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Protest against NMC: IMA calls for Nationalwide Medical Bandh on 31st July, boycott of Classes by medical students

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Protest against NMC: IMA calls for Nationalwide Medical Bandh on 31st July, boycott of Classes by medical students

New Delhi: Continuing with their protest against the National Medical Commission Bill that was recently approved in the Lok Sabha, the Indian Medical Association has called for a nation-wide bandh of medical services rejecting the NMC Bill 2019 in toto.

As per the association’s call to its members, there will be 24 hours withdrawal of services on Wednesday 31.07.2019.

“It has been decided to call for 24 hours withdrawal of non-essential services across the nation by modern medicine doctors from 6 am on Wednesday, 31.07.2019 till 6 am the next day ie. Thursday,  01.08.2019.” the association stated. Emergency, Casualty, ICU and related services will function normally, the note added.

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“All the members of the modern medical fraternity are requested to participate. All the medical students are requested to boycott classes and proclaim solidarity.Public demonstrations and hunger strikes will be organised by all the state and local branches.” the call stated

” The mess created by the Bill regarding the examinations affecting the career generations of medical students can not be condoned. The numerous other inconsistencies in the Bill will seriously affect the Health of the nation” it stated

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“The struggle to redeem the Health of the nation is our privilege and sacred duty. We will never allow licensing unqualified non medical persons to kill our patients. We will never allow our mothers and children die in thousands for ever due to this Black Law.”

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that After a day long of protests, both inside and outside the parliament, the National Medical Commission (NMC) finally got a Lok Sabha nod with a 260-48 votes majority.

With this, the lower house of the parliament has finally given its nod to the NMC Bill for replacing the corruption-plagued MCI with a new body, in what has been described by the government as one of the biggest reforms that will end ‘inspector raj’ in the medical education sector.

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  1. When we had monsters like Ketan Desai who ruined our profession , harassed young graduates, took bribes for getting private medical colleges recognised- it is really difficult to decide whether elected MCI was better or this nominated NMC would be better. Let’s give chance to this nominated NMC , maybe it will have people nominated with integrity. Most of them would be doctors so let’s hope that the best leaders of profession who are honest would be nominated .

  2. user
    Dr.V.Sethumadhavan.MD August 1, 2019, 5:30 am

    All IAS, monsters need to be thrown out ( like that in Amul and ISRO) and the technical people to be liberated from them and permitted to take over the administration in Health, Education and Water resources thro\’ elections monitored by Courts. This is the only way get rid of the ills plaguing the country in the long term. Power can Absolutely Corrupt any individual and so it should not be concentrated only with people in Delhi ( will lead to more corruption than MCI ) as per the NMC.

  3. user
    Dr NRI Superspecialist August 1, 2019, 12:52 am

    When would the proposal of BOG, MCI implemented to conducy DNB examinations for speciality/superspeciality examinations for foreign educated postgraduates of India.Plesae implement the proposals of honourable board of governors , MCI so that we can register in India as specialist(get our additional qualification apart from our basic degree registered).Most of us have registration at MCI or at State medical council after passing screening tests , but now we have attained speciality/superspeciality degrees at these foreign lands, mainly from European Union countries .we have passed very tough board speciality exams , but to convince Indian Authorities we are ready to give DNB examinations.

    On one hand community health worker is given registration to practice and on the other hand superspecialists and specialists who have passed tough medical board speciality exams are denied additional qualification registration.

  4. Strongly support NMC bill.

  5. Medical fraternity supports NMC bill, government should go to Rajya Sabha now get this bill passed as early as possible. Ignore these protests .

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