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Orthopedician Loses License for performing Neurosurgery

Orthopedician Loses License for performing Neurosurgery

AP: The thin line between super-specializations seems to have gone BOLD. This comes after an Orthopedician has been suspended by the Andhra Pradesh Medical Council for performing  a procedure that should have been done by a neurosurgeon.

Hindu has reported the case of a patient, one Mukkapati Srinivasa Rao, who had gone to Manipal hospitals to get operated for the Cervical Spondylotic Myelopath (severe neck pain).He was admitted for operation at Manipal hospitals on the advice of a private orthopaedic surgeon, Dr A Suryanarayana. While the patient was mobile before the operation in 2014, soon after the procedure, his left limbs became paralysed and he has been bedridden since then.

His attendants filed a complaint with the Andhra Pradesh Medical Council, who holding the doctor guilty, have taken away his licence to practice medicine for one year since June 25, 2016. Not only this, the doctor has been charged with impersonation and asked to surrender his Permanent Registration Certificate by the AP Medical Council.

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A report by the submitted by Inquiry Officer and Guntur DM&HO T also holds Manipal Hospitals “guilty of gross negligence” and recommended “action” against it. The hospital has been asked to pay a penalty of Rs 3,30,000 for allowing an orthopaedic surgeon Dr A Suryanarayana to perform a procedure that should have been done by a neurosurgeon, adds the Hindu. It is reported that the hospital had rented its OT for the said surgery under the NTR Vaidya Seva Scheme (the erstwhile Arogyasree Scheme)

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A Manipal Hospitals spokesperson said the hospital had to pay the penalty for “a clerical error”. “No doctor can guarantee the outcome of a surgical procedure. It is un-ethical for doctors to predict results of procedures. There was an obligation for the hospital to allow the use of OT to visiting consultants,” said Regional Head Somasekhar in defence of the institution and the orthopaedic surgeon.

The family of the doctor has now approached Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for help and justice. This case of has also opened up a number of questions about the differences in the mandates of various doctors/surgeons in their medical/surgical practice.

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  1. I strongly condemn this judgment.
    Spine surgery is a part of Orthopaedics, and all over the world majority of the spine bodies are headed by Orthopedicians. In India, with less Orthopedicians and more of trauma load, spine domain was handled by neurosurgeons in some centers. No doctor is immune to complication, only concern is there should not be any negligence to it.

  2. This is from my state
    Here he was penalised for impersonation not for complication , these moronic media showcases it as neurosurgical case done by orthopaedics guy . Who says orthopaedic guy should not do cervical spine surgery , if judge has given the judgement with this statement , NO .

  3. It is very important to draw lines. Cervical spine is normally dealt with neurosurgeons. So also dealing with intradural and intramedullary tumors. The latter is especially the area of neurosurgeons, because their training includes handling these pathologies and they are also accustomed to microscopic surgery.
    Some orthopedicians do perform these surgeries but again these are grey areas and not everyone should cross them. Thoracic and lumbar spines are done by both.
    Again, it is important to emphasise that only trained spine surgeons should handle these pathologies. While most of neurosurgical trainings have these included as part of their training the same is not true for orthopedicians. Kyphoscoliosis correction again is an area for mostly orthopaedic surgeons.

    It is this important for the government to also draw lines strictly on who can do what, otherwise these unfortunate episodes will continue to happen as all doctors will claim having expertise in all areas. I have seen orthopaedicians claim expertise in spine surgery just after attending some cadaveric workshops and conferences. The same is also true when people claim expertise after having become members of some professional bodies.

  4. user
    Dinesh Kumar Jaiswal September 25, 2018, 10:25 pm

    Any neurosurgeon or orthopaedic surgeon may operate as spine surgeon provided he is trained.
    Government of India monitored national board allows degree of FNB in Spine surgery to orthopaedic surgeons.
    Intradural pathologies are domain of neurosurgery cervical spondylotic myelopathy may be operated by both.
    If orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon is not properly trained in spinal surgery, it is unethical practices for both of them.
    Majority of the contribution of spinal surgery textbooks are by orthopaedic surgeons. In orthopaedic pg exams spine surgery is the part of the course and cases are kept for the examination.

  5. Are neurosurgeons resistent to complications in surgeries done

  6. How can a judge decide about medical complications. Judge are taking 20 yrs to decide weather salman khan killed the black or he drove his suv over the pedestrians, and are still undecided. Pedestrian death case decision has been reversed by high court , declaring salman to be innocent. Such incompetent and corrupt judiciary when gives a decision about something , with zero knowledge is a parody of justice.
    DOctor takes a decision at the spur of the moment , these guys take 25 yrs to decide about salman khan . Than say that there is somuch of backlog.
    Deplorable state of affairs.

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