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Path to perfectionism may increase your stress: Study

Path to perfectionism may increase your stress: Study

Perfectionism has multiple effects on your health since it captures every moment of fear and doubts about your personal performance, says a study

Thinking, or trying to achieve perfectionism can lead to potential health disasters, concludes a study at the York St. John University in England. The study is based on evidence that perfectionism can lead to stress and burnout, where every moment of fear and doubts of self-performance is critically analysed, and has the immense potential to play on your mind for each and every action you take.

With perfectionism one can become cynical and stop caring, implies the lead researcher Andrew Hill, associate professor of sport psychology at York St. John University in England.

In the sphere of sustaining relationships, it can have disaster effects because each mistake is viewed as a disaster, the researchers analysed the results from 43 previous studies conducted over the past 20 years.

The research further stated that concerns about perfectionism can sabotage success at work, school or on the playing field, especially perfectionistic concerns” had the strongest negative effects in contributing to burnout in the workplace. A student or a tennis player may be rewarded with recognition, or to say some tangible benefits such as a high grade, or winning the big match. However, an employee may lack such a backing for a stellar performance at the workplace. Such results may contribute to cynicism and burnout.

As reported by IANS,

“People need to learn to challenge the irrational beliefs that underlie perfectionistic concerns by setting realistic goals, accepting failure as a learning opportunity, and forgiving themselves when they fail,” Hill said.

“Creating environments where creativity, effort and perseverance are valued also would help,” Hill said.

The study was published online in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Review.


Source: IANS
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