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Punjab Medical Council WAIVES off CME credit hours required for Registration Renewal

Punjab Medical Council WAIVES off CME credit hours required for Registration Renewal

Ludhiana: To ensure that all doctors timely renew their registrations with the State Medical Council, the Punjab Medical Council (PMC) has exempted the mandatory credit hours of the Continuous Medical Education (CME) that are necessary for the purpose of renewal, as a one time exemption.

As per the rules set under the PMC guidelines for CME accreditation, all the doctors registered under the state medical council have to acquire 50 hours of mandatory credit within the time period of 5 years.

The state medical council noticed a dismal response from medical practitioners when it came to renewal of their registration, ” Out of 55,000 doctors registered with the State Medical Council, only 16,000 have got their registration renewed till now” Dr Karamvir Goyal, member, Punjab Medical Council informed Medical Dialogues team

” We observed that there are many registered doctors under the council who are not in the state of getting their membership renewed because they could not collect the mandatory 50 credit hours. As a result, the council has decided to provide one time-exemption of CME credit hours for the purpose of renewal,” he added

The council has allowed this exemption to continue and the doctors to renew their registration till 31st March 2019 deadline. The public notice in this regard states,

“All the members unanimously decided that up to 31.03.2019 renewal of Registration of all doctors, who have not renewed their registrations irrespective of time lapse are being given exemption of CME credit hours on the recommendation of members of Punjab Medical Council. This should be treated as most urgent. This exemption is only one time up to 31-03-1019.”

The CME refers to a particular form of Continuous  Medical Education for those in the medical field to maintain competence and be updated with the new innovation and development in specific areas of their fields.

This credit can be obtained through participating in live events, written publications, online programmes, audio, video, or other electronic media. Content for these programmes is developed, reviewed and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas.

Many states have imposed this policy of mandatory CME hours linking it to renewal. While in Punjab its 50 credit hours, in Tamil Nadu its 30 credit hours in 5 year period.

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  1. The decision of punjab state medical council to waive off the requirement of CME credit hours required to renew the medical registration is nothing but incapability to enforce the rules or guidelines of MCI. In reality many medical practioners are either not interested or not finding enough time to travel on their own to attend medical conferences or CME programme. Same is true about publication requirement to get promotion to higher level in medical colleges where many teaching medical faculty wants to get higher position just by years of work and teaching. Sir William Osler once commented that every doctor has to learn till death other wise he ceases to be a doctor. In India, you often hear people getting jobs/promotions by submitting fake certificates degrees.The central health ministry failed to announce what it will do if rules are not followed or fraud is committed till now.This is the reason behind many doctors not taking the MCI rules seriously.

  2. I only hope more thought goes into defining these rules.

  3. Why don\’t we equally find out practitioners and quacks and have some control over pharmacy drug dispensing by registered practitioners only and have some control on that rather than this credit points compulsion on qualified doctors.

  4. user
    Dr Rtd. Professor. S. Nagaraja, Davangere January 17, 2019, 4:40 pm

    MCI should not harrass doctors with credit points. If doctors want knowledge, they will attend the seminars and conferences. Private poor doctors can not travel and close the clinic for days. Let the concerned medical councils conduct seminars at the taluka levels and district levels so that the doctors can attend. This is my suggestion. Thanks.

  5. there could be options for online CME.It is practiced in other countries. It includes Reading journal papers and answering few questions.There are even dedicated TV Channels for medical education which are included in CME. Travelling should not be limitation.

  6. Every qualified doctor whether posted in rural or urban area must have prerequisite credit hours & PMC must allow online credit hrs.