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AIIMS PhD students attempts suicide, alleges mental harassment by supervisor

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AIIMS PhD students attempts suicide, alleges mental harassment by supervisor

New Delhi: A 36-year-old PhD student from the Microbiology department of AIIMS, who survived an attempted suicide bid, has accused his supervisor of mental harassment, abuse and delay in his fellowship.

The incident sparked immediate protests by the PhD students of the premier institute who are demanding suspension and strict action against the accused supervisor.

The fifth-year student had yesterday attempted suicide at his residence in Gautam Nagar by overdosing on drugs.

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The victim, according to an acquaintance, is right now admitted at the hospital’s psychiatry ward for counseling.

However, according to the police, they are yet to receive any formal complaint into the incident.

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“Dr Rajat Prakash was admitted to AIIMS after consuming sleeping pills.

Preliminary enquiry conducted revealed that the patient is a student of PHD and was feeling harassed by his guide. He had taken sleeping pills. He is stable but still in AIIMS. No formal complaint received so far,” Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) said.

Notably, in his letter to AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, the student alleged that he was being mentally harassed and humiliated by the supervisor under whom he got registered in August 2013.

“I have been under constant mental harassment and humiliation. She has again and again used filthy and abusive language in front of everyone. She scolds even when work is done correctly.

My mental harassment is aggravated as she is not able to procure appropriate facilities, funds in the lab and makes no attempt to get the things done. Due to not holding of DCs in time, my fellowship is delayed and this puts me in additional financial problem and mental burden,” the student alleged in the letter.

He also claimed that some students, who also are undergoing PhD under the same guide, having contracted TB while working in the lab due to lack of proper equipments and personal protective accessories given to them.

“We are looking into the matter and the allegations made by the student…an inquiry into the incident will be conducted accordingly”, a senior AIIMS official said.

Source: PTI
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  1. There are so many facts one has to consider, we often see in our educational system one occupying a higher chair need not be academic or competent, many occupy higher chairs by their presence and experience ? in the department and in India there is no evaluation of once competency , one becomes a professor, or Directors in many big institutes the seniors take the credit of real hard work of the students, and focus them as icons, gradually it has become a work culture in many Medical colleges, it is a fact that many seniors and professors and retired live as parasites, and students are interested in passing the examinations and submitting fake PhD degrees
    About contracting the tuberculosis I have no comments on the present problem and I faced a situation in a Medical college,? where the professor and HOD says there is no much worry about Bio safety in working with tuberculosis and I had a argument about the importance of Bio safety in working with culturing of M, tuberculosis isolates from patients with suspected tuberculosis and had no support from dozens of medical people around, Hope the Ministry of health and MCI should at least implement Bio safety if not do wonders to improve the human safety , HOWEVER WE HAVE TO WORK IN THE MOST CORRUPTED,SICK AND INEFFICIENT SYSTEM AND SURVIVE OR ELSE QUIT THE JOB?
    Dr.T.V.Rao MD Former professor of Microbiology

  2. user
    Surajit Mahapatra March 28, 2018, 10:01 am

    Its true all words…

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