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Two years after surgery, Two Doctors arrested for Botched Cataract Surgery

Two years after surgery, Two Doctors arrested for Botched Cataract Surgery

Rajkot: Two Medical practitioners, including ophthalmologist Dr Hetal Bakhai, Dr Madhvi Pandya and two nurses Kokila Dhamecha and Elizabeth Gems were arrested in a medico negligence case of an alleged botched cataract surgery that 7 patients losing their vision here.

The incident took place two years ago when at least seven people were feared to have lost vision in one of their eyes while four others developed serious complications after undergoing cataract surgeries at a charitable hospital, Sadhu Vasvani Hospital in Rajkot.

The arrest happened following the complaint of  a patient Ibrahim who had accused the doctors and nursing staff of gross negligence which resulted in a botched up surgeries in a free cataract removal camp held on December 21, 2015. It is reported that complaint was forwarded to the health department that submitted its report around two months ago.

“The health department’s report show the negligence of hospital staff who, were part of the operations. Based on this report, we zeroed in on the names of the responsible persons and registered an offence,” Police sub inspector of Pradhumannagar police station H M Rana told TOI

“Dr. Hetal Bakhai, Dr. Madhvi Pandya, Kokila Dhamecha and Elizabeth Gems were arrested for gross negligence in operation.” he added.

The doctors were later released on bail, adds the daily.

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  1. No free services
    No emergency work
    No serious work

  2. Doctor sh start giving punishment to judiciary,politician and beaurocrates for any wrong work

  3. Doctors should put a stop to all charitable surgeries. Do CAs, engineers,lawyers ,bankers,or other professionals do free work & then get blamed for something but in their control?

  4. isko kehte hain, \” havan karne me hath jala lena\”, aur karo dukhiyaro ki sewa.

  5. user
    Dr Anil Khubchandani December 27, 2017, 10:38 am

    Dr Lala,
    Sahi muhavara sahi jagah par.

    If this is a case of pure deficiency or negligence on investigations, then the hue & cry is justified.

    However almost always aisi public ke liye free camp aur seva karna AA BAIL MUJHE MAAR jaise ho gaya hai.

  6. user
    Tapan Kumar chatterjee December 27, 2017, 4:36 pm

    The doctors should have been careful enough and of course competent enough to do such operations. It is useless to say free or paid. After all if society is paying for the education. They should do some thing

  7. Society pays for engineers, lawyers too. Why a different yard stick?

  8. Majority of docs now train in private colleges both mbbs and MD….I studied with my father\’s money….I don\’t have any commitment to such an ungrateful society

  9. And whose education is Society Not paying for? EVERY govt aided educational or training institution whether it\’s engineering, or law or MBA or IAS or IPS receives money funded by the society. So why pile up this burden of debt on top of the Doctors alone?
    It is this very inherent thanklessness of the Society that undoes all the good work that Drs are doing – because people are made to believe that even all the charitable acts that a Doctor does is something that the society is entitled to get, so not only had the society become thankless for their work, but rather has developed the kind of attitude mentioned in your comment \”After all they must do SOMETHING for the society that has paid for their training\”

  10. Society isn\’t paying for Drs training.
    That\’s a TYPICAL Neta type or Bureaucratic understanding of this complex issue.
    The society is paying to get their sick patients treated FREE of cost at the expense of underpaid and exploited resident Drs.
    Training Doctors isn\’t any favor that the \”society\” is doing to Doctors – it\’s their painful necessity – if they don\’t train them then who will treat these 1.25 Billion people? An entire Nation will become sick in no time.
    So don\’t follow what your \’Honorable\’ Ministers tell you – use your reasoning.