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Senior Orthopaedician Attacked, Accused of Misbehaviour, CCTV proves his innocence

Senior Orthopaedician Attacked, Accused of Misbehaviour, CCTV proves his innocence

Warangal: A senior orthopaedic surgeon became a victim of harassment and violence when a patient who came for consultation accused the doctor of misbehaviour during the medical examination. Luckily, the whole incident was captured in the CCTV camera which revealed that the doctor was merely performing his duty.

Based on the CCTV footage which proved that the doctor did not misbehave with the patient, a complaint was filed with the police that the woman had made a false complaint against the doctor to defame him.

The incident took place in the OPD of Balaji hospital, Warangal when a young female patient came with a complaint of backache and body pain. The senior orthopaedic surgeon was consulting the patient in the presence of his District Medical Officer (DMO) and three other female staffs and two other patient’s were present.

The doctor, while addressing the problem of the patient, asked her to turn around. When he was about to examine her back, she pushed the hand of the doctor and started shouting.

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The doctor, before he could give any reaction, one male patient in the OPD room, two others including the husband of the patient from outside the room, came inside the chamber and started shouting and abusing him.

The doctor clarified his side of the matter and informed that he was just examining the patient to provide proper treatment. He did not conduct anything offensive.

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The patient, however, alleged that the doctor was touching her inappropriately.

When the group of people started being harsh and continued with their verbal attacks, the police was immediately informed. he provided the CCTV footage which clearly showed the entire matter to prove the doctor’s innocence.

Later, the doctor filed a complaint in the Matwada police against the attackers for defaming and insulting him. The complaint was registered under the IPC sections 385 (Putting person in fear of injury in order to commit extortion), 448 (Punishment for house-trespass), 506 (Punishment for criminal intimidation), and under the Andhra Pradesh Medical Protection Act.

After the alleged incident of videos and posts went viral on WhatsApp, hence defaming the doctor.

He decided to take legal action against the culprits and requested the medical fraternity to support him against the allegation made on him.

Meanwhile, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Warangal branch, lodged a complaint with city police commissioner V Ravinder after a woman patient falsely raised an alarm, reports TOI. The IMA demanded that the woman and her husband be arrested as they, along with eight others, had attacked the doctor at Balaji Hospital where he works. The doctors plan to hold a protest rally

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  1. user
    Dr Gowrinath K June 22, 2019, 8:17 am

    When a woman with suspicious mentality comes to a doctor, even BP recording can be risky. A significant number of women patients with unpredictable behaviour and abnormal thinking may create scenes like this particularly when their husband is around. With a section of media projecting all women complainants as victims and doctors as culprits without verifying the facts,this type of situation will continue to happen. In this case, doctor had CCTV to prove his innocence. Sometime back, one surgeon was commenting that if no action is taken against the patients filing false complaints, the day will come when ultrasound is advised instead of clinical examination whenever any young women complains of pain abdomen. No need to say that patient will have to spend more money for investigations when simple clinical examination is enough.

  2. Should have boards everywhere with camera symbols \”Under CCTV Surveillance\” in clinics and hospitals.

  3. Once the \’so called patients\’ proves to be making false complaint/hue and cry that case should be taken to its logical conclusion. No compromise at all. Let them be punished by court. In future the people will think 100 times before making such allegations against doctors.
    Doctors are not slaves. They are the most respectful and useful persons on this earth.

  4. user
    Dr Sanjay Gupta June 15, 2019, 12:26 pm

    Now the book must be thrown at the attackers.

  5. user
    U asked 4 it!!! June 15, 2019, 11:14 am

    Such legal freedom of action to females result in such incidences….but when one comes across such events…preventive measures can be taken…apart fro having presence of 4 female nurses and cctv footages…always have an acid tank near the table…a screaming female can always tumble upon the tank isn\’t it!!!!
    Then let go to court if she can or ket\’s see how long she lasts!!!!
    All docs pl carry arms.