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Now, Negotiable salaries for doctors posting in select rural areas

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Mumbai: Just a few days after announcing the suspension of 4548 doctors on account of non compliance of mandatory rural posting in Maharashtra, the state government is ready to negotiate with the on money for carrying out rural posting.

Indian Express reports that the doctors will soon be able to negotiate for their salaries for rural postings. With this salary negotiation process, the doctors will able to choose their pay scale in the government hospital as they do with the private hospitals. It is reported that the health ministry will appoint paediatricians, gynaecologists and anaesthetists in selected rural, district, civil and corporation hospitals, through this process.

Speaking with The Indian express, Dr. Satish Pawar, Director of Directorate of Health Services said the government is willing to pay extra salary than earlier fixed salary if the vacant post will not be filed by any other doctor.

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“If the post is not filled by any other doctor, the doctor with even a very high salary quote will be appointed. We are willing to pay at par with private hospital rates.” He further told the daily, “In 60 percent of the 175 hospitals, we already have the medical staff. It is for remaining the 40 percent that we are appointing doctors and negotiating their salaries.”

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The state government has already identified 245 hospitals which will be ‘first preference unit’ for healthcare facilities for tribals. Out of these 175 are functional under the state health department, while others are under the Directorate of Medical Education and Research.

Dr Kamlesh Bhandari, District health officer in Bhandara said, “We have already started the procedure and interviews with doctors for selected posts have begun.”

Medical Dialogues tea had earlier reported that Maharashtra government had warned the medical practitioners by stating that “All the Medical Practitioners who have obtained Graduate Degree/Post Graduate Degree/Diploma/Superspeciality Degree from Government /Municipal Corporation Medical Colleges in Maharashtra are, hereby informed that it is mandatory for them to submit Bond-free certificate at the time of Renewal of Registration to the Maharashtra Medical Council. If such certificate is not produced then the Maharashtra Medical Council is instructed not to renew the registration and such unregistered (Non renewal) medical practioners will be treated as Bogus Doctor and he/she is liable for necessary action as per the Maharashtra Medical Profession Act,1961 by the Maharashtra Medical Council.”

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Speaking of the need of doctors in rural and tribal areas in critical care cases where the cost of transportation is much higher than the salaries paid to the doctors, Health Secretary Dr Pradeep Vyas told Express, “Instead of spending on patient’s transportation from a tribal region to civil hospitals where we pay 108 emergency ambulance service, and also face the risk of delay in treatment, it is cost effective to strengthen local health centres and rural hospitals.”

Medical Dialogues team had also reported that Maharashtra government had cancelled the registration of over 4,500 doctors for failing to serve in rural areas for a year.

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  1. user
    Dr.Usha kiran OBG specialist October 28, 2017, 4:31 pm

    Post PG if it is regular job, well and good to do rural services for atleast 3 years.
    Poor public will get benefited with specialist services.
    I Served in rural areas of Telangana for 20 years

  2. user
    dr sitesh ranjan sutradhar October 27, 2017, 1:49 pm

    Doctor friend should go to rural area not for life long, but to serve mother india atleast for 3 years.

  3. This is a very bold and progressive initiative. Ofcourse, like all bold initiatives, it will attract criticisms but if properly implemented, it may work to ensure good health care to the rural people.
    It will also enable the government to recognise the worth of doctors.
    Hats off to even think like this.

  4. user
    Dr Surendra saxena October 27, 2017, 9:49 am

    Why there should be differentiation between rural and urban doctors. Does treatment of diabetes ,heart attack’s ,Malaria, Gastroenteritis, Viral fevers differ at two places , is there any difference in maternal and child services at urban and rural area.
    It seems in Maharashtra still British era is prevailing “foot Dallo raj Kari”.
    Why government doesn’t create proper medical cader and allowances and other facilities to make these services more lucrative, on the lines of UK USA and in Gulf countries.
    It’s system apathy and damage control act towards health.
    They never go in detail why post of doctors are lying vacant in rural or urban area today Such things never exist in past or in 2000-2007.
    Analyse it you will get the answer.
    Harassment of doctors,goondaism, beaurocratic interference, CPA, judiciary apathy, interference of politicians, and Human Rights Commission to defame doctors are some issues needs urgent attention. Lot of corruption in NEET etc. needs hourhouling of total system.

  5. user
    Dr Aviral Kashyap October 27, 2017, 10:48 am

    Sir , your stateement is not relevant in our scenario.
    We cant compare to usa uk and rich countries. Their per capita income is 10-20 times ours. UK has a nationalised health system. Something like that can be very hard to implement in a poor country like ours . For them, rural electrification was an issue in 1950 which our politicians still point out as “achievement” in 2017. For them, they are worried about teacher to student ratio in school, while we are struggling to get people to go to school.
    Less than 1 % of our population pays taxes.
    There is no way to completely close the gap between rural and urban population in our present socioeconomic scenario.

  6. My dear colleague, setting up of a medical cadre is a basic necessity for the entire medical fraternity in India… Look at IAS officers in any district, on paper you and they are equal. But are you equal in actuality? Setting up of a national level medical cadre should ensure that all doctors serving on union governments placements are given the respect and facilities they are due. Also, why should only vacant postings be filled via these \”negotiable salaries\”? It should be the same for every posting, rural or urban, throughout the country.
    The divergence in renumeration between govt and private sector is simply too wide to sweep this matter under the rug by negotiating salaries just for difficult vacancies.

  7. Give good salary and provide equipment and try to recruit instead of threatening the Doctor candidate work out a healthy deal good for all. Compulsory y Govt,. can not make people to work and give good atmosphere for this and then work for the patients. Doctors also need money to live better way after the hectic studies of a decade and see the they are also growing the the MPs and MLAs who are not educated like doctors.

  8. That is true .Threatening will make people opt for other professions and will only result in more scarcity of Doctors !!!

  9. it is right a good pay ok and more Important the \”MAHOUL\”\” growth ,security childern school and their development are the attractions to go to rular area.