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No fixed Salary: Maharashtra Govt to give per-case remuneration to Specialists in Rural Areas

No fixed Salary: Maharashtra Govt to give per-case remuneration to Specialists in Rural Areas

Maharashtra: Struggling with the lack of qualified medical practitioners, in particular specialists, at most rural areas of the state, the Maharashtra state government is now going to float a scheme offering per case incentives to specialists including gynaecologists, pediatricians and anaesthetists.

The move is directed to fill around 500 vacancies across various hospitals in the districts and sub districts.  As per the scheme, the doctors would be given a basic salary of Rs 50,000 and also would also be remunerated on a per case basis for patients over and above.

TOI reports that the regions where the scheme would be rolled out have been divided into three grades (A, B and C) depending on the proportion of remoteness and difficulty in delivering services. Following is the pay division noted

Basic Pay Division:

Gynaecologist : Willing to join a center in a district under grade A to be given a basic salary of Rs 70,000(for a minimum of five c-section surgeries per month), while those joining grade B and C centers will come under the slab of Rs.60,000 and Rs.50,000, respectively.

Pediatrician: Basic salary -Rs. 1 lakh in a grade A center (for attending a minimum of five c-section surgeries per month), Rs. 85,000 in Grade B and Rs.75,000 in a Grade C center.

Anesthetist: To be Rs. 4,000 per case, irrespective of whether the surgery is a major or minor one.

Additional Emergency Service Charges:

Gynaecologist: To be paid Rs. 4,000 for every c-section or complicated surgery, Rs.1,500 for assisted delivery and Rs. 400 for every two ultrasound investigations.

Pediatrician: To be paid Rs. 2,000 for attending to a newborn emergency.

HT reports that before that doctors were paid flat Rs 60,000 per month with no additional incentives for emergencies which made government service particularly rural posting unattractive for specialists.

Dr Sanjeev Kumar, director, National Health Mission (NHM) told hindustan Times that if specialists want to earn more, the salary slabs can be revised. “The decision to revise the rates will remain with the district level health committee. If a specialist wants higher rate, he or she can represent themselves, and the district committee in return can recommend the same to the state level executive committee of NHM. The district committee is also free to choose which hospital of the state should get postings on priority basis.”

“The bottom line is the remuneration is performance-linked. If a gynaecologist manages to perform 30-40 cesarean sections a month, he/she will easily take home a monthly package of Rs.2 lakh,” he told TOI.


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  1. since Independence we are hearing one thing shortage of Doctors.
    (1)So the number of seats in Medical college should be increased.(2)Village wise quota be introduced and that Doctor after passing M.B.B.S be compulsory to live and practice in their village.(3) So incentive etc. be erased in long run.(4) Implementation of Three year courses in medicine,for M.Sc. passed students to read directly/test. will help poor people excellently and so on ……

  2. Bullshit Drs can\’t b graded according 2 postings Very pathetic situation for Drs in India Why would anybody chose this profession for life time

  3. Are there any additional marks in NEET-PG entrance examination,for those who have done rural medical officership after MBBS in Maharashtra?

  4. The remuneration should be reverse as per gradation of the areas, as in remote areas specialist are reluctant to go. So it should be maximum in grade C.

  5. WHY uneducated MPs and MLAs are paid 100000 and above with free perks – how educated doctors paid less salary and every one thinking to do the job free for them. An advocate charge his case by his fees and rest all by the way wants. If fixing a salary fix all concerned with their qualification. An MBA passed out or a computer man get more than 100000 Lacks in a private company how doctors who studies more than this guyes are not considered a high salary

  6. Better leave the Doctor profession and become an OLA cab Driver !!!

  7. All beurocrates are biased to doctor s and jealous too.
    They only feel a doctor when become I\’ll or something foreign body goes in eyes .