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AIIMS PG Passouts to be hired directly at AIIMS as Faculty: Nadda

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AIIMS PG Passouts to be hired directly at AIIMS as Faculty: Nadda

New Delhi: To fill up huge vacancies of doctors and faculty positions in the upcoming branches of All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the Union Health Ministry has formulated a new protocol to induct all the institute’s postgraduates during placement.

Confirming the move, the Health Minister JP Nadda told TOI, “The placement protocol will ensure that we do not lose doctors to private hospitals because of any delay in the recruitment process.”

“Senior residents of AIIMS can now be put as faculty in any AIIMS-like institution. We will work to see that AIIMS postgraduates become AIIMS faculty. Earlier, four AIIMS senior residents would apply for faculty posts but only one would get in due to procedural delays. Now, the recruitment process has been reviewed to ensure no time is lost vis-à-vis appointing AIIMS senior residents as faculty at new AIIMS institutions. This has been done to take the AIIMS culture to new institutions coming up under the big brand name. AIIMS is a culture,” Health Minister JP Nadda told The Tribune.

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The minister also pointed out that as per the earlier faculty rules, every faculty appointment had to ratified by the general body (GB) of each AIIMS-like institution. Since the general body would meet once in every six months, the organizations would lose qualified practitioners to the private sector

In favor of this, the ministry is proposing changes in the Faculty Rules by delegating powers of the Institute Body (IB) and Governing Body (GB) to the selection committee, which can select and appoint doctors directly, the IB and GB, will ratify these appointments later.

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Following is the status of the posts and vacancies six new AIIMS till 2017:

  • Out of 1,962 posts of senior resident doctors, only 399 posts were filled
  • Only 212 posts were filled out of 1,806
  • Around 583 have been filled out of the sanctioned 1,830 faculty posts in the institutes.

 “Many doctors who do not get a job in the New Delhi campus choose to join private institutions or go abroad. We want to retain our talent by consolidating all vacancies and making an advance offer,” Nadda stated earlier.

In order to curb the situation of brain drain, a dedicated placement cell’s plan had been announced by the Health Minister a few weeks ago.

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In 2006, the government decided to open an institute such as AIIMS in different areas of the country so that people from other parts of the country did not have to come to Delhi for treatment.

Apart from AIIMS in Delhi which alone sees 25,000 patient registrations on a daily basis, there are six other AIIMS in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur and Rishikesh.

The other planned AIIMS are at Bathinda (Punjab), Rae Bareli (UP), Mangalgiri (Andhra Pradesh), Kalyani (Bengal), Gorakhpur (UP), Kamrup (Assam) and Bilaspur (HP) all will be operational by 2020-21. AIIMS at Samba (Jammu), Awantipora (Kashmir), Deogarh (Jharkhand) are also in the pipeline. Site selection process for AIIMS in Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Gujarat will start soon.

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  1. First you remove that shithole requirement of 3 years non academic senior residency criteria for becoming faculty. You which get lots of meritorious and competent doctors to bring in \’the so called AIIMS culture\’.

  2. Reason of less faculty and senior Resident is not less applicant but tedious process of recruitment especially ministry approval as most of time result delay is at ministry level.
    Another big reason is lot of reservation in seat which after 3-4 times of advertising seat no candidate apply so less filling of seat. This rule need to be changed by parliament that after 3successive advertisement if no candidate apply for reserved seat it should be advertised as general category in 4th successive advertisement. But this move will be bad by not allowing other good institutions pass out for applying for various post.

  3. While is is heartening to see that apart from Delhi AIIMS, there are 19 more AIIMS coming up, what is disheartening is that, 17 out of these 19 new AIIMS are in Northern parts of India (exceptions being the ones in Andhra and Tamil Nadu). No proposals for AIIMS in Karnataka and Kerala at all. On top of this, now this news about faculty selection happening from within the senior residents of AIIMS. Really unfortunate.

  4. Without giving any advertisement or conducting examination, government has concluded that the vacancy is not fillable. When hundreds of people like us are willing to work, waiting for a chance to work…Wah re acche din hain.

  5. worst form of institutional quota…will set wrong precedents

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