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The real reason why doctors cannot join Senior Resident after 40 years

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The real reason why doctors cannot join Senior Resident after 40 years

Since the recent amendments to the Teachers Eligibility Qualification (TEQ) regulations, 1998, objections have been raised  from various nooks and corners of the medical fraternity as many qualified medical practitioners have had their fates sealed given their desire to pursue a career in the field of medical academia.

Amongst other concerns, Medical Fraternity had also shown strong objection to the clause that set up a new maximum age limit of 40 years, for those who wish to join Senior Resident-ship, a necessary entry point to medical academics.

Medical Dialogues has access to the reply of an RTI that was filed with the Health Ministry seeking clarification on this issue.

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It is reported, in 2016 that the clause of maximum age limit for SRship was sent to the Health Ministry for approval, a necessary requirement for notification in the gazette. In response to recommendations made by the MCI to the health ministry on the age issue, through a letter dated 21 September, 2016 ( a copy of which is with Medical Dialogues) the Ministry of health and family welfare had first rejected the proposal that restricted the maximum age of senior residents at 40 years , stating – “as it is observed that there are no restrictions on any number of PG courses and also there is no bar for studying PG

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However, in response to the letter, MCI gave clarification to the Ministry,  dated 17/01/2017 urging the council to accord necessary approval with regard to the upper age limit of SR as 40 years.

….With regard to the upper age limit for Sr. Resident as 40 years.  the Executive Committee of the Council decided to reiterate its earlier decision in view of the fact that repeatedly private practitioners above the age of 40 years and at times of 65 to 67 years doctors are shown as Sr. Resident by the college authorities at the time of MCI assessment in order to obtain permission from the Council. Sr. resident doctors are required to stay in the campus in view of round the clock duty all throught the year and hence in the interest of the patients and hospital functioning it is absolutely necessary to have sr. residents below the age of 40 years. “

In response to this explanation, the Ministry was seen approving the proposal for limiting the maximum age of Senior resident to 40 years, confirming the same to the council on 20th March, 2017. It is clear from the communications, that the council, unable to put a limit on the mischief of a few medical colleges, resorted to putting a blanket ban on the age limit of Senior Resident Ship.

Doctors however have pointed out, that on the face of acute shortage of medical faculties, while the government was increasing the retirement age of teachers and increasing the student: faculty ratio in medical colleges to add more seats, on the other hand, it was limiting many medical practitioners beyond 40 years, from joining medical academia.

Speaking to Medical Dialogues Team on the issue of 40 years age bar, Dr Alex Thomas, President, Association of National Board of Accredited Institutions (ANBAI), said, ” I find it difficult to understand. There is a great need in our country for an increase in specialists, if we are serious about improving health in our country. For this to happen, there needs to be a sustained effort to increase the teacher community. ANBAI has suggested to the health ministry and the PMO, the need to look outside of NBE and MCI and setup​ a teachers accreditation cell​ which would also accredit  competent teachers outside this body.”

Medical Dialogues had earlier reported that DNB candidates stood most disadvantaged with the amendments as it implies upto 5 years of additional service if they dream to have a career in Medical Academia

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  1. user
    Zameer Hasan Golewale September 16, 2018, 12:52 pm

    This is foolish and injustice to the Diploma doctors who work on par with MD/MS. they are trained by same teachers in same MCI recognised Medical Colleges with same infrastructure and same syllabus. only difference is thesis. Diploma doctors are covering same syllabus in 2 yrs and after completing course there is no restrictions in clinical practice. is handling a human life is easier then giving a lecture in Medical college? diploma doctors are product of MCI doing their course in Medical colleges and denied promotions where as Msc phd people with just 2yrs course in some science college are eligible for promotions and DNB doctors from small nursing homes / hospital not recoginsed by MCI nor MCI control their board/ university are lucky enough for promotions. Diploma doctors even after working for 20 to 30 yrs in Medical colleges are not eligible for promotions. is this justice? MCI should amend its rules and give promotions for those who are working for 5yrs or more in Medical colleges after thesis submission this is recommendations of parliamentary standing committee who has submitted its final report of NMC in parliament during last monsoon session. we request MCI to look into this matter at earliest this will also solve the problems of faculty shortage in Medical colleges to some extent and prevent the ghost faculty & other illegal/unethical methods adopted by Medical colleges to fullfil MCI faculty requirements.

  2. ALL the diploma canditate should protest against the rule and request to pass the NMC suggested rule for diploma candidates. Now the new rule also suggesting to hand over diploma seats from college. There may a day comes when govt will say diploma candidates are not specialist doctor and put restritiction on clinical practise also.

  3. This rule of mci has effected the life of diploma specialist who worked more than 20 years without promotion less pay used by private medical college to terminate them from job who have depending families

  4. user
    Dr.venkata rangan.mbbs dpm February 10, 2018, 9:19 pm

    Exactly.a 70 yr old MD can work,but 40 yr old diploma cannot work… what a foolish idea.
    It is a hate crime or discrimination of the medical diploma doctor\’s by a handful of selfish doctor\’s…..
    Similar to racial discrimination at Africa..

    MSc non clinical teachers can become asst professor and associate professor.but we medical diploma teachers were kept below them.WHAT A SHAME TO DOCTOR\’S IN MEDICAL COLLEGES.

    my heart bleeds….

  5. This rule of mci has affected diploma residents working in medical colleges as senior resident in one dept served the specialists service for 20 to 25 years are terminated by jobs.

  6. Please clear whether this rule is applicable for both clinical and non clinical subjects or only for clinical? ?
    Because in non clinical branch the post is of tutor and not of Senior Resident. .
    Kindly clear it.

  7. But what about them who have done their MD/MS in non clinical subjects. They do not do practice outside the campus. Then why this age bar of 40 yrs for senior residency has been imposed on them??
    there is no option left for them.
    If this rule was to be imposed this should have been imposed after 5 years of the date of new gazette because those who have already joined the MD/MS were not aware of this rule and were not in position to take the decision whether to join or not to join the course.

  8. Sir,
    I am Dr.Bachloo from Haryana, want to clarify the role of doctors after doing MD in non-clinical above the age of 40. As I am facing the same problem like you have faced. I would like to talk to you. Please send me your contact details if possible.

    Thank you

  9. Dear Doctor ,
    As many of us are facing this problem. This is a problem which a big hurdle in the way becoming teaching faculty in a medical colleges. Specially those who have done their MD /MS in non clinical subjects who have no any option now.And why only non clinical?
    Even clinical person are facing the same difficulty.
    Some of us are in contact with each other.we are planning to raise the issue before government and MCI.
    If needed will move to court.
    So my suggestion is that as many as possible those facing age bar problem should come forward and make a whatsaapp group, share opinions and decide what to do.
    My contract number :
    E-mail :

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