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UP: 32 children die due to infection in Badaun hospital

UP: 32 children die due to infection in Badaun hospital

(Uttar Pradesh) [India] : At least 32 children died in last 50 days due to an outbreak of unidentified infection in SNCU (Sick Newborn Care Unit) ward of Badaun District Women’s Hospital. However, doctors here denied the allegations saying, “the hospital is not solely responsible.”

Medical Superintendent of Women’s Hospital, Rekha Rani said, “From last one month the admission of kids in this hospital has increased significantly and many patients are coming with multiple organ failure and they die within 24 hours. However, we were able to treat a few.”

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“In 50 days, 32 children have died in this hospital”, she noted adding that “many patients are coming from other health centres.”

Talking about the infection spreading in the ward, she said “Many kids are bringing infection from outside and the hospital is not responsible solely. The only problem we are facing is that there is less number of warmers because of which one warmer is shared by 2-3 children.”

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“There is an uninterrupted, continuous supply of oxygen in this hospital, we provide cylinder oxygen 24/7,” Rani replied when asked about the shortage of oxygen in the hospital.

In-charge CMO Manjeet Singh reached SNCU ward today and instructed the employees to take care of the patients and no negligence will be tolerated.

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Source: ANI
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