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What is your Caste and Religion- AIIMS New Delhi asks its Doctors

What is your Caste and Religion- AIIMS New Delhi asks its Doctors

New Delhi: The senior doctors at All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi landed in a controversial situation when the administrative department asked them to fill a form containing questions about their caste and religion.

The matter came into light when the faculty cell at AIIMS distributed one-page form among the doctors including the director to build a database of all senior doctors at the institute. The form asked for the details related to the salary and the appointment information. However, the faculty cell faced backlass from the doctors for designing section that asked for the caste and religion along with the other requirements.

Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS, New Delhi informed the media that he did not come across the form yet. He is unaware of any such distribution.

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Dr Guleria told the Indian Express, “No senior doctor is ever asked about his or her caste and religion. I have not seen the form but even then it doesn’t make any sense. We, at AIIMS, are not bothered about the caste and religion of any doctor and it is not justified to ask these things.”

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The former director of AIIMS, Dr M C Mishra, informed the daily that it is the first time he had any such question asked by the doctors at the institute.

“In institutions like AIIMS, we should stay away from talking about this demography,” Dr Mishra added.

The doctors in the institute find it shocking, not-justified and unacceptable.

One of the senior doctors at AIIMS told the Indian Express, “This is shocking. Why do they want to talk about the caste and religion of any doctor who is working in the hospital? Even during entrance examinations, students object to such questions.”

However, the AIIMS New Delhi faculty cell which holds the responsibility for all the administrative works claimed that those questions were added to the form by mistake. There was no intention to ask for such details.

Dr Sanjay Arya, head of the administrative work at the cell informed, “We had sent the forms to prepare a database of all senior doctors. There is no need to have details about their caste and religion. The question was added in the form by mistake. I will get it rectified soon.”


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  2. To use the word mistake very shameful in a premier institute like AIIMS.
    Doctor should be recognised by his clinical work not by caste /relegion

  3. Disgusting and I oppose it totally.

  4. Instead, measures should be taken to abolish the caste system. And also to discourage the use of surname which directly/indirectly displays one\’s caste.

  5. user
    Dr. Nagaraja S. Davangere January 29, 2019, 12:26 pm

    Doctors are above caste, religion, to which state patient belongs and gender. Treatment is the ultimate goal. Whoever may be the official who directed to fill the form should be punished. Our constitution never allows to treat on the basis of caste or religion.It should be highly condemned.