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All Doctors have to submit CME Credit Hours proof from Dec 1: TN Medical Council Gazette

All Doctors have to submit CME Credit Hours proof from Dec 1: TN Medical Council Gazette

Chennai: All practitioners of modern medicine registered with the Tamil Nadu Medical Council will now have to submit a proof of 30 credit hours of Continuous Medical Education (CME) undertaken by them in the 5 years during 2012-17, as the state medical regulator recently took out a gazette notification to this effect.

Not completing the mandatory training will make them liable for a fine.

The gazette notification states

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The Tamil Nadu Medical Council directs all its registered medical practitioners practising in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar to strictly comply the clause 1.2.3. of the Code of Medical Ethics of the Council on the updating of knowledge by the medical practitioners by way of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and accruing 30 credit hours in 5 years. The procedure and the eligibility is as given in the Gazette of Government of Tamil Nadu Part VI Section 1 dated 10th October 2018.

The Tamil Nadu Medical Council in its meeting held on 30-10-2018 has resolved to strictly implement the above clause among other things forthwith. Hence, all registered doctors are directed to update their CME credit hours accrued from 1st June 2012 to 31st May 2017 and the next block years from 1st June, 2017 in the prescribed format along with attendance sheet, certificates to the Tamil Nadu Medical Council to the address given below

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The notification adds the CME conducted by recognised/accredited organisations by the State Medical Council only will be credited.  Also, the following procedure and eligibility is mentioned in the notification

• The list of accredited organisations is given in the council website. These organisations can claim retrospective
recognition of CMEs held between 2012-2017, subject to verification by the Council.

• The members attending the CME by these organisations should affix their signature and fill up all the details
like registration number, mobile number, Email ID etc for proper crediting by the State Medical Council.

• A fee of Rs 50/- is to be paid for each participant for importing credit hours. No certificates will be issued
by the council but updation will be done in the individual credit hours which can be verified in website/message by
SMS. Alternatively a fee of Rs. 100/- is to be paid for obtaining Certificate. The Organisation will pay the same by
Demand Draft or by Online Payment.

• The 2 hourly online CME will be awarded 1 credit hour.

• The application for updation of CME Credit hours is available in the website. The practitioner should
pay Rs 50 per CME Programme as fees in DD or by Online Payment (if not paid already by the organiser as said above)

• These resolutions will be published as notifications in the Gazette of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The update process of CME credit hours both for the period 2012-2017 and for 2017-2022 will be started from
1st December, 2018. The launch of on-line CME will be done shortly, the notification added

To ensure that medical practitioners stay updated with the latest medical advancements, many state medical councils have mandated compulsory CME, linking the 30 CME credit hours ( 90 actual hours) as a must for renewals of registration.

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  1. In India, one think comes to people mind about TN state is- a first huge corrupt state in all over India:-((

  2. Upgradation of skill and knowledge in any fields of science is a must and to be encouraged. But as said earlier ,why it is centric to only medical field that too in modern medicine practitioners leaving BHMS/SIDDHA/UNANI untouched though they are claiming the same scale of pay in Govt institutions and medical colleges
    As far as CME is concerned it should not be retrospective, it should be allowed from the date of the order.
    As there is no MCI and is no longer in existence its statutory binding is questionable and it should be uniformly followed in all states.
    There is no mention about the doctors working in medical college in their own specialty DEPT as professors, associate professor, and ASST professors..
    Allowing few centres for conducting CMEs as a recognised institutions is also a cheap method of money making institutions.
    Before implementing such an order to a highly knowledge centric field the law makers should make thorough analysis and should have asked opinions from the members.
    At least the TNMC should consider removing the retrospective clause and issue a GO after studying the process from all angles .
    Why isolate medical fraternity alone, why not for lawyers,engineers, chartered accountants ,teachers,IITians and MBAs

  3. Very nice. This raises many questions. Is it compulsory only for MBBS degree holders or applicable to BHMS/BAMS/Unani.practitioners also? Retrospective application of any rule is almost unlawful. Is it applicable to MD/MS/DM/MCh who are in the field almost 24 hours a day with hardly any time for sleep/recreation? Why not apply it to all professions like BE/ME/M Tech and practicing lawyers LLB/LLM/PhD in law. Ministers /MLAs wasting/looting public money without any knowledge of their respective portfolios…who will ensure their education and accountability?

  4. user
    Dr. M. D,. Kini. MB.,FRCOG (UK) December 4, 2018, 3:06 am

    Enter your comment here…Retrospective CME s is not logical. I have been practicing fertility medicine for 38 years. I live in the UK and semi-retired. If they say from 01 December 2018 to 31 December 2023 that is fine . we can attend some meetings and get CME certificates. In the UK we had to d CME but it did not involve payment of any money. So this is another money making gimmick!!!

  5. user
    Dr RADHA RAGHAVAN December 3, 2018, 7:25 am

    With The MCI dissolved-what stace/standing do the Individual medical councils have to pass such orders?We all know what happens in these cme!Would be better if the medical councils arrange cme in people;s respective work places

  6. It is an attempt to simply kill the medical professionals. It will simply lead to corruption. And cme never are tools for upgradation. If the practitioner is not fit, they will simply loose out. These are simply draconian orders and why they apply to medical professionals is beyond comprehension

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