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Plaint With Medical Council against IMA Karnataka President, Secretary for instigating Strike

Plaint With Medical Council against IMA Karnataka President, Secretary for instigating Strike

BENGALURU: While Karnataka doctors are rejoicing the government’s assurance for making the demanded changes in the KPME act, an advocate from Bangaluru, S Nataraj Sharma has gone ahead filed a complaint against the IMA Karnataka President Dr H N Ravindra as well as the association branch Secretary Dr B Veeranna, with the Karnataka Medical Council on the strike issue.

In his complaint, the lawyer claimed that both the Dr Ravindra and Dr Veeranna instigated the whole doctor’s community to join the protest against the KPME Act amendments leading to disruption of medical services in the state which led to 51 deaths in the state.

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Indian Express reports that terming it ‘negligence’ on part of the practitioners to go on a strike, the complainant has held them responsible for 51 deaths in the state due to non-availability of medical help for four days
Confirming the receipt of the complaint to TOI Dr Nataraj H Veerabhadrappa, president, Karnataka Medical Council said, “It’s against the code of conduct for doctors to protest. The media has reported that there were 51 deaths in the state when the doctors went on strike. This matter has to be investigated.”
“Notices will be sent to the accused in the complaint to appear before KMC,” he added.
Medical dialogues team had earlier reported that Protesting against the Clinical Establishment Bill amendment, more than 50,000 private doctors had announced an OPD Shutdown to show their anguish and disapproval of the government’s new bill that is designed to regulate the functioning of the private healthcare sector in the state.

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The doctors were up in arms against the amendments to the Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (KPME) Act, 2007, which among others propose six months to three years jail term and hefty penalty for medical negligence on the part of doctors. The four main demands put forward by the community included

  • No grievances redressal committees
  • No penalty on erring doctors or their imprisonment for the death of a patient due to medical negligence
  • Ceiling on cost of treatment should be applicable to only government health schemes which are being run private hospitals
  • Inclusion of government doctors under the KPME Act

The decision to call off the strike was taken at a meeting between Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and representatives of doctors.

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  1. Nataraj sharma – wake up! If and when 51 deaths happened, what were the government hospitals doing? Why didn\’t the patients go to government hospitals which have state of art care, latest technology and high level expertise??
    Don\’t try to gain cheap publicity and personal gains from this without any knowledge or expertise on these issues.
    We are not 3rd standard failed politicians to be instigated by anyone. We have equal rights to fight for our basic rights granted by our constitution. People like you and the media think we are a soft targets, and can be attacked as you please.
    Go battle the true culprits – how about filing suits against tobacco companies, alcohol vendors, junk food vendors, internet sleaze sites, net and other electronic game vendors, all industries and even the common man who ruthlesslesly pollutes and misuses precious limited natural resources, corrupt politicians who do anything for personal gain…..these are the true killers of humanity, humans, this earth as we know it …BUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU NEITHER HAVE THE GUTS OR GUMPTION TO TAKE ON THESE VARIOUS LOBBIES!!!!
    You only know how to attack the only community which is actually providing care and help

  2. Under which section of which Law, Karnataka Medical Council is empowered to investigate Instigation? First, Medical Council must prove there is Instigation. Later, comes Negligence.
    All Medical practitioners participated on there own, voluntarily. Such allegations will not stand.

  3. Never IMA KSB called for strike.Infact being State level office bearers,they have started hunger strike, all doctors voluntarily involved in strike to stop amending KPME act which was unscientific and unlawful.

  4. Dear Mr Nagaraj,
    IMA KSB has not called for state wide strike,Individual doctors have joined on their own.
    State president was protesting by fasting alone.

  5. It is time doctors take on all comers to secure their human rights
    Have been treated as formats for too long