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Chandigarh: PGIMER completes 53 years, celebrates foundation day

Chandigarh, July 7 : India’s premier medical Institute, the PGI observed its foundation Day today . The function was held at Bhargava  Auditorium  and commenced at 8 am in the morning. Prof K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India, Gurgaon, addressed the PGI family and spoke on ‘India’s Health System Reforms.’ Prof. Anil Gupta, IIM Ahmadabad also delivered a lecture on ‘Innovations for Inclusive Health,’ on the occasion.

Some important Statistics were revealed by the esteemed organisation, which has entered its 54th year. Attending upon more than  25 lac patients in its various OPD’s everyday, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research,( PGIMER) enjoys the status of being a premier medical institute of the country. According to statistics available, over a lac new patients enter its OPD gates every year.

The institute being one of its kind in the region, has an OPD attendance of 10,000 patients every day. Looking at the patient rush, it is clear that the institute is shouldering a burden which is four or five times  more than  what it can bear or sustain.

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The rush at the institute is also the result of a lack of awareness among people at large about other improved facilities in the areas of Punjab and Haryana. The excess numbers thronging the medical institution have resulted in overburdening on both staff  and other resources.

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“ I think creating awareness and trust among the public about availability of quality healthcare outside of the PGI is as important as strengthening of the health services itself,” said Dr Vipin Koushal, Deputy Medical Superintendent, PGI.

 “Since there is no referral system, doctors are bound to treat every patient on a priority basis. We have been communicating with regional hospitals to avoid referring any patient unless unavoidable. Being one of the premier institutes, we cannot deny services to any patient.” He added.

PGI has approximately 400 faculty members,  1,000 resident doctors, 2,000 nurses and students and 350 PhD and paramedical students.

 “The number is terribly low as compared to the footfall of patients, as a result of which the staff is overburdened and over-stressed,” said Dr Koushal.

The states which throng this medical institution for treatment include: Punjab and Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu &Kashmir, western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan


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  1. PGI conducts its entrance exam like its a dinosaur in this age of computers. The May exam this year (2016) was conducted at the peak of summer, with NO air conditioning and not even coolers installed at the exam centers, the clocks in some of the rooms of the schools (which were exam centers) were not working when it is well known that this exam needs candidates to time themselves strictly so they may examine each of the 1200+ true/false sentences in the exam, and security at the exam was deplorable – no thoroughness at all! Most importantly the exam is conducted on paper and requires you to fill around 600-800 circles using a 0.7-0.8 tip BALLPOINT PEN – so one wonders if the attention should be focused on getting through the questions or filling in circles as expediently and completely as one can. And last but most disturbing, the exam is resulted in ONE DAY. How does one guarantee the validity and accuracy of the result? Is it even possible to recheck 50000-100,000 OCR-generated results in 24 hours? What if there\’s a mistake in feeding some of the sheets, who ensures quality control? AIIMS, NBE, JIPMER, CMC Vellore all conduct their exams on computers so what is PGI doing with all its central funding by being so lazy about upgrading their exam system? And why only one city for holding the exam when it\’s meant to be a nationwide exam? Why do people have to take a flight to Chandigarh and book hotels to take the exam? All this is reprehensible, and I doubt that PGI administration even understands the meaning of that word, given how backward they are compared to even non-central institutions like CMC Vellore.