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ALL Medical colleges have to have PG courses from 2020-21: MCI Amendment soon

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ALL Medical colleges have to have PG courses from 2020-21: MCI Amendment soon

The ministry has approved the amendments and the new regulations would be notified soon.

New Delhi: All existing medical colleges will have to start PG courses from the academic year 2020-21, according to amendments made to the Post-Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 2000, of the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The regulations will also apply to new medical colleges, besides dealing with existing private and government colleges, and they will have to start PG courses within three years of receiving recognition for running undergraduate courses.

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Institutions failing to do so will lose their recognition, a senior Health Ministry official said. The ministry has approved the amendments and the new regulations would be notified soon.

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“The move is aimed at addressing the scarcity of doctors in the country. Once the amendments get implemented, around 10,000 post-graduate seats would be created over the next four years,” the official told PTI .

The official said medical colleges will have to apply for new seats for starting P-G courses. The MCI will conduct an inspection before giving its approval for increasing seats for 2019-20 academic session.

Colleges will have to put in applications with the Medical Council for offering postgraduate programs, following council inspections would happen.The colleges will need to pass this inspection within three attempts to continue to stay recognized institutions.

“This is to ensure colleges start PG courses. People have a knack for circumventing rules so we have ensured they have no option but to start PG courses,” a health ministry official informed Hindustan Times.“This will also give us more PG seats but colleges will have to apply for new seats. There will be proper inspection and the seats will increase for 2019-20 academic session,” the health ministry official added.

Presently the country has 38,000 postgraduate seats to offer the 68,000 MBBS graduates who come out of medical college every year. As per the Health Ministry, t it costs Rs 4 crores to create a  new seat in a new medical college, just  Rs 1.2 crore to do the same in an existing institute.

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  1. user
    mahendra kumar agarwal April 9, 2018, 1:34 pm

    How they calculate cost of Rs. 4 crore per sear to create . After MBBS, they server in Hospital for PG course for petty amount.
    to treat the patient, infrastructure is required, what other infrastructure is required to cost 4 crore. It is not digestible to me.

  2. user
    Corrupt indian April 8, 2018, 9:23 pm

    No clearance is difficult provided u have right contacts and money

  3. PG Inspection clearance by MCI is reasonable difficult process keeping in view about the infrastructure and teachers requirement.(REQUIRED ALSO)
    It is just like declaring the result without CHECKING THE PAPERS.
    This process is finance based…..ok in Govt sector…..where PG courses are going on but otherwise not fit for the same.The yardstick is different for the government and private medical colleges. This would have worked out before making declaration.The dooms day for the standard of the medical education is imminent.
    There should not be forcing anything on compromising the QUALITY…….God save our quality medical education…BB

  4. user
    Dr. Dharmebdra Kumar April 8, 2018, 9:25 am

    A Medical college started, run and maintained by govt has got sufficient infrastructure to upgrade colleges and hospitals for PG course in existing disciplines of MBBS. In many states Govt had overtook Medical colleges previously run and maintained by private hand, these colleges have not got their own hospital and many colleges are still attached with govt district hospitals for training of MBBS students. These colleges are deficient in infrastructure in many aspects and are still not fit to upgrade to introduce PG courses in existing disciplines of MBBS.

  5. It will now be easy for poor quality private colleges to start PG courses without sufficient patient numbers or appropriate faculty. MCI will be forced to give recognition to such colleges given the Govts directive. Funny we are a country willing to compromise on quality at all levels.

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