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PGI Chandigarh to LEGALLY Deal with Unauthorized Pharma MRs, Private Lab Representatives and Doctors who invite them

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New Delhi: In a stringent view to curtail unfair trade practices and discourage unethical business in the hospital premises carried out by the representatives of private labs and pharma firms, the authorities at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) have concluded to deal with the concerned persons as per legal provisions.

Confirmation to this effect was given by the PGIMER director Jagat Ram, who circulated an official order in this regard a week ago. The order stated that the administration has taken note of the unauthorised entry by representatives of private laboratories and pharmaceutical firms in the hospital wards and OTs for meeting the medical requirements of patients in case of last moment surgeries.

The office order noted that previous orders in this regard have been issued and despite this due to various factors Including at nick of time requirements of surgery, such unauthorized  Personnel enter the Ots and Wards of the Hospital.

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In continuation to this office order issued under EndSt. No. PGl-MA1-1 20181F-1. fin concerned -73, dated 23.03.2018 wherein it Was brought to the notice of all concerned  Officers/Officials Of the Institute that the unauthorized personnel from the Private Labs and Medical Representatives of various Pharma by Companies are trying to carry their business in an unethical way by approaching the patients and their attendants. Various circulars have been issued by the Hospital Administration on this issue. However, due to various factors Including at nick of time requirements of surgery, such unauthorized  Personnel enter the Ots and Wards of the Hospital. This practice is totally unacceptable, unethical and amount to malpractices. 

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The order noted the role of treating doctors in the presense of the trespassing MRs

Despite repeated instructions/circulars, It has again been observed that few Labs & Medical Representatives are still visiting the Institute as they are called by the treating doctors or patient’s attendants for medical tests or other medical requirements of their patients
The order warned its doctors not to engage in corruption adding that legal action will be taken against those who violate the orders
Therefore it is once again reiterated to all doctors/employees of the Institute that no such unauthorized businessman (whether for lab tests or operations or other issues) will be allowed to enter the patient care area so as to avoid any scope of involvement in any type of corruption/malpractice in the  Institute. Anybody violating these in shall be dealt With strictly as per legal provisions

As per the medical practitioner, on a daily basis around 25 representatives from different private firms visit the hospital OPDs and other patient care units for selling medical products. This causes a lot of trouble in the hospital premises and affects patient care.

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Striking the root cause of the practice, PGIMER administration has also directed the Department Heads to prepare an internal instrument for rendering unavailable services in consultation with the department in cases where the institute is competent of providing the required facilities to patients. They have been further directed to bring such practices to doctor’s and the department employees’ notice so that it can be restrained.

Speaking to the HT, PGIMER director Jagat Ram stated, “The patients should inform us if they are persuaded by anyone on the hospital premises to undergo tests at private laboratories and anybody violating the instructions shall be dealt with strictly as per legal provisions.”

The decision of the administration has been backed by the PGI Faculty Association of the institute. Association president JS Thakur told the daily that the private players should be discouraged from involving in such activities.


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  1. If u really want to investigate…then check Endocrinology OPD on Wednesday and Thursdays, crap and very low profile pharmaceuticals company reps sitting with Consultant and Senior Resident doctors to get their unethical business from the the so called doctors. These unauthorized and unqualified pharma representatives are even writing prescriptions for a few corrupted residents.
    This is not the only story…Same happens in Nephrology OPD as well.
    These guyz didn\’t spare Cardiology Chambers, where doctors like Suraj Khanal and others have completelt bought by local pharma company reps. And upto some level the Neurology Consultants and SRs are alos in the same picture.

  2. PGIMER Chandigarh is one of the best institutes in the country with the best of the dedicated staff. All the people, right from administration, doctors and nurses really work hard for all the patients.they always take best decisions, be it clinical care or say alloting stores. The rents may probably go up because of govt bidding process, high volumes involved, bringing efficiency. But they do have subsidy medical counters also.

  3. What about the role played by PGIMER administration in allocating it\’s chemist shop and other sites at a rent as high as 1.50 lakh per day….
    Does this is not the root cause of poor and unethical items at a price higher than the ethical items being sold at these shops to the patient\’s and put their life in the worst state

  4. Really they are fully involved with Local chemists like Kumar etc. These chemistry are very daring selling escalated kro medicines at fixed discounts. First tripple the kro then give 15 % discount. PGI. Admin should probe it at a very high level. Crores of rupees daily being unethically earned from innocent patients.