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MCI asked to act against 697 Missing Doctors in Uttarakhand

MCI asked to act against 697 Missing Doctors in Uttarakhand

DEHRADUN: Taking cognisance of medical practitioners not completing their promised bond services  after passing from the government medical colleges in the state, the government is now planning to take strict action against them.

TOI reports Uttarakhand government is now going to provide a list of 697 doctors to the apex medical body, the Medical Council of India (MCI)  for further action including cancellation of licenses. The state government has formed a six-member committee to track out to those 697 medical practitioners who received MBBS courses at subsidized rates in state-run medical colleges and at the time of admission signed a bond promising  to serve in the government though rural and hills posting after completing their course.

The said doctors however reneged from their bond service and even did not pay the penalty which stands at Rs 30 lakh for postgraduate students and Rs 15 lakh for MBBS students..

“We will approach the MCI with a request to cancel the registration of such doctors who at the very onset of their career are playing around with the law,” Dr Ashutosh Sayana, director, Uttarakhand medical education department told TOI.

Moreover, the state government has now constituted a committee of 6 people including the under secretary and deputy secretary, who are now going to approach the various colleges of the state, to track down the whereabouts of these doctors. While legal notices have been sent out in the past, the government is again going to send legal notices to these doctors, and send a copy of each to the MCI and to state council for further action.

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As per the TOI report, the state government issued to 783 doctors who graduated from Haldwani and Srinagar government medical colleges in the state since 2003. Of those served notices, 558 had passed out from Veer Chandra Garhwali Government Medical College and Hospital, Srinagar, and 225 were from Dr. Susheela Tiwari Government Medical College and Hospital, Haldwani. Since the notices were sent out 86 joined back duties, while more than 100 actually replied back with No Objection Certificates ( NOCs) No Objection Certificates (NOC) from the health department sanctioning their leaves along with medical certificates

Many doctors have approached the State High Court to seek relief from the government orders.



Source: with agency inputs
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  1. Does such bonds were applied to other high quality professionals?
    There is no such deficiency of doctors as opposed by governments. They are just hiding their deficiency of infrastructure, other, poor salary structure, poor living condition, poor quality government schools for education of their child. They are making doctors handicap by lacking even basic infrastructure needed.
    They are getting away from their responsibility. Once a Doctor work in these hospitals he forgets all his quality and just become a clerk and pharmacist to see what medication they have to purchase, taking meetings updating their register, understanding complex official language etc.
    Can this government tell me that how many CHCs are well equipped according to norms?
    How many doctor s àre given good quality residence?
    Government has taken up pension scheme? Does this was done for attracting or repulsing government employees?
    Government does not give permanent jobs, moreovere it gives contract job and want to give minimum salary.

  2. user
    Dr Ruchi Srivastava January 29, 2018, 11:38 pm

    More important is to improve the infrastructure and working conditions of workplace especially for doctors

  3. First , abolish such stupid and absurd bonds.They are not bonded laborers. You cannot force anybody to work for you.Is there similar bond for IIT and IIM Graduates? They have got admission due to their hard work and merit and not charity done by the Government.