing to students who maintained good academic standards of work till class XII how can plastic inanimate mannequins compensate for the rottenness of such human behaviour&working from top to bottom including student section clerks medical university clerks DHS clerks who R still stuck in time mentality for corruption!&love to torture medical students as trash forcing them to stand in queues for long as many as 5hours for sm regular routines such as filling examforms paying fees! or make them come 50times! ROTTENNESs is in the humanminds running the system since 70yrs including MCI how can some farce cover it up or shroud it 2 escape the harsh truths of very poir work ethics mentality &standards unless govts hv decided to scam money thru such endeavours! all R familiar with poor Xray machines unrepaired gadgets like autoclaves insufficient OT tables beds which R more useful for patients as well as learning realife realtime ! dont see any reason for learning thru mannequins esp in govt colleges in country like India where Govt Job directly implies noncooperation no maintainence among its employees! &with transfers manhandling misuse by staff&class4 alike the plastic fibre waste will become additional burden of corruption which is not useful but trash stacked carried on for years together to show stocks make bogus bills by newer govts! &nvr disposed recycled for 50yrs! so much such furniture &ewaste is lying in all hospitals for bogus billing by previous govts its such a sorry sight& unhealthy too! without actual benefits & working with bjp & Dr Harshvardhan may India b able to put an end to all such corruption &keep cleanliness scrupulousness integrity of medical profession as service to nation poor &Doctors with minimum inventory &more computerisation scanning of documents &less torture thru clerks! even POS etc for casepapers! The Word MCI hz become such asymbol of dubious unexplained unaccountable tyranny ovr the years dat hearing it becomes so scary ! that God knows now wat injustice would nail down real work &life !whether it was pressure of previous govts or thr own style..but if BJP could identify &correct the rottenness in system by actually cutting on deadstock! so dat the reality of functionality prevailing currently continues without its farce &burden it will b welcome &highly appreciated!! bcz currently with watever deadstock materials may be there access to dat itself is denied due to politics&achieving MBBS is solely book-Doctor-later on patient RELATIONSHIP based! increasing inventories stocks of such kinds seems to b just farce! wd govts changing over5yrs,misuse &nonmaintainence or unused by staff 2 show at inspections! so govts health ministry MCI is free to decide on what suits them &their aims &purpose but its impact on students life is surely NIL !! bcz of 7decades of rottenness in human minds &workethics prevailing in the working of all Govt systems anywhere everywhere!! thankfully BJP govt dznt believe in bogus billing scams &inventories but is inclined to simplifying workings making them more transparent clutter-ambiguity free& useful to purpose hence presented my take on this issue

  4. Who told you that it’s a substitute to clinical practice. It’s an important adjuvant to it. Are you even a doctor? If yes then you must be knowing that we lose thousands of patients across India every day in our hospitals due to lack of training and exposure. Only number is not enough, quality also matters. And sir we can’t treat our population as Guinea pig anymore

  5. Wondering if this simulator based training is a step ahead or step back from real exposure based learning by interacting with real patients ……. hope it doesn’t turn out a debacle and just a gully to nullify the mandatory hospital requirement needed with every medical college training MBBS students .

  6. This should be an adjuvant or supplementing real time real patient learning, which is the most effective way of learning.. However a well planned curriculum with empahsis on quality by introduicing supervised robust modules of learning the cllinical training will be more meaningful and valid thrpughout the course

  7. Every new educational reform is going in the right direction though only thing which irritates a logical person that to achieve such detailed and quality based med education in a 250 annual admissions capacity college why NMC is not thinking of raising the bar of quantity of faculty recruitment or reducing and limiting number of admission to 100 or Max 150 ? Think about additional work load in free treating govt medical schools.