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TN : Doctor faces suspension issuing medical certificate to a dead patient

TN : Doctor faces suspension issuing medical certificate to a dead patient

CHENNAI: A government medical practitioner has found himself on the wrong side of the judiciary, after a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal directed the Tamil Nadu Medical Council to take action against him for issuing false medical certificate to a dead man.

The case is that of Dr B Anand, a civil assistant surgeon at Vedaranyam Government Hospital, who on February 16, 2016 issued a certificate to one Ramachandran, an agricultural worker stating that he had met with an accident on April 11, 2010, had suffered hip fracture with severe loss of blood.He also said the accident caused his death because injuries to the abdomen aggravated the wound caused by a previous surgery reports TOI.

When brought before the Ariyalur chief judicial magistrate A S Ravi, he stated that while he did not treat the patient he issued the certificate after examining him.

However, the lies were identified as Ramachandran had died on February 9, 2011. The tribunal soon questioned the doctor how he could have seen Ramachandran on February 16, 2016, when he died on February 9, 2011

During another cross-examination, he said he wrote the certificate based on Ramachandran’s medical reports.

The story, TOI reports was that Ramachandran and his family were travelling in a van when it met with an accident on Chennai-Kumbakonam Main Road in April 2010. Ramachandran moved a tribunal, seeking 4 lakh saying the driver’s negligent driving caused the accident in which he broke the right thigh and injured the left foot and neck. However, he died during the pendency of the case and the family then asked for enhanced compensation of Rs 7.5 lakh.

Respondents, New India Assurance stated that after the accident Ramanchandran had only simple injuries due to the accident which could not have led to his death. Examining the evidence the court also noted that even the FIR and the doctors examination were silent on any hip injury suffered by the patient. The court then thoroughly cross examined the said doctor, concluding that his certificate/evidence is false.

Slamming the doctor for issuing false certificate and submitting false evidence to the tribunal, Ariyalur chief judicial magistrate A S Ravi directed the Tamil Nadu State Medical Council to initiate disciplinary action including suspension of license against the doctor. TN Medical Council President Dr Senthil Confirmed that the case is pending before the council on Thursday



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  1. it is shame on doctor fraternity . no one should iillegal things when we expect that all countryman should be fair enough

  2. every day i get atleast one request for false certificate. I turn them all down. This is the same story with many of my colleagues. And patients get annoyed, when we refuse. First we strongly urge you patients not to make such demands please……

  3. Dear friends, don\’t issue any medical certificate. Every certificate issued by a m.o. is a legal document. So, U r responsible for its validity. U r liable to answer anywhere, anytime.
    So, be, cautious. They will beg U, put drama, gives pressure ,accompanied with local strong man , press reporters, your friend, relatives they will come.

    Be simple.

    Sir , நான் எந்த சர்ட்டிபிகேட்டும் கொடுக்கறது இல்ல…

    I have displayed a poster in my clinic, and in our hospital DR\’s room
    Here, no medical, age,life,certificate s are issued.
    And also attestation not given.

    After, displaying this bill
    90% of the seekers for m.c. automatically reduced in number.
    One of our professor told,
    ஒவ்வொரு கையெழுத்து போடறப்பவும் ,ஒரு கை விலங்கு காத்துக்கிட்டிருக்கு, என்பதை ஞாபகம் வைத்துக் கொள்.

    25 years back he told.
    Still I keep in mind.

  4. Shear idiocy…

  5. Here the doctor issued the cert for the said injuries which were mentioned with the date in his records, but the cert was issued recently- here is the blunder. We should form a guideline for issuing med cert. Any medical certificates should be issued or obtained from the chief medical officer of that Taluk or district Hospitals. Pl avoid any med cert issuing from clinic or private hospitals. Cert should be a genuine one. Cert in absentia must not be produced. Making a thumb impression in the med cert is a must. Hosp is for treating ailments, if we mingle issue of cert with practice….then we should face this problem. So pl maintain our dignity.

  6. Never issue certificate just for few Ruppees. Be honest .