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Pune: 11 Doctors including Chief Cardiac Surgeon Booked under IPC 304A for death of patient

Pune: 11 Doctors including Chief Cardiac Surgeon Booked under IPC 304A for death of patient

The panel’s report stated that the patient was “not given proper treatment for medical complications that arose during surgery and this prima facie indicated negligence”.

Pune: A team of 11 doctors of Rasiklal M Dhariwal Heart Care and Research Institute in Fatimanagar has been booked under IPC Section 304  (A) for  alleged medical  negligence in providing proper treatment for heart surgery patient which led to his death. The FIR was registered after an expert committee of Sassoon General Hospital doctors held negligence on the part of the doctors

A recent report in Times of India talks about the case of a 34 year old cardiac patient from Osmanabad district. He was admitted to the hospital in Wanowrie for heart surgery on April 12th, 2018.

On April 14th , 2018, the surgery was conducted by the institute’s chief cardiac surgeon and medical director, Dr Ranjit Jagtap along with 10 more doctors in a team. The patient died on April 17th 2018 after complications

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A complaint was filed by the deceased patient’s wife in the Wanowrie police where she alleged deficiency in providing treatment from the doctors’ end. In her complaint she alleged given her husband’s age and health, the doctors opted for minimal invasive surgery instead of an open heart surgery adding that she was assured that her husband would recover in short time and would be discharged within 8 days

She added that the surgeon informed her on April 14, 2018 that the surgery was successful. However, a couple of hours later, he told her that they had to perform another surgery to address an undetected hole in the valve. The patient remained on the ventilator support till his death. She alleged that doctors kept telling her that he was kept in a state of unconsciousness as part of treatment reports TOI. However, on 17th April, she was informed that the condition of the patient was serious and he soon passed away thereafter.

As per protocol, the matter was to be referred to an expert committee

The police also performed an in-camera post-mortem on the deceased’s body after which the matter was referred to Sassoon General Hospital’s experts’ committee for an opinion.

The panel’s report stated that the patient was “not given proper treatment for medical complications that arose during surgery and this prima facie indicated negligence”.

“The patient was put on ventilator after his condition deteriorated due to complications during surgery and death resulted due to the complications during surgery,” the Sassoon hospital report further states.

Based not the report of the expert committee ,The doctors have been booked under section 304 (A) of IPC for causing death by negligence.

The patient’s wife told TOI, “The doctors avoided sharing details on what went wrong while performing three surgeries, including two bypass surgeries and a valve replacement. Our doubts were confirmed as the Sassoon hospital’s experts’ committee came to the conclusion that my husband died due to medical negligence.”

Doctor’s Defence

The Chief Cardiac Surgeon and Medical Director of the hospital who has been indicted in the case informed the daily that they are soon going to challenge the report of Sasson General Hospital and are now exploring their legal options

Dr Jagtap informed that while the panel was correct in making the observations about the complications in the surgery but the complications were of common occurrence in a cardiac surgery and they took all the measures in tackling the complications and hence no negligence can be attributed to the doctors

Dr Jagtap told TOI, “The surgery was carried out successfully. However, when the patient was still on the operation table, he developed complications, including bleeding from the thin aorta and low blood pressure, which are common.”

“We opened his chest through the sternum (chest bone) and to support him during the surgery he was put on the heart and lung machine. The source of bleeding was tackled and successfully treated. The patient was then shifted to the intensive care unit for monitoring as every patient who undergoes an open heart surgery needs ventilator support in the initial 24 hours post-surgery,” he further added.

Unfortunately the patient  developed complications on account of the bleeding and low BP along with multi-organ failure, the surgeon added. “He succumbed to complications on the fourth day ,” Jagtap said.

Source: with inputs from TOI
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  1. This is very unfortunate for doctors, for every surgery, there can be complications which is non preventable… That too in a cardiac case, the complications are more, so what is the doctor mistake if that complication leading to death…

  2. Government doctors committee decides by notes written and monitoring charts if same incident happens in government hospital who is at fault working doctors n staff or government

  3. Normally thiese criminal cases don’t happen…Please go deep into such incidences which definitely have some unusual twists leading to such cases being slapped on doctors.

  4. Sir please all case papers and then react

  5. user
    Dr. Rajesh T R, Cardiac Surgeon January 26, 2019, 12:33 pm

    This accusation of criminal negligence is really unfortunate and a big blow to the medical community. While one sympathises with the patient\’s family for their loss, one can\’t get emotional. There are known and unknown complications in all Surgeries. But everything can\’t be labelled as negligence.

    All cardiac surgeons and many non cardiac doctors know Dr. Jagtap very well. He is an expert and very experienced surgeon. It is impossible to believe that negligence amounting to criminal negligence happened at the hands of Dr. Jagtap. But law does not rely on beliefs.

    1: What are the credentials of the expert committee? Were there cardiac surgeons in the expert committee with experience in performing similar Surgeries? If not then how can one rely on their report?

    2: On what basis did the police decide to book the case under Criminal negligence?

    Despite court orders cases are booked indifferently against doctors. Shouldn\’t the police be held accountable?

    The way forward is to have a court appointed expert committee to look into the case and give its opinion.

    In a more general vein, the court must issue strict guidelines to police once again on how to deal with such cases.

    Already the interest in Medical field is waning. Such incidents will put of the younger generation and there will be no good students wanting to join health care.

  6. Sir please see all case Paper and then react about your doctor

  7. Sir does Law or professional ethics permit doctors to do three surgery at one time or handover such surgery case to junior unexperienced doctor for greed of Money ,In Punes case its doubt that Dr.Jagtap tring to hide truth

  8. All the surgeries are prone to complications and some risk. A criminal case is unjustified on advise of a panel who doesn\’t have a seniorcardiac surgeon.